Zara larsson bad boys текст песни

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Опубликовано: 13.11.2016
Enjoy ! ~~~ Zara Larsson - Bad Boys (Official Video) :
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Dylan Phillips 04.08.2019 04:36
OMG 😍 Aydens music is in it now I go crazy when I hear it
Kimberley Mckinlay 28.07.2019 01:08
I love bad boy like lost
Kimberley Mckinlay 28.07.2019 01:08
I love bad boy like lost boy
Rihana H 27.07.2019 02:36
Am I the only Good Girl who doesn’t like bad boys 🧐
Short Movies 26.07.2019 14:22
Do you guys think the music is very nice and her voice is so beautiful too?
leah berry 25.07.2019 13:37
SAMUEL IS NOT BAD BUT I LIKE HIM well there was that time when he was a kid and he got in a fight with his mom about being a kpop idol....... idc he my type and cute
*Lover of all Things* 27.07.2019 00:35
safuan ariff 19.07.2019 14:14
R u the Zara shop
safuan ariff 19.07.2019 14:14
Good song Zara
jurassic World fan 06.07.2019 23:36
I love this soo much
Benita Carter 01.07.2019 21:00
Lol this song
Alpha Wolf 23.06.2019 03:07
ᵀᴴᴵˢ ᶠᴵᵀˢ ᴹᴱ ˢᴼ ᵂᴱᴸᴸ
StxrryMøøn 14.06.2019 10:21
anyone else here after a brand new day?
Elene maxaradze 07.06.2019 17:51
In my life is one bad boy and I am freaking love in with him
hats !!! 07.06.2019 15:26
Just what we all expected!! Like of u agree!!;)
Kalista's Vlogs 04.06.2019 00:45
I like this song
Amy Grace Bird 30.05.2019 22:55
Feels like most other songs... but keep going! Don't let my comment deter you.
babe toffic 24.05.2019 22:18
I love the song much xx
Fahim Kousar 18.05.2019 12:17
Awesome I love it
Kristie Hale 17.05.2019 19:11
I like bad boys, my last ex was a bad boy, not to mention all of my fictional character crushes are bad boys. *cough* Dallas Winston *cough*
Flory Hernandez de Molina 26.04.2019 03:58
I love you
Gamer's Guide3.0 12.04.2019 19:27
the bad boys who dont give a shit and actually get in trouble. a kid in my class last year went to juvie and has been on house arrest 3 times and he was 12. not the bad boys who disrespect teachers and gets sent to another class but the bad boys who get detention before class even starts. he was expelled but every once in a while i pray he enrolls in my class in seventh grade at our school
Sk Mehatab Hossain 11.04.2019 14:09
Bad boys
Sk Mehatab Hossain 11.04.2019 14:09
Super song
Sk Mehatab Hossain 11.04.2019 14:09
Nice song
cheyenne nichols 11.04.2019 01:14
How does this have more views than subs?
Natalie Nagy 10.04.2019 17:37
Stubborn Mandy 11.03.2019 14:20
I hate this being underrated
xXWolfieXx 24.01.2019 06:16
I like this bad boy... Yes he is an a**hole sometimes.... BUT OMG I WANT HIM SO BAD! 👅💋 Idk why and he has a girlfriend... He also smokes pot (sometimes) ….. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY BUT I WANT HIM SO BAD!!!
Itsya GirlEmily 24.01.2019 03:05
2019 no just me ok
Sofia Iraheta 27.06.2019 15:16
Sofia Iraheta 27.06.2019 15:16
lps lizzy198 22.01.2019 17:24
I love this song
lps lizzy198 22.01.2019 17:23
I love this song
ᴅɪᴀɴᴇ 13.01.2019 23:01
I always fall in love with the Bad Boys xD
Wicked Queen 03.01.2019 21:40
No hate but my type is bad boys that there is more to them! Y'know?
Kate&AMber 02.01.2019 22:43
In case you broke the repeat the button 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 Leave a like if this helped you! Or if you are to lazy to go up and just clicked this XD
xXWolfieXx 24.01.2019 06:11
Thx! 😂
Blade as a cat :3 31.12.2018 08:37
Who's here because of "Bad boys and leather jackets" ?
