Michael Jackson - She Drives Me Wild (Audio)

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Опубликовано: 02.11.2016
Buy/Listen to Dangerous: Amazon - http://smarturl.it/MJ_Dangerous_Amzn?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw iTunes - http://smarturl.it/MJ_Dangerous_iTunes?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw Spotify - http://smarturl.it/mj_dngrs_sptfy?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw About Dangerous: Dangerous is Michael Jackson’s eighth studio album, released on November 26, 1991 as his fourth studio album released under Epic Records. Dangerous has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, 7 million albums were shipped in the United States alone, and has been cited as one of the best-selling albums of all time. The album produced four top ten singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including the number-one hit ""Black or White"". Follow the Official Michael Jackson Accounts: Facebook - http://smarturl.it/mj_facebook?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw Twitter - http://smarturl.it/mj_twitter?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw Spotify - http://smarturl.it/mj_spotify?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw Newsletter - http://smarturl.it/mj_newsletter?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw YouTube - http://smarturl.it/mj_youtube?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw Website - http://smarturl.it/mj_website?IQid=ytd.mj.sdmw
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Kenya Beckford 19.03.2019 23:19
Elga 5ko 17.03.2019 17:02
❤️ Michael Jackson 👍🏿 👍🏾 👍🏽 👍🏼 👍 👍🏻 🤟🏾🤘🏼🎶🎶👑💙♥️♥️💙♥️
Marissa Clark 17.03.2019 04:33
My favorite album by Mike!!!🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤
jess Snyder 16.03.2019 01:58
U kill me even if I don't litsin
serkan bey 15.03.2019 13:17
Great song!
Khan Babu Sweety 14.03.2019 21:52
Sexy voice😊😊😍😍😍😍
Itz JesseMCSM 10.03.2019 02:10
I know the girl is making food i think i smell the batter
ichiko Sasaki 04.03.2019 14:19
jose luis martinez 03.03.2019 16:06
Simblemente el mejor artista de todos los tiempos.
ツiTzRenan655PvP 26.02.2019 02:57
Lo mejor michael jackson ! Lo amo <3
Briana wants to break free 24.02.2019 20:04
Adriana Carrizo 24.02.2019 00:34
Después decía que hera tímido XDD 7u7
Nely Guzman 22.02.2019 22:12
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jose luis martinez 17.02.2019 17:06
Esta es una super canción.
Darlin jeaneth guzmán ruiz 14.02.2019 17:49
Hernán Touceda 11.02.2019 18:38
I love you, MJ!
Jmoney Sonny 02.02.2019 22:16
celine 02.02.2019 19:01
there will be no one like him, ever
Internet y Libertad Financiera 27.01.2019 04:54
Lo máximo Michaellll siempre será el rey del pop. No hay nadie mas como el.
Claudia Okyere-Fosu 22.01.2019 21:03
Patti Tóth 19.01.2019 17:32
💚💜✨💜💚 🔮
Kyndal Johnson 18.01.2019 13:28
I listen to this everydaaaayyy🙏🏽❤️
Emma 17.01.2019 17:52
Another masterpiece by the king of pop! I miss you dearly I can't believe that it's almost full 10 years! Lyrics: She's got the look She's so fine And you know damn well The girl will be mine She got the breaks She's a scene And you know damn well She gives it to me Black jeans And a turtleneck sweater I know the girl is f**in' Cause I've seen her look better She composition She statistical fact Got it ready for the willing Got it kickin' at the back She got the look (She's got the look) (Wanna know better) She's got the look (She's got the look) (She's driving me wild) (She's got the look) (Wanna know better) She's got the look (She's got the look) (She's driving me wild) Come to the place, shoktacy And you know damn well You know what I mean Hot in the face One and three Like a pleasure trip Like you've never seen Satin lace And a paisley cut top The girl is waisting over And she knows she's just hot She got position She got just what it takes Got a mojo in her pocket Got it ready just in case She's got the look (She's got the look) (Wanna know better) She's got the look (She's got the look) (She's driving me wild) That girl's my baby (She's got the look) (Wanna know better) (She's got the look) (She's driving me wild) Please no, kick back I can't take it You're driving me wild I might not make it You got me looking like buckwheat Oh, hair pulled Every which way but neat Far from Medusa But you look so deadly Your walk is soft Still I hear the medley Oh, shiver me timber But I do cramp my style She drives me wild She's got the look She's got the look She's got the look (She's got the look) (Wanna know better) She's got the look (She's got the look) (She's driving me wild) That girl's my baby (She's got the look) (Wanna know better) (She's got the look) (She's driving me wild)
Razziii 17.01.2019 15:26
Fan Michael Jackson 16.01.2019 11:31
Sir George 13.01.2019 21:10
*Damn. That beat.* Gets me every time I hear this song.
