Men at work overkill аккорды

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Опубликовано: 04.08.2016
Have you ever wondered how to play one of Colin's most recognizable songs? Of course you have! Colin's fans have been asking for years on how to achieve the sound of Overkill at home. And now Colin gives you a step-by-step tutorial in this EXCLUSIVE video (available exclusively first to subscribers of Colin's email list). Enjoy, and let us know what other songs you'd like to see in the future. Sign up to Colin's newsletter at
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Ademir Porto da guia 02.08.2019 20:46
Paul Bannon 02.08.2019 16:52
I only vaguely remember this tune, but as an acoustic number you emphasise the intimacy that really sells this song. I'm inspired and will keep it alive. Thanks it's a beauty.
HUUUUUURRRR 02.08.2019 06:33
THIS IS GREAT!!!! Thank you Colin for sharing the Tuning and Chords to your song.
William Henderson 28.07.2019 04:04
Overkill is my favorite of all Men at Work songs. The depth of the lyrics is haunting and the musical structure is timeless. Your genius shines through so clearly on this song. Thank you for showing the world how to play it!
dougie miller 25.07.2019 09:15
Great tutorial. Great song but it shows the tune to be even more beautiful when done chord by chord. Plus, I think Colin is one of the most witty and funny musicians in the media today. His sense of humour is fantastic. One of the other funniest guys I've heard chatting lately is Lewis Capaldi. Both Scottish 😀👍
tawalter1 25.07.2019 03:15
Great guy....great song...even after its release over 36 years ago 1983...I listen to this song a lot ….especially at night... Your the best Colin....thank you!
Harry Ramsey 24.07.2019 23:49
Great Colin!
duke silver 18.07.2019 23:39
No one asks you that. I didnt even recognize you at first. I thought you were steven root. (Fuchs from Barry)
Will Nixon 16.07.2019 03:07
The acoustic version of this song is terrific. I think the albums and music he has put out since Men at Work has been fantastic.
Mark C 15.07.2019 18:48
. . perfect....thx Colin "
Roundtree 15.07.2019 10:46
He's a delight
Chaponos 14.07.2019 23:29
Dearr Mr Hay, you are one of my all-time favourite musicians. I'm so happy to have found your channel and to have the chance to learn direclty from you. Thank you for the music. So many of your songs have become part of the soundtrack playing in my head, through important parts of my life.
Pen Name 14.07.2019 21:19
Just a time machine.
striderflys 14.07.2019 08:01
Also along with goats appear, we also sang "its amish day" for its a mistake. It'll stick with ya.
striderflys 14.07.2019 07:58
This guy is humble and awesome. Thank you Colin
marioskbar 13.07.2019 03:48
Scrubs man. Scrubs introduced me to this guys beautiful music.
Leedy 12.07.2019 05:18
Thank you Colin .. Beautiful Song :)
Marcos Arguijo 12.07.2019 01:56
The beauty of a timeless song!!!
Stephen Borland 11.07.2019 20:58
This is extremely genereous of you Colin. Thank you so much.
Shane JB 10.07.2019 00:41
Colin...Thank you so much for this. You and the boys were an inspiration to me as a much... much younger man! Listened to Business As Usual, and Cargo to the point of wearing out the vinyl. Great to see the master play this amazing tune.
Daniel Grohl 09.07.2019 07:07
Straight to the middle of our hearts from the Man himself! I never forgot when i sang this song out loud one dark night at a summer camp and now i can play the guitar and sing this with all my heart from coffee shop to clubs around town this definitely will remain in my repertoire as long as i shall live ;)
Tommy Difranco 07.07.2019 19:40
thank you, Colin
Jason i love oz 06.07.2019 22:20
Far out.bung eye can waffle on a bit.still one of my favourite human's
Kirk Miller 04.07.2019 22:25
Neil Young used this tuning a lot as well!!
Kelly Cox 04.07.2019 21:07
I like the arpeggios! I can fingerpick those and still sing, I could never manage to play the vamped strumming and sing at the same time.
Rob P 04.07.2019 03:52
A true gentleman. Thank you Colin!
Brian Mclaughlin 04.07.2019 01:25
Thank you Colin.Love Men at Work,and Australia.Greetings from America.
Sitar Zan 04.07.2019 00:53
In its original key of E ..please compare the verse descending "lick" on Overkill to the verse descending "lick" on 38 Special's song called, "Hold On Loosely". Nothing new under the sun!
iaminbetweendays 03.07.2019 22:13
How cool was that.
LukeTheringMusic 03.07.2019 20:30
02:40 That chord is a D(add4), with the third (F#) on top.
markloffler 05.07.2019 06:22
I would call that chord a "pretty chord" now...
Scott Horman 03.07.2019 06:22
Thank you, Colin, for sharing and for being so genuine. This song is an anthem of my early adulthood, forever a part of my life.
