Tom Keifer #keiferband "Rise" (Official Music Video)

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Опубликовано: 13.09.2019
"Rise" the title track from the brand new Tom Keifer #keiferband release "Rise" This collection of 11 brand new songs which includes the raucous first single "The Death of Me" rocks with a fury and passion that is sure to make critics and fans take notice! From the inspirational title track "RISE", the tasty slide work that stamps “Touching the Divine,” the heavy, dark jam of “Untitled,” the breakneck thrust of “All Amped Up” to the tender coda of “You Believe in Me, ”RISE signifies the ongoing evolution of the former Cinderella frontman as a person, songwriter, and bandleader. Buy it now: Title track "RISE" Written by Tom Keifer, Savannah Keifer, Keifer Thompson, Shawna Thompson. Video Directed by Vicente Cordero-- Follow Tom Keifer Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Please Subscribe to our channel for the latest Cleopatra Records (P) (C) 2019 Cleopatra Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws (P) (C) 2019 Cleopatra Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws -------------------------------------- #TomKeiffer #HardRock #Cinderella #HardRock #CleopatraRecords #HeavyMetal #RockMusic #GrammyAwardWinner #Metal #OfficialMusicVideo
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Connie Copas 16.09.2019 03:33
Tom Keifer is one of the most musically talented artists ever but also just as determined after being dealt such an unfair hand with his vocal chords. Now in true Keifer style he's rockin it like a BOSS
Faith Lubaton 16.09.2019 02:25
please come to Hawaii Tom!!!
rick green 16.09.2019 00:27
Wow incredible sounds awesome Tom your the man
Terry Leskow 15.09.2019 22:27
L T 15.09.2019 20:22
Love Lep 15.09.2019 19:31
Love it!!! Sounds fantastic! Loved you in the 80's and love you now!!!
Steve Gardenhire 15.09.2019 18:54
A magnificent song
dadadruma Marcopoulos 15.09.2019 17:50
Outstanding production Pristine sound Classic feel Far superior than anything being promoted today, Yep Lame ass corporate radio will play deaf dumb and blind once again on Excellent Quality all around like this. =( Screw IFart Radio
himoong 15.09.2019 17:39
This is a great song...awesome
Metalhealt 15.09.2019 17:12
quincy peagler 15.09.2019 16:35
This sucks so bad
quincy peagler 15.09.2019 21:51
@Ronnie Ron his days are gone
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:38
You must be tone deaf, lol.
Trish H 15.09.2019 14:54
I have loved Tom Keifer since I was a little girl! His voice still gives me chills! Keep rockin it baby! 😘❤
Stuart Johnston 15.09.2019 13:11
HELTER SKELTER ................................................. ; )
Robin Taylor 15.09.2019 13:07
I gave it a thumbs up but it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.
Pat Tamlyn 15.09.2019 12:18
great song & cd .. got it a couple of days ago spun it 3 or 4 times now ... thx Tom
SpaceHawk 23 15.09.2019 12:04
Great album Tom from start to finish, congratulations 👍
80something 15.09.2019 11:58
Finally the video! I’ve been waiting on this ever since I saw TKB do it live in Nashville! So good y’all! Such a great performance!
Jay Lotto 15.09.2019 11:46
Please don’t stop making music.
Johnny Beane 15.09.2019 08:44
Awesome Tom!!!
Gary Winters 15.09.2019 07:06
Sorry Tom I'm just not feeling it.
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:43
@Kevin Rodgers He didn't get the song, it happens, lol
Kevin Rodgers 15.09.2019 09:21
Like he gives a shit about your ignorant, done-nothing-in-life-opinion. F your negativity.
Матильда А 15.09.2019 06:02
Кейфера надо клонировать !!!! И побольше! I love!
Stuart Haas 15.09.2019 05:51
Still Kicking Ass Tom THANKS !!
Ysang Jamir 15.09.2019 02:50
When he goes high pitch I always get goosebumps. 🎵🎶
bryan m 15.09.2019 02:46
Im gonna click pause then comment and then never watch/listen to this shitty song again. SMH!