fzelic 12.01.2019 09:03
New Jack Swing! Teddy Riley on the beat! Magic!
Majomi Scruce 10.01.2019 21:45
Esa Voz Enamora 😍
camila. 05.01.2019 17:36
the beat!!!!!!!!11 I C O N I C
saiful zamre 04.01.2019 11:21
best underrated song.really hyoe since i heard since 1993.
Livin’ Of The Wall 31.12.2018 23:29
At the start I thought this was In The Closet 😂😂😂😂
austin jones 11.12.2018 01:00
tournesol tryphon 03.12.2018 12:53
December 2018
Sherlyn Páramo 02.12.2018 20:01
I love You Mike 😢😢😢
misteryry 24.11.2018 17:08
crazy !!!
Moonwalker Studios HD 04.11.2018 08:36
Has anyone noticed the audio from this song is from "In the closet" live in munich?
as grandes aventuras do coelho pascoal 03.11.2018 20:31
She Drives Me Wild
Random Guy 30.10.2018 09:28
This is realy good but I think it got lost somewhere in production. The beat sounds unpolished and the verse sounds unfinnished
Rebecca Mawson 26.10.2018 19:24
kevin hawker 23.10.2018 22:20
Still listening 2018
luciano davila 08.10.2018 23:28
3:13-3:32 My favourite part, DEFINITELY
Giovanny Ambrosio 06.10.2018 18:39
La leyenda Michael Jackson ☺😊
ようみさわ 03.10.2018 13:37
2:26 福山雅治
Victoria Justice 02.10.2018 03:48
His voice, this song, everything here just makes me horn- ....
Jaqui Velazco 26.09.2018 22:25
She drives me wild 🎶✌️
Dj Blacka 26.09.2018 18:07
Lekker de king. Of pop
ADRIAN DUARTE GARZA 24.09.2018 12:05
The beginning remembers me to the history tour in the closet
Calíope Terpsícore 14.11.2018 18:28
It is
Daniel Tiago 21.09.2018 02:43
Rubber Matress 17.09.2018 07:16
Dangerous 25 please, We want many of Dangerous tour we want Munich, we want vienna and mmau concerts in HD please!!! :(
Shanto MJ 11.09.2018 14:55
Shadow GTR 08.09.2018 16:24
👑 Of Pop
Joanne Lewis 02.09.2018 01:51
Grew up with him. We are the same age, and I miss him so!!!! One of the best talents around, but all the soul music is my favorite. Arthea, Diana, Temptations, ...Stevie, all of Motown Town -the best music ever created~~~!
FUN 01.09.2018 23:30
Carolina 29.08.2018 09:53
I love you in a way that you or anyone else could never understand.
Ponysmari tiernod 27.08.2018 01:49
like si amas a michael jackson
Dangerous Zakhar 26.08.2018 10:37
Dangerous 25!
Gamer Madden07 24.08.2018 18:34
Super producer Teddy Riley plus The King of Pop Michael Jackson Equals Amazing Hit Songs.Rip MJ we love you.
Chris jT 24.08.2018 05:44
So I guess no Dangerous 25 as it's been 27 years now....????
