LSD - Thunderclouds - Behind the Scenes ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

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Опубликовано: 11.10.2018
Labrinth, Sia & Diplo present LSD - Thunderclouds (Behind the Scenes) Stream "Thunderclouds" now: Watch the official video: Spotify: iTunes: Apple Music: Amazon Music: Starring: Maddie Ziegler, Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Creative Director: Ernest Desumbila Director & Camera Operator for Behind Scenes: Josep Gutiérrez Producer: Eva Laffitte Editor: Joâo Teixeira & Josep Gutiérrez Learn more about LSD and sign up for the official mailing list: Lyrics: All I need is one One old man is enough Babe, you got it wrong Please turn your fears into trust, to trust Where’d the love go When all is said and done Hey now I got your hands in the air I’mma go through your stuff Where’d the love go You put the running into run You asking me to stay But I never met a girl I could trust You’re sayin’ those words Like you hate me now Our house is burning When you’re raised in hell Here in the ashes your soul cries out But don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds These thunderclouds oh no These thunderclouds oh no no All I need is love All I need is a word All I need is us You turned nouns into verbs, to verbs Where’d the love go When all is said and… Hey now put your hands in the air I’mma go through your stuff Where’d the love go You put the running into run You’re asking me to stay But I never met a man I could trust You’re sayin’ those words Like you hate me now Our house is burning When you’re raising hell Here in the ashes your soul cries out But don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds These thunderclouds, Oh noo, these thunderclouds Ohhh, these thunderclouds Ohh no, these thunderclouds, Ohh no, these thunderclouds These thunderclouds You’re sayin’ those words Like you hate me now Our house is burning When you’re raising hell Here in the ashes your soul cries out But don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds These thunderclouds, Oh noo, these thunderclouds Ohhh, these thunderclouds Ohh no, these thunderclouds, Ohh no no, these thunderclouds Follow LSD Official Website: Facebook: Spotify: Follow Sia Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: Follow Diplo Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: YouTube: Follow Labrinth Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: YouTube:
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Rebecca Carvalho do Nascimento 24.01.2019 20:46
Vaneza Aguero 24.01.2019 16:15
Vodik 22.01.2019 23:53
*_i always thought that Maddie was Sia. Like I didn’t know who Maddie was, and like when I heard “nObOdY kNoWS wHaT sIa lOoKs lIkE!” I was like, wtf you all do. Then.....I found out..._*
Vin Shzn 22.01.2019 10:49
This whole time I thought labrinth was american
lo c 22.01.2019 02:28
Son el mejor dúo q pueden existir, nunca nunca dejen de montar canciones juntos, me ponen asta sentimental los discos, su ritmos tan hermosos, etc ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gustavo Gek 22.01.2019 00:14
Very cool to watch the behind the scenes of this incredible song
Abhinav Rao 21.01.2019 16:58
Cool Read more
Hey Guys 21.01.2019 14:48
The way it is edited is awesome
Valak Syantik 21.01.2019 11:14
Sia omg are she even real?!? Her voice is soo unique and very amazing 😗❤
BFF Friends 21.01.2019 02:38
saraldicat :3 20.01.2019 16:49
I love the song
SS Studios 19.01.2019 18:40
What about “ft.Maddie Ziegler”
Zina Unicorn 19.01.2019 17:29
No offense, Labyrinth has a strong accent. You don't notice it when he sings.
sleepykyp 23.01.2019 09:29
i dont think its offensive at all but yeah i was pretty shocked to hear his accent
Gabriel Flores 18.01.2019 04:10
el video es increíble
Lourdes Scalora 17.01.2019 18:31
ɴᴏʀᴍᴀʟ ɢɪʀʟ 17.01.2019 18:04
_No comment_ *georgeus*
Cleonagael. 17.01.2019 10:09
1:34 If this were in the Offical vid.