Paul warrior 15.09.2019 02:27
Love Tom. Great writer. Great musician. Loved Cinderella. Band. But Toms voice really is shot, for me, just me, is very hard to listen to. Sounds terribly damaged....But he is a Trooper, and a fighter. Me personally, I like the Cinderella stuff more. ....but Kudo's to Tom and his new band.
Starchild 15.09.2019 01:32
I love him ❤
sammy grands 15.09.2019 01:13
I gotta say. That was awesome. Wow.
MELISSA REVELO 15.09.2019 00:49
TOM eres el mejor
Bronco Mania 15.09.2019 00:45
See Tom Keifer and his band live! They are Great!
Robert Leese 14.09.2019 23:27
How this guy ever got lumped into "hair"metal is just absurd and insulting.
dotupside 15.09.2019 13:09
Robert Leese Self-inflicted wound lol...have you seen the cover of Night Songs? Certainly didn’t convey the true heavy blues rock they played. Had they been marketed like GNR instead of Poison, they would have survived the 90’s with Keifer’s amazing talent.
Cheep N Nasty Guitars 14.09.2019 23:20
what the fuck, all his new shit sounds like born again pento drug addict garbage.
mdt138 14.09.2019 20:08
Awesome I have been a fan for many many year's.
GLO LUVS MUSIC 14.09.2019 19:54
God Bless you Tom & Keifer Band!🙏❤Wow! Your voice is still amazing! Love you all!
Angelise Paonessa 14.09.2019 19:50
Baby 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Marietta Jørgensen 14.09.2019 19:29
Awwww hello sweetheart love love it ❣️❣️💜💜🥰🥰💕💕🌹🌹💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
AnAmericanGuitarist 14.09.2019 18:29
What?!! No Guitar Solo?!! Plenty of build up (Rising!) to break out into a kickin' solo, but no solo!! This song kind of has a Nobody's Fool type emotional delivery to it that I really like. The songs don't sound the same, but Nobody's Fool kind of has its torch carried today with the same emotion and delivery, up out of the same inspired musical roots.
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:39
The solo was the lap steel guitar.
R S 14.09.2019 18:04
Definitely digging these songs. Love the positive, uplifting lyrics, too. Gonna pick up the album for sure. Awesome job, guys!
stevendiego 14.09.2019 17:45
TK did again! Well done! Amazing.
Sham Soni 14.09.2019 17:40
Come to the Uk please 🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿
llen Star 14.09.2019 17:19
And we're gonna looooooove you and a lot more!!!! Keep singing Tom 💪😍👍
Mark Chvrch 14.09.2019 17:11
Always a supporter of Cinderella\Tom But I haven’t “loved” the songs\albums since Stilling Climbing...... but I still buy cds&shirts at his live show just to do my part on supporting live touring artist keep-up the great hustle Kiefer
Normand Jones 14.09.2019 16:54
Another winner :)
Mark Thomas Scott 14.09.2019 16:33
Always been a fan and this is a gid yin!
Aline França 14.09.2019 16:26
Algum brasileiro curtindo esse fenômeno? ❤️
william nicholas 14.09.2019 15:45
Ah Toms voice, the best! Could be a new Cinderella song!
Sixx Kitten 14.09.2019 15:22
I’ve always loved Tom’s voice. This song is great.. Cinderella coming out in a few parts of the song 🤘🏼
mile high 14.09.2019 14:39
He looks like his witch wife is making him look dead
Pamela Witcher 14.09.2019 14:30
Tom keifer ,once again. You did it...I absolutely love the rise video. Omg Its amazingly awesome, Everyone in the band put so much heart and soul in to it. You must be proud of them. Savannah and kendra were The best. Omg ,its hard to put into words how great it is. Thank you Tom .I love you. Thank you for being who you are.
Lillina Blue 14.09.2019 14:27
I am not a film director but the video is good. It conveys an idea of disruption, change and strength.
ben li 14.09.2019 14:13
rise to the king
Tori Ackley 14.09.2019 14:07
Outstanding !:)
Lelo Lelo69 14.09.2019 13:57
Not to crazy about this song, but keep ROCKING my brother!!!🤘🏼🇺🇸
Patrícia Silva 14.09.2019 12:37
Maravilhoso 👏👏👏
cyberian2007 14.09.2019 12:27
Cameraman has Parkinsons ?