Brittany Martin 22.12.2018 01:18
Luke Johnson 22.12.2018 01:06
i listen to this every day
mattey thress 29.11.2018 01:15
Find de diff 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Minty candy Gacha 23 play’s 26.11.2018 23:52
Don’t leave me stranded (and if you’re no good for me)Don’t lead me on (and if you’re good for me) l’d rather feel abandoned (And if you’re good for me) please be gone No likes awwwww
MintyRush 12.11.2018 18:16
No seriously. What is so attractive about a bad boy who is practically going to only mess with your head and then leave you. I personally prefer good guys. People like the Chickengod (he is an actual person lol)
Akane-Chan Loves Cookies 04.11.2018 02:19
I’ll be a bad GIRL when I’m in high school
Akane-Chan Loves Cookies 04.11.2018 02:17
I agree with the purple person
lpsphinex ! 02.11.2018 23:33
have you ever heard of lps savvy lps bad boys and leather jacket’s
Caser Gallardo 31.10.2018 17:24
Love the song 😍👍
Ariana Chanel 29.10.2018 13:01
this was the first Zara Larsson song I listened to
Olivia Artimisi 29.10.2018 12:23
I literally have some bad boys at school after me They like me I roast them sometimes for bullying my friends Lol
mylifeasakid 27.10.2018 20:51
I love you all
S Camacho 27.10.2018 10:14
I love it
Blah Blah 26.10.2018 02:06
is it just me or she sounds alot like China Anne McClain
Nyah Miller 18.10.2018 15:35
lps savetty
Luna The kitten 18.10.2018 15:21
My fav song for life used it for my schools got talent show
Nirmal Gehlot 10.10.2018 12:55
Oh gosh!!!!! I love this 😀😄😄😀
Rock StarRGS 09.10.2018 16:27
Everytime i hear this song I always think of a younger China Anne McClain singing this
C Roeum 06.10.2018 12:59
I love this song
ColorfulRainbow 27.09.2018 02:46
And then girls wonder why they get their hearts broken.
Manuela Tutusevic 22.09.2018 10:35
I don't even like boys but I absolutely love this song!
Zoey Alexas 12.09.2018 06:20
This needs to be on iTunes 😍🔥
Savannah Corcoran 11.09.2018 22:59
Pedro Jauregui 09.09.2018 01:38
I missed then on then pls be gone u sed pls be gone
schleich horse horse lover 89 02.09.2018 23:16
I love Zara she is a good singer
pedro jauregui 01.09.2018 15:43
pedro jauregui 01.09.2018 15:43
pedro jauregui 01.09.2018 15:43
pedro jauregui 01.09.2018 15:43
Kailee ᴛʀᴜᴇᴜɴɪᴄᴏʀɴ 31.08.2018 20:07
um why you like bad boys?
Kailee ᴛʀᴜᴇᴜɴɪᴄᴏʀɴ 31.08.2018 20:05
i watch this like every day
LPSSilverDiamond 28.08.2018 20:51
Love it
S K R T E R I C A 26.08.2018 03:38
Not the bad boys who ride hoverboards in seventh grade lol?
Joseph Mclain 25.08.2018 21:56
Imani Rivers 24.08.2018 11:12
Who ever disliked this song has poor taste in music. I naturally broke my reply button and got addicted to this song. This beat is so intoxicating!
Imani Rivers 20.10.2018 02:00
@that_one_emo_nobody_cares_about ya woops 😂 I was really tired when typing it rip me
that_one_emo_nobody_cares_about 20.10.2018 01:53
Sorry if this makes u angry not aiming for that i swear but, u mean replay right?
S K R T E R I C A 26.08.2018 03:37
Ikr same
ARYAN Singh 18.08.2018 08:43
Amazing 💦♥ ♥ ♥
Ayesha's Potato 14.08.2018 15:02
I fell in love with a bad boy
that_one_emo_nobody_cares_about 20.10.2018 01:53
Omg lucky
Ayesha's Potato 14.08.2018 15:02
In high school
beanie boo bella 14.08.2018 02:06
So much
beanie boo bella 14.08.2018 02:06
I love it
Hello Children 09.08.2018 13:49
Who else came to this song from bad boys and leather jackets from LPSSAVVYTV?
Swazilicious Thabethe 01.08.2018 18:59
You're have no idea
Kelvin Xu 31.07.2018 21:09
my brother is a bad boy!