Ángela Borja Cano 16.01.2019 20:49
Totalmente de acuerdo :v
Empty [GD] 16.01.2019 19:38
1:33 NOoooOo D:
Sanjelline Newton 16.01.2019 07:47
meow cat 16.01.2019 04:22
siA you are the best
v n 14.01.2019 16:10
i honestly think as a universe itself, this mv/lsd wld be rly cool
김진우 13.01.2019 19:58
2018.12월에 들었던 노래의 뒷이야기중 하나. 를 늦게나마 적음.
Citizen 13.01.2019 16:50
with all due respect to Sia, without Maddie she would be nowhere near as popular. Maddie is just something else
sasn0856 17.01.2019 16:34
Its other-way around maddie too knows it. Remember all videos other than thunderclouds in which maddie is present are directed by SIA herself. SIA has songs without maddie with more than 1 billion views Titanium,Cheap Thrills(lyric) also dusk till dawn. SIA is more popular for her songs than for her dancer.
swagzza 13.01.2019 16:31
1:23 is that niga doin a deafult dance tonker???
LundGT S 13.01.2019 13:35
Rax Jasterdrow 13.01.2019 13:27
this is cool- oh my goSH IT'S SO COOL
Rizzell Andrea Delos Reyes 13.01.2019 08:42
My Favorite song😍😍😍😍😍
Molli Mc 12.01.2019 23:19
Omg Maddie’s hair was so curly because of the braid
margarita perez 12.01.2019 20:59
It's tru Doe 11.01.2019 23:28
dancers famoes 11.01.2019 22:35
I realy love labrinth
F.B.I 11.01.2019 01:55
The thunder clouds is like a movie
ChristinaChingchang's Channel 11.01.2019 00:38
What sia had a wig and she had a long hair
ChristinaChingchang's Channel 11.01.2019 00:38
Sia is not real sia is real jow could maddie do it
Jyxii 10.01.2019 12:01
Labyrinth u r cute <3
Jamarrious Givens 10.01.2019 05:11
Yasssss I love you sia
Natalia Herrera 08.01.2019 19:05
Love it🔥💖
Василий Новиков 08.01.2019 14:40
One of the Best music video, especially for designers and directors.
Irfan Maulana 08.01.2019 12:55
make movie -_- i want it badly
Flower RL 07.01.2019 22:49
Es mi canción favorita 😍🤩
6099727 07.01.2019 14:27
Love Sia fromThailand
6099727 07.01.2019 14:26
Melany Melissa Torres Martinez 07.01.2019 05:29
Me encanta
syukri hamid 06.01.2019 11:35
The character of Sia. Oh, so lovely
Pepper Mint 06.01.2019 10:16
S-she I-is A-amazing
Pain au melon 05.01.2019 22:25
Make this a moviiiieee
Jesus Vera 05.01.2019 21:38
very amazing, amazing video
Miu Muni 05.01.2019 16:57
Like si: Hablas español Amas a sia Y viate que maddie bailo fornite en el minuto 1:30 😅😅
Cuernitos Noeuegos 03.01.2019 23:23
Mikki Lenx Gaming 02.01.2019 12:20
Omg that girl is so beautiful
Danrosbelt 02.01.2019 11:49
how many dayss?
Andre Wiraguna 01.01.2019 05:14
i love you labirit sia
Jafar Villonor 31.12.2018 21:36
Wow that’s so cool
Talysson Carlos 31.12.2018 20:58
Tudo tem o terceiro olho iluminat
Kanchan Bala 31.12.2018 14:45
Love from India
All in one 30.12.2018 15:22
Only LSD....where is the M for maddie?????
AhSchit 29.12.2018 04:57
diplo is a true genius
Ace The Menace 29.12.2018 04:53
Edin Smajlovic 28.12.2018 20:52
Great, great, great video !
Hakim Jasmy 28.12.2018 06:42
Love Maddie!
TheKira Animation 28.12.2018 02:40
Alguien Que Hable Espanish (Español)????