Sherry B 14.09.2019 13:43
cyberian2007 Does Tom have Parkinsons? I saw him back in the day, always loved his voice. He's been through a lot #TomKeifer😍 #KeiferBand
David Habig 14.09.2019 12:23
I just got this album, I love it. It's a dark blues rock album, one of his best writing ever. And the music on it is awesome. Tom is one of the best and he stayed true to his style and never changed to be something else. Hope he comes around P.A.
MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte 14.09.2019 11:41
Amazing singer, amazing songwriter... Tom totally Rocks ❤️ ❤️
C. Lalsangzuali 14.09.2019 14:09
totally agree with glad to see him perform again.he's absolute perfection
Aldo Amine 14.09.2019 11:29
I don't like the lyrics, so lazy .. but LOVE the Music !! Also.. Video Directing 3/10 !!!!!
Aldo Amine 15.09.2019 21:44
Sure, here's one, and there are 10 other songs : ( Lyrics on google)
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:38
Lazy? Show us 'your' song, lol.
carlarmou 72 14.09.2019 08:52
Makes me tremble. Love this song. Always rising!! Tom, you are amazing. The best example of surviving when times are tough!!
paul woodcock 14.09.2019 08:17
bloody terrible this
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:41
Show us 'your' song, lol
Kevin Rodgers 15.09.2019 09:23
Imr sure you've done better. Ignorant moron.
sarah petry 14.09.2019 08:14
white people....lmaooo yall corny asf like always
Mimi 56 14.09.2019 07:12
Quel retour !!! J’adore 🎶🇫🇷🎶
Lorie Keifer 14.09.2019 05:35
A really talented man I love tom so much my favorite artist and love of the world lol I love he's music so much 💜😊😍
Mrbignutzful 14.09.2019 04:44
Tom, you are an amazing success and I pray that you will keep WINNING friend !Cheers, MBN
Anthony Rivers 14.09.2019 04:04
The Man!
Darla Dean 14.09.2019 03:54
Keifer and Co know how to bring it. Can't wait to hear this on vinyl! He's such an amazing singer songwriter. Just amazing with his wife too. Cheers, guys , a winner with this album.
Sônia Assis 14.09.2019 16:54
Música linda!
Ginger Hipszky 14.09.2019 03:34
So glad Tom is still making rock n roll magic. This album takes you back to Night Songs.
Robin Taylor 15.09.2019 13:08
Ginger Hipszky No it does not.
Jay's Rabbit Hole JaysonAllen 15.09.2019 11:22
Night songs will always have a place in my heart ! I was just a kid !! awesome 👍 song !!!
Rusty Nail2u 14.09.2019 03:03
I met him at OUTER LIMITS in Bradenton,Fla years ago when he was in CINDERELLA cool guys....
Candy Holliday 14.09.2019 02:37
Great song! Loving Tom's voice 😍 💙💙❤️❣️
KEN5423 14.09.2019 01:16
I guess when you get old you can't rock anymore........the desire kinda just leaves your brain.Case in point.
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 22:13
@Sherry B No, the Ken clown.
Sherry B 15.09.2019 21:48
@Ronnie Ron who me??
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:44
I guess you've never sold millions of albums like Keifer has?
Sherry B 14.09.2019 13:46
KEN5423 Ummm. Alice Cooper must have missed that memo hun 💜 💜 he's 71 and I just saw him 8/2/19
Nelson Moore 14.09.2019 00:45
LOVE IT!!!!!!
Obi Wan 13.09.2019 23:44
Love Cinderella but this video is unwatchable, the camera work is all over the place.
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:42
William Beber 13.09.2019 23:15
TERRIBLE song Bad Vocals.
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:43
Are you sure your last name isn't 'Bieber?" lol.
Matthew Davis 13.09.2019 21:39
Definitely Boring...
Matthew Davis 15.09.2019 21:51
Can’t help it that you look like a fucking Gargoyle...
