Kodak Black - Fall Thru (HBK OTW) Music Video

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Опубликовано: 03.02.2018
Get tickets to see Kodak on tour: https://Kodak.lnk.to/DyingToLiveTourID Directed By: @Wavylord "HeartBreak Kodak" Album Coming Soon.. #FreeTheGoat #FreeKodakBlack
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Pamela Rae Salas 28.02.2019 04:09
okay this cute 💗💗
Stacia Honey 26.02.2019 02:21
😎I make time cause you my baby
Carolyn Delivery 25.02.2019 04:56
If u like Kodak Black give me thumbs up
Carolyn Delivery 25.02.2019 04:54
I am going to play kodak black songs he's lit
Carolyn Delivery 25.02.2019 04:53
He is 🔥all the way lol haters out here
E Herbo 18.02.2019 15:14
059er 15.02.2019 15:37
Glad he is free ❤️ 2019 kodak
Shenita Young 13.02.2019 01:31
good dad
Shenita Young 13.02.2019 01:31
all daddy like son iu was crying when i saw the song k is going to be like you
Gutta Babii 09.02.2019 16:00
Dorsainville Harold 07.02.2019 23:07
Brandon Matthews 06.02.2019 03:01
Sniper Gang!
Mr. Ros 05.02.2019 13:33
Cmon u cant compare this kodak wit the new kodakk big factsssss
Gabriel Marquez 04.02.2019 20:05
U gon fall thru so I pic up when you ring me
Gabriel Marquez 04.02.2019 20:04
U gon fall thru so I make sure ur flyer than a plane !!!
Jon Snow 03.02.2019 17:53
Listening exactly 1 years later 2/3/19
kasilene Augustive 03.02.2019 11:28
Free my boy Kodak🇭🇹🇭🇹(do asi say don't do as I say😍)
Aaliyah vineyard 31.01.2019 17:23
😭😍 .
Clif impossible 31.01.2019 13:52
Haitian 4life
Angel Medina 24.01.2019 05:02
January 23rd , 2021?👀
Kls Muzik 23.01.2019 00:10
Frankie Camacho 22.01.2019 14:37
Some much weed was smoked to this song
justin Zuni 18.01.2019 21:50
DC 15.01.2019 22:41
IF LISTENING IN 2019 like this
Keshun Cameron 14.01.2019 17:36
i love can weee meet
phillyflyboy 14.01.2019 07:18
shits slick
Karo Goodfellas 10.01.2019 02:32
🗣🎶🎶Nice Song bro 🗣🎶🎶
Allan Rodriguez 30.12.2018 18:19
You gon fall thru so I pick up when you ring me 😵🤞💀
omar Craighead 18.12.2018 11:21
That boy fire
Trv 12.12.2018 12:47
Flori Brito 12.12.2018 08:30
Why is this still not on iTunes?!
Boo Laden 04.12.2018 05:02
Baby I'm bumping this till I k.o. luhh yoouu. 😭😩😍😍
FLAKKA BITCHH 03.12.2018 19:44
fuck the shmoney haha, I wannna carry kodaks kidsss :(((((
T M 02.12.2018 22:32
Why ain’t this on Spotify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!
Richard Balbuena 01.12.2018 02:01
muy duro el final
RageDrippy 28.11.2018 00:11
Kodak hard 🤯‼️
Tata Hunte St Romain 24.11.2018 12:32
Ur will not die ur the best sniper geng😉😉
Glammour Doll Tv 15.11.2018 02:56
Snapchat:pretty.mimi99 👻 Instagram:Glammourdoll 🎥 💙💙💙
Mateusz Rozynek 12.11.2018 20:55
What trackssuit mans wearing at 1:28?