Angalex 02.01.2019 04:23
Se escribe ''spanish''
azuma hatsuki 26.12.2018 11:33
This should be a freaking MOVIE
miraida sotes 25.12.2018 23:09
70% of comment section is Maddie and sia are the best. 30% maddie doing fortnite dances
Pecado Kaka 24.12.2018 09:12
0:43 wtf racist cmonbru
ENDER BOSS 23.12.2018 16:02
In min 1:34 that girl was dancing floss Wow👇👇
subscribe and like 23.12.2018 13:04
Hey ..☹️i need your help plz plz 💔
Python Black 22.12.2018 13:01
Make behind the scene of cheap thrills too SIA
Lakshan Madusanka 21.12.2018 12:18
Maddie 😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎
I like cats 20.12.2018 23:10
Love you sia, I’ve listened to your music since I heard chandelier when I was around 7, I’m 11 now and I love you still ❤️❤️❤️
Juan Ruelas 20.12.2018 02:50
Happy late birthday
LightDarkEquivalent 714 20.12.2018 02:38
The sia puppet
Red Villet 19.12.2018 02:37
S-She I-Is A-Amazing
Maria Rosliza 18.12.2018 10:07
Why must have the eye?
salmon salmon 18.12.2018 09:55
Ayyyy diplo
Sarah Ali 17.12.2018 20:24
Love sia and diplo and labrinth
Mr Saju 16.12.2018 12:09
Wtf that is maddie?i thought it was sia!
XxthemoongodxX 16.12.2018 02:17
0:39 is that sia OMG I though its maddie ziegler
Matěj Novák 15.12.2018 23:49
1:33 the fucking fortnite dance
Digz Licuanan 16.12.2018 01:14
Matěj Novák surprisingly there's a video where she tries to copy fortnite dances with her friends.
Henry He 15.12.2018 15:25
Maddie's so great
The One 15.12.2018 12:22
I love every single thing about this song ❤
어허 13.12.2018 04:53
감독은 천재다...
ninja hattori 12.12.2018 10:47
still can't sia
lillygamer08 11.12.2018 18:14
Labirinth is english-Sia is australian-Diplo is american
Gearn Krow 09.12.2018 13:10
1:32 xD
Calvin Gaming 09.12.2018 11:43
Oawala tuwas kaget
Limbo Cat 08.12.2018 04:30
Another person that sounds COMPLETELY different when they sing than when they talk
EndieTheHusky 07.12.2018 20:09
When a singer has better CGI than A movie
Ronan Nuts 07.12.2018 06:41
Guess who is not enough congratulated? The director of the clip! LSD+M are great. Of course they are! We all know that! But the making of shows us who did the clip : Ernest Desumbila! Great job to you! The clip is as great as the song, and is so expressive of what we can feel! I love the universe created!
Paul Bourne 06.12.2018 19:05
filemon renti 06.12.2018 17:04
Labrinth seems love the wig lol
Fin Trotter 05.12.2018 16:26
Amazing.... so good seeing what the team put into it. Well done guys!
Haidar Najmi 04.12.2018 04:24
One of then sounds like steve taylor
Carlos Barros 04.12.2018 00:51
This trio it's just sublime........
Maha Skh 30.11.2018 10:47
Kimberly Caraballo 29.11.2018 23:35
I put this song one when I’m feeling down and it cheers me right up! ☺️💗
Marie Truth-lover 28.11.2018 14:32
The song and the video literally made my life!❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣
Mehr Abbas 28.11.2018 09:50
Love LSD
Lee Milby 28.11.2018 04:39
Can LSD just come out with a whole album that I can buy? I haven't bought a full album in years but I have a feeling like I would love every single song you guys come out with <3 ∞
Kaklimk kluwana 27.11.2018 19:00
Maddie looks soo cute in that suit with the wig, hat and pilot glasses
Harsh Gupta 26.11.2018 01:50
Thanks ! Diplo for keep reminding us that it is as an whole album not singles.😊