Matthew Davis 15.09.2019 21:44
Ronnie Ron fuck you punk. I listen to Slayer and Metal. This actually sounds like something Bieber would sing you dumb ass....
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:40
Go listen to your Beiber records then, lol.
Jonathan Jenkins 13.09.2019 21:30
Wtf the song fades out as Keifer raises the intensity to a crescendo .... shoot the producer!
Ture from Finland 13.09.2019 18:28
Long cold winter is awesome record, and this song ain't bad at all.
Steven Bee 13.09.2019 18:25
Not my cup of tea. But good to see Tom back and rocking. I would love for Cinderella to get it together, reunite, and rock again.
Patrick Reeves 13.09.2019 18:12
If you listen to the first 4 Cinderella records, Tom's songs always seemed to have a place they started, and ended. I wasn't much of a fan of the first Kiefer solo record, and felt it was boring, and melancholy. I respect Tom as an artist, and understand that all musicians branch out, and evolve. As was with the previous album, I haven't enjoyed any of the three songs for this new record. It just feels like he is howling in each song, and that he isn't writing anything that elicits much feeling out of me.Again, I totally appreciate his talent, and the guy is an amazing artist. Just can't seem to get into these new jams much. I hope he get's a hit, and that he is successful again.
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:42
I totally disagree. This song is about rising above complications in your life. It has a lot of emotion in it.
Oscar Abasto 13.09.2019 17:49
ESO CARAJOOOO, RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, BELLEZAAAAA y no será la última vez!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Abrazoooooo
Dede Ruge 13.09.2019 16:49
Komplett leeres Lied
Lillina Blue 13.09.2019 16:46
🤟 I love people who succeed in being reborn from themselves. Their energy is very positive. You can feel it.
Jinah Lee 13.09.2019 16:45
I had a hard and tough day. It keeps me alive, Thanks!!!
blind09 13.09.2019 15:52
Dax Riggs sounding, less horror, more gospel
michele brittain 13.09.2019 15:46
Boring pop song. Not metal enough.
michele brittain 15.09.2019 22:28
@Ronnie Ron There are metal ballads, and there are pop ballads. This one is pop.
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 22:12
@michele brittain Its a ballad. Get a grip 😆
michele brittain 15.09.2019 21:57
@Ronnie Ron It's not my fault this song needs a "shot of gasoline".
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:44
Boring is your taste in tone deaf opinions, lol.
michele brittain 14.09.2019 15:11
@mindre begavet Go listen to Taylor Swift...or Adele.
Brad K 13.09.2019 15:42
Just realized yesterday, the significance of the release date. ....Friday the 13th ...Lol, Tom.
Marina Shevchenko 13.09.2019 15:26
Классная песня! 👍😊❤
Paul Eley 13.09.2019 15:23
Always loved Tom's singing and guitar playing.....always rockin
Lasvegasman 13.09.2019 15:20
One of the few glam metal musicians who still kicking
Ronnie Ron 15.09.2019 21:39
@John Ganzelli Wrong!
John Ganzelli 13.09.2019 22:09
Aka. Glam
Jonathan Jenkins 13.09.2019 21:26
Cinderella were never glam. The name of the band was a misnomer, they were always a bluesy rock outfit with a touch of hair metal .
Steven Bee 13.09.2019 18:26
Patricia Ambrouso 13.09.2019 08:14
LoVe THiS NeW SoNG ToM YouR VOicE iS AMaZiNG!!
Karott Cornejo 13.09.2019 03:23
Despues de todos los problemas que tuvo con su voz, es alucinante como jamas se rindió y volvió a cantar...genial👍
francis francis 13.09.2019 00:21
Juan Adriano 12.09.2019 23:11
Great song, Love U Tom ❤🇧🇷
Aline França 14.09.2019 16:24
Gente achei que fosse a única pessoa brasileira que ainda escuta as músicas dele ❤️
Allen H 12.09.2019 20:33
And once again the MIGHTY Tom Keifer puts out an outstanding song !!!!
lewiston maineiac 12.09.2019 17:06
Yeah I am Boys........
marco amedei 2 12.09.2019 16:30
:D <3 great