JephyrX 03.07.2019 05:46
Thanks a lot! Much respect!
Mike Riesco 03.07.2019 02:11
The 60's, 70's and 80's were all treasure troves of great music, each in their own unique way. Then it all ended in the 90's, and shows no signs of ever returning. I thank God I was there, and can remember firsthand. Thanks for this, Colin!
Todd Estep 01.07.2019 23:43
Your voice is hipmutizing. Great song I've been listing to you most of my life, THANK YOU MR. Hay!
John Dean 01.07.2019 05:20
Thanks for the lesson, Colin - I'm off and running
Dave7777 30.06.2019 21:51
I've been playing it wrong for years. Very similar, but without the drop down tuning. Can't wait to go try it like this.
Lobo Cuatro 30.06.2019 06:44
Thank you, Colin. I loved this song from the first time I heard it on MTV. This video inspired me to finally learn it after all these years. I stopped playing professionally in 2012, and have spent the last few years reacquainting myself with the songs from my youth. Thank you for sharing your song with us and your tutorial on how to play it.
S S 29.06.2019 21:10
It was good to see you on Scrubs that time. Best episode !
Chris Hill 29.06.2019 19:32
A great song just goes to show what a talent Colin is 👍🇦🇺
Robert Blood 28.06.2019 03:33
Saw him in Oregon he was awesome
Andy W 24.06.2019 18:32
Saw Colin in concert on Friday in Shepherd's Bush London. Great singer, songwriter and performer. And how refreshing to see the artist give a guitar lesson - thanks Colin!
kyle alexander 23.06.2019 22:08
The acooustic version gives such a different feel to the song... a less of a paranoid, edgy feel, and a more excepting and melodic listen.... i love it
Dr Von 23.06.2019 04:49
jeez mate heard a few vidz of you singing in your older age.....and shit i reckon you just as good if not a bit different and kinda better.....overkill especially
MtnLiner 22.06.2019 20:55
This finger here moves down one fret... too much stretch... ouch! You son of a bitch!
MtnLiner 22.06.2019 20:47
At 2:45 I grab my Martin and tune to DADGAD... this is gonna be good!
MtnLiner 22.06.2019 20:42
Most of the time I’m screaming to shut the F up and show me what to play... not with Mr. Hay. I could listen for hours. (Sigh) He’s just dreamy.
Aldrin Eldredge 22.06.2019 13:29
Franz Deeke 20.06.2019 23:47
AMAZING!!!!! Thank you Colin
Michael Hong 19.06.2019 22:59
Colin is also a comedian. Seriously. If you go to one of his solo concerts, he mixes in lot of funny anecdotes (using colorful language at times).
Stephanie Adams 18.06.2019 04:54
You are a legend Colin Hay! Thank you so much for sharing this.😎🏆.
C Benedetto 17.06.2019 18:51
Thank you!
Jaimie Muehlhausen 09.06.2019 06:33
Beautiful guitar.
thapeeguy 21.06.2019 22:59
Jaimie Muehlhausen it is. Somebody know what guitar that is?
Hows the serenity? 08.06.2019 17:13
Its 3 a.m and i cant get to sleep....
SnidersWeb 06.06.2019 01:42
Ultimate guitar tutorial ...Thanks Colin!
Drinkwater 7 05.06.2019 06:33
The first chord is same as Linger the Cranberries
giopaol 05.06.2019 04:07
Great Colin a favourit '80 artist
ScotlandYard Country Garden and Fare 04.06.2019 02:24
I thought you were Australian, but I’m this video you’re from Scotland.
Klara Sprudel 02.06.2019 18:04
Love it
Ronnie J Dio 31.05.2019 22:13
They had great songs. I loved both albums. But Overkill is a masterpiece
Steve Ryan 31.05.2019 22:07
I love it Mr. Hay! I saw you in Monterey last year - you are a fantastic musician and showman!
Artificial Insolence 30.05.2019 21:53
Doesn't he just play power chords on the original recording? At least on that initial run down the neck.
terryrollins1973 28.05.2019 06:48
Everything about him is beautiful. Thank you Colin :)
Leedy 25.05.2019 07:30
Beautiful song , thank you Colin very much :)
Tim Forest 23.05.2019 10:35
The drop D tuning makes all the difference. No wonder it never sounded quite right when I tried to teach myself the chords listening to the record. Great video. Thank you so much.
Phil B 23.05.2019 09:25
mozilla 20.05.2019 18:28
Thanks for such a wonderful and heartwarming song Colin. You are outstanding!!
Archie Bonkers 19.05.2019 23:57
Much appreciated, Colin🍻🍻 👍
Peter T 16.05.2019 04:58
Wonderful !
Brett S. 15.05.2019 13:13
Such a good musician but a truly great singer...