Pedro Martinez 04.11.2018 18:49
Should be in Spotify
Rampastic 03.11.2018 20:13
This is dogshit
Hila_ 02.11.2018 14:56
This fyee
Rosemene Desir 27.10.2018 22:34
No scoop snipper gang
David Galvan 26.10.2018 04:03
Why this not on spotify
just living my life 386 24.10.2018 21:19
Why isn't this song on the HBK album
don Well 24.10.2018 14:57
zoe me say
PRINCE’S YTS FAMILY 23.10.2018 20:59
I finally feel black wen I listen to Kodak he get me all the girls
Joatam Pillot 23.10.2018 03:23
SIGN UP  Fall Thru Kodak Black FALL THRU LYRICS [Intro] 20-year-old Kodak Black, real name is Dieuson Octave was arrested last night after an incident at his Pembroke Pines- Rapper Kodak Black locked- On parole right now- And is unclear at this hour what's gonna happen with Kodak Black- [Chorus] You my girl, you my shorty If I call on you, know you fallin' through shortly I wanna be down with you, baby, like you are me I wanna be down with you, baby, like you owe me Is you makin' time for me, baby, like my Rollie? I want you to ride for me, baby, like my woadies [Verse 1] And I goin' lie, I can't even focus Lately I been stackin' all this paper like it's poison Sniper Gang 'till I die, nigga, I ain't gonna forfeit She just want for me to come and paint her like a portrait She just want for me to put her up like she a trophy Sellin' white girl, sellin' So, call it Sophie Runnin' game like it's poetry Young nigga chargin' to the game like a mophie She FaceTimein' with a mean mug Took her out a Punch Buggy, put her in a Beamer My bitch name Tina but she bad like she Trina I'm doin' me, drinkin' Tequila, smokin' sativa I make time cause you my baby Just like I'm bustin' out a AP I make time cause you my baby Feel like I'm bustin' out of AP Feel like I'm bustin' out of AP Keep me on hard You make me go the hardest Don't matter I fall Pull up when you call me When I'm behind bars, I be facin' charges You the one I call, cause you keep it solid You know I'm a catch you when you fallin' Remember I used to have you in the projects You gone fall through just like it's August So I'ma pick up when you call me You the reason I ain't go insane yet You the reason I ain't lose my brain yet You the reason I don't stay insane I'm poppin' out wit' you to hide the pain I'm poppin' out wit' you to hide the shame I never need a pill for the pain You gon' fall through so I'll a make sure that you flyer than a plane You gon' fall through so I make sure that you main squeeze I had to make sure you my main thing You gon' fall through so I pick up when you ring me Late nights in the Noya Flexin' in a Jag, hittin' licks in a 'Yota That's the only reason that I had the 'Yota She was fuckin' with me, I was with her way before her When I was kicking doors and I was whippin' up the soda Whippin' up the soda, you can call me Coca-Cola She my soulja You my girl, you my shorty If I call you know you fallin' through shortly You gonna pull up like the Marshalls Sniper Gang land on a nigga with binoculars Pullin' up like on holiday we sittin' with the chopper Holiday season we gon' ball like its Hanukkah I'm married to this shit so sit back and get comfortable Mama call me Bill cause we livin' like the Huxtable I just wanna be down, wanna be down like you owe me [Outro] Make time like you my Rollie Is you gonna ride like my woadie SHARE THE LYRICS   “FALL THRU” TRACK INFO Produced ByIBeatz & G Koop Written ByKodak Black Release DateFebruary 3, 2018 EXPAND TRACK INFO  MUSIC VIDEO  GENIUS VIDEO Will Hip-Hop's #MeToo Moment Ever Come? COMMENTS GeraldGillum  36,239 9 months ago FREE KODAK +7 UPVOTES About Genius Press AdvertiseEvent Space Privacy Policy LicensingJobs Terms of Use Copyright PolicyContact us © 2018 Genius Media Group Inc.
Ziggy Za 16.10.2018 01:19
I started humming this out of no where yesterday and its been on repeat all day today
la voz de la calle 15.10.2018 20:56
selling soft call it sofie fl
UNLUCKY_MY_UCE YT 15.10.2018 09:34
This still my number 1 jam💅
Pwincess Lay 14.10.2018 01:05
a song about his babymama ?