A'Daniyah Jackson 12.08.2018 20:14
Kelvin Xu cool
F.FLovez16 28.07.2018 01:37
I just looked up LPS bad boys and I found this I love bad boys and leather jackets but I didn’t know this was the song 😂
Benita Carter 01.07.2019 21:00
I seen it to its so cute
CherryBlossoms 08.06.2019 09:47
YasSSSSSSSsssssssSssss lol
Steven Luttrell 25.07.2018 19:55
I love this song
Gacha Girl 24.07.2018 02:55
Who else says "I'll listen to this one more time" but ends up listening to it like 20 times lol
leah berry 25.07.2019 13:37
Alpha Wolf 23.06.2019 03:08
AnnaGoesCrazy 17.06.2019 18:32
Gacha Girl YES
LPS Bordem 26.01.2019 16:12
I dooooo
vanessa taylor 21.12.2018 20:46
Gacha Girl 🔮🎉🧸🧼hi
Marcella Lit 18.07.2018 16:49
Bad boys♥♥
Holhós Violetta 17.07.2018 21:09
Omg it's really mee💖😍"I said there's somethin bout the bad boys that makes the good girls fall in love"
Serene's Life 13.07.2018 08:06
I love this song
lps skyrim 12.07.2018 12:22
omg yes
Milia Andrade 03.07.2018 23:24
Why do most boys have to be bad btw i love your songs
Guess 03.07.2018 20:25
I know right
SammyB 02.07.2018 05:35
I cant find this song on Spotify :((
R2D21403 02.07.2018 01:09
I love bad boys so much
Fjorela Pellumbi 29.06.2018 12:19
Alexis Winter 25.06.2018 04:39
I miss the bad boy's with leather jackets ripped pants and abs 😍😘
Balaram Mallick 04.06.2019 07:30
justin bieber was one of them.....but now that he is married.....😭😭he is no more a bad boy I guess. I still want him to be with selena#jelena forever
mylifeasakid 26.10.2018 11:38
Alexis Winter I miss them to
Aesthetic Stranger 04.09.2018 22:59
Love Bad Boys And Leather Jackets
S K R T E R I C A 26.08.2018 03:31
Totally Avakin 13.08.2018 19:32
Alexis Winter they’re still around
Lazaro Torres 22.06.2018 06:01
I love it so much🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶
Alexis Winter 20.06.2018 11:16
I'm not a good girl but I love bad boy's with leather jackets and ripped pants
Alpha Wolf 23.07.2019 01:12
same but i'm a bad girl sometimes
Rachel Cook 07.07.2019 15:19
Alpha Wolf 24.06.2019 13:51
@Tree clem ι киσω яιgнт
give me some mercy 06.03.2019 23:43
Morgan Williams 11.02.2019 23:06
Alexis Winter I have a crush on one at my school and I think he feels the same 😊😜😝😊😜😝
Sheik 20.06.2018 00:55
the best part is 1:48
xXWolfieXx 24.01.2019 06:10
Alexis Winter 17.06.2018 03:15
Who don't like bad boy's
Itz_kiwi gacha wolf amilia 05.06.2018 22:27
My favorite song
lily perez 26.05.2018 21:33
Leean Thomason 26.05.2018 20:31
Every good girl wants a bad boy thats only good for her....i do but im not a good a bad bitch with a bad ass boyfriend and together we own our school.
Nav roop 24.05.2018 15:51
There's something bout the bad boys that makes gud girl fall in love ❣❣❣
Pedro Jauregui 09.09.2018 01:40
Pedro Jauregui 09.09.2018 01:40
(And if your no gud fo meh)
A'Daniyah Jackson 12.08.2018 20:15
Nav roop what's Gud?😂
Jadyn 21.05.2018 06:21
I have my own bad boy ❤️
hats !!! 07.06.2019 10:10
U r Lucky... Wish we all had our respective bad boys....
xXWolfieXx 24.01.2019 06:09
Same 😋😏👅💋❤
Erika Fehér 25.11.2018 13:20
Me too
that_one_emo_nobody_cares_about 20.10.2018 01:51
A'Daniyah Jackson 12.08.2018 20:13
Jadyn B i have my own good boy😉😻
Francesca Lupa 05.05.2018 20:14
😳😳😳😳 i Love it
Itz_kiwi gacha wolf amilia 02.05.2018 22:17
Omg in lps bad boys and leather jackets has this song
Bri L. 17.01.2019 02:11
lps amilia bad boys and leather jackets is are good episodes but sadly she had to change the song
Kaya Petters 13.08.2018 05:11
lps amilia ikr