Alex Enamorado 14.05.2019 13:25
Wow thank you for the lesson! Can you send us a link on where to buy that rocking t-shirt?!! 🤪
enZo 14.05.2019 04:11
so awesome of him to do this. but my god what an ugly guitar, lol not to say its bad sounding, but geez tone down on the inlays, the pick guard even is bedazzled haha. and those are some of the ugliest tuners ive seen in my entire life, im almost certain that guitar cost more than my car, well over 8 grand, but man its ugly.
Jonas Mancuso 13.05.2019 23:17
Colin has long been one of my favorites. Seems like a great guy and way talented. Men at Work was a standard in the day, but "Waiting For My Real Life To Begin" is one of the best ever written. Good work Colin.
gus dupree 12.05.2019 22:31
"I hope that helps " more than you could ever imagine
drjmankx37 12.05.2019 13:01
That guitar, tho.
Mo Shaheen 08.05.2019 02:52
he tells you I'll show you how to play it and then proceeds to play it in a totally different way.
Nervo 63 07.05.2019 20:09
No wonder i gave the guitar up......
Jeff Gehman 07.05.2019 05:47
Yeah, OK, guitar ... but how do you SING like that?!
Melquiades Estrada 03.05.2019 10:15
Thank you ever-so much, Mr. Hay. This song, and also "I just don't think" are sooooo very *special* to my heart. a few years back, my daughter and my fiancee each died, a few months apart - I haven't slept well since, ghosts (memories) appearing, and fading away. Anyway, I'll see if I can wrap my old, arthritic fingers around this one. Loveya always, "Mel".
toneman335 30.04.2019 17:30
Colin Hay is so talented!
eJacob Cornelius 30.04.2019 13:39
...and then some people make gorgeous sounds on beautiful guitars. This is the best version that I've heard, IMO.
Chris Walker 30.04.2019 03:00
I loved Men At Work. I love this song, helped me thru some hard times back in the day. I love that he knows about as much theory as I do🥴
Irene Duvret 28.04.2019 14:46
I have a question for you Colin. Did you create such song acoustically first and then fill it in with other instruments, or the other way around? People they say this song is about manic depression but I say it is about the confusion of love. Or I like to think such things!
orlanino 26.04.2019 11:10
What about I Just Don't Think I'll Get Over You tutorial? Would mean a world to me.
EightGodzillas 25.04.2019 03:46
I wish I could take lessons from you.
Denis Obrien 23.04.2019 00:41
hey love the video . so loved your band as well. such great music.
Chic Des Baffes 22.04.2019 08:36
Thank You a lot Mister Hay for sharing your time, your experience, and your skill. Would you be so kind as to do the same kind of video for "Land Down Under", the way you play it solo with the folk guitar just gives me shivers everytime I hear it.
Uwe Frey 21.04.2019 09:43
Hi Colin, I‘m 55 and men at work did some of the sound of my youth. Thank you for your past and present music. And again thank you for this tutorial! Uwe from Germany
MinotaurPan 20.04.2019 03:59
This is so generous yet so unsurprising, coming from you, Colin Hay. This is such a sublime song - could listen to it (and watch the video) endlessly. Its beauty and yours make the world a nicer place.
David Lucy 20.04.2019 00:30
Great to see you sharing you art Colin I can hardly wait to see you performing it live in person tonight at your Sydney show
bestrickie2 19.04.2019 21:58
Men At Work were FANTASTIC including this guy.
Bill T 19.04.2019 01:21
38 Special anyone? That's the same chord progression as Hold On Loosely.
Tom McKeith 18.04.2019 17:40
Beautiful chord progression. Thanks Colin, I doubt I would have figured this out as I would have kept the standard tuning! Doh! Needless to say that if you every fly on my plane you will be upgraded to first class. Thank you, sir!
broomsterm 18.04.2019 16:34
Thank you, Colin. Yes, this does indeed help. Perfect tune to play at parties for chicks! I also caught you playing with Ringo and friends last year, and your set received the biggest applause of the night (deservedly so). It was great hearing the Men At Work stuff again after many years...
James Burke 17.04.2019 15:51
Thanks Mr Hey I have always loved this song.It has aged well.Great Video
Steve B 17.04.2019 04:05
Beautifully composed, Colin. A favorite of mine!
Phillip Herder 14.04.2019 20:41
man!!! That helped!! Thanks Colin!
James Carroll 14.04.2019 20:38
What a great chap! Hey, CH--the snow's about gone, stop in Wisconsin, willya?
Newfie World Order 14.04.2019 16:14
love ya Colin and Men at Work ... thank you
Jon Page 14.04.2019 00:33
Thank you so much for showing this. I can't tell you how many times I hear this song. It's one of my very favorite ones. The entire album amazing. God Bless you sir
UncleBubba 13.04.2019 17:22
Excellent - and thank you - I absolutely love this song. :)