Redbone-re Michelle 13.10.2018 22:47
Kodak did this beat first now meek mill gone do it smh
Nigga BoyZ Øfficial 13.10.2018 11:57
Crazy Song✌🎹🎶gang gang project of baby❤
julian carter 12.10.2018 12:42
Shabba 666 07.10.2018 14:17
Tracy Bey 04.10.2018 15:34
God I fuckin love this 💯💯💯💯💯
KAMRAN HOSSEINI 01.10.2018 17:38
Chanel Johnson 24.09.2018 07:53
This shit corny meeks was way betta
Elizardo's VARIOUSTv 15.09.2018 03:01
Kodak came from the bottom.
mg4l aj 14.09.2018 21:54
you go lil Kodak
Jonathan Craddock 12.09.2018 15:09
that a good song!!!!!!
Rene Seeberg 12.09.2018 09:41
If shit shot shit which witch b leav I c it double it always beside never in front never behind fair fare fere
blue left 10.09.2018 19:32
U my girl u my shorty.…
blue left 09.09.2018 00:21
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 u gone fall thru so I piCC up wen u ringing.... Whipping up da soda u Call me Coke Cola
YoungGxd 216 04.09.2018 01:16
And it shows him walking out
YoungGxd 216 04.09.2018 01:15
Look up Kodak black outta jail and it says his response was glokknine trying to be him
YoungGxd 216 04.09.2018 01:14
He Out of jail now
anna everett 01.09.2018 17:53
now stfu
anna everett 01.09.2018 17:53
YungGotTheJuice the same reason u ugly asf
VariousEnt 01.09.2018 02:11
For Instrumentals https://soundcloud.com/kebrin-stoner
VariousEnt 01.09.2018 02:11
For Instrumentals https://soundcloud.com/kebrin-stoner
Taye Reeves 01.09.2018 01:35
I’m here now when he out Like if you a real Kodak black fan❤️
•alandra• 30.08.2018 21:05
King B Ent 30.08.2018 20:14
She FaceTiming with a mean mug😡
Mary DOWNSYNDROME 28.08.2018 12:26
This needs to be put on Spotify
Dennis1k 26.08.2018 22:23
S O O N 💛
christian cordoba 26.08.2018 03:49
this shit gets me in my feels
Michael Toress 24.08.2018 21:50
Koo yak stay real... Cali love
Maxime Alexanian 20.08.2018 08:35
Kodak is free!
Patrick Saidu 20.08.2018 00:51
Kodak Free😂🤘👏
Connor Mccauley 20.08.2018 00:43
Carlos Martin 19.08.2018 23:06
Kodak free bitch 🔥🤘🏾‼️
James Josefh 19.08.2018 00:48
Kodack black #free
Trizzy Trappin 19.08.2018 00:23
Kodak Home Bitxh!! 💯🤧🤑🤑🤑
dannyboyy1120 18.08.2018 16:55
Who else waiting on kodak to drop some fire rn
Demarcus White 18.08.2018 16:14
He’s home now Gleeee!😁
King Alka Zoe 18.08.2018 09:23
Jay Lew 18.08.2018 06:45
Kodak is home!!!!
PeachyAriel 17.08.2018 21:33
Just a couple hours till they free bill 🖤
Samantha Delgado 17.08.2018 20:50
one more day & he comin homeee! gleeee
Game Changer 17.08.2018 19:38
🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯 💯 Snipa
Game Changer 17.08.2018 19:37
That Yaccboy out tmrw!!!!!!
AndrewSuperSayin 17.08.2018 19:34
slick haze 17.08.2018 02:02
2 more days & the goat is home #Tied 😬😬😬
News Tv 16.08.2018 22:23
News Tv 16.08.2018 22:23
#FreeTheGoat #Freekodak • Real Rap Music 🎶🔥
Blood Money 16.08.2018 21:43
Free Kodak Black AKA flavor Flav Jr. 😂 dAT PART BLOOD 💯
twilight 15.08.2018 21:06
#FreeTheGoat This Saturday!
Fernando Jose 15.08.2018 18:41
I wish i had a dad like kodak