Omar Derouich 22.08.2018 14:36
Dominated the world with his present
ALOT 12.08.2018 02:03
Michael Jackson +Teddy Riley=success
Mj Kid Dancing 27.07.2018 10:47
my favourite song
ΣviL MisterX 20.07.2018 12:19
MJ forever She drives me wild 😎
Whanter Pool 03.07.2018 03:23
MJ Forever
iám lilith queen of darkness 21.06.2018 11:44
min låt, =)
Djjosue Official 14.06.2018 00:37
The style reminds me to the Guy's song "Wanna Get With You"
Varsha Gaikwad 03.06.2018 19:15
New song New experience as before outstanding
Benny Moonwalker 01.06.2018 12:47
I like this song. The music sounds similar to that of guy a group from the 80s.
Vítor 29.05.2018 00:06
Só o Rei pra fazer um carro virar uma bela batida pra uma maravilhosa música! <3
iám lilith queen of darkness 25.05.2018 20:54
King Vitiligo 18.05.2018 17:19
I'm the 9,4 k likes😂😂😂❤️
Michael Jackson Fanmade Version Channel 15.05.2018 07:34
In The Closet
amy love 13.05.2018 23:23
Zach Kirkham 13.05.2018 01:21
MJ at his best !
// yoongiclapton // 08.05.2018 02:22
EZRDEN 07.05.2018 00:13
We didn’t get a Dangerous 25! Why!? I find it stupid and pathetic that there wasn’t. Off The Wall got the same treatment. Cross your fingers that we get a HIStory 25 in 2020.
merve waswolltihrsichererfahrihrnichtmeinnachnamen 30.04.2018 19:54
All people the disliked the song go to the hell bitchhhh....... Hellllll...H..E..L...LLL
Hathairat Phuekhiran 28.04.2018 19:31
Miss him so much
KLOL2006 06 28.04.2018 19:05
Its an underrated Song
HIStoryMichaelJackson 17.04.2018 04:17
Gianluca Boaretto 16.04.2018 13:06
I miss him so much ❤😭
C Gollum 12.04.2018 18:28
The chord progression for the chorus is amazing.
MultimediaOfficial 10.04.2018 11:17
i'm listening to this song for the first time, damn it's HOT HOT HOT !!!
Chris jT 24.08.2018 05:34
Yep me too....since 10/11 and now 36.
Hathairat Phuekhiran 28.04.2018 19:34
MultimediaOfficial im crazy for this since i was 15...and im 38 years old now..i still listen to it
Shayla Bellard 01.04.2018 17:49
Футбол ТВ 01.04.2018 15:57
Джексон жив!!!!!!!!!!
carlos Garcia 28.03.2018 14:56
sempre será o melhor, Mira
Stephany Guevara 26.03.2018 15:23
Anyone in 2018? Great song :'D We love you Michael :3
Marg H 24.03.2018 00:35
Will you ask for michael jackson stolen property from airport stolen music and yes the record industry took everything of michael to use im tried to hurt im if michael is not dead then he will come back and destory them 1 by 1
Nick Gracey 19.03.2018 02:02
I wish this would've been a single... 🤔🤔
Sone Ri 17.03.2018 17:20
Perfect as always 💛👻
Malso2Saucy 10.03.2018 10:34
They just released it for the dangerous 25 anniversary
Ayon Mustafiz 03.03.2018 12:41
WHERE IS DANGEROUS 25?????????????????
Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker 28.02.2018 03:39
Docs prove Michael Jackson faked his death, learn all about it here: www.vimeo.com/ondemand/alive2michaeljackson 100% factual
Lauren Galloway 27.02.2018 15:45
For the beginning of the song for the car honking Michael Jackson probably heard it and started making a beat to it and that's how the song was made.
Natalia S 20.11.2018 03:32
Lauren Galloway i was thinking the same. once in an interview he said as a kid he would dance to the sound of the washing machine😂😂
Moonwalker Forever 26.02.2018 17:51
N-tox 25.02.2018 15:38
Thumbs up if you adore MJ !
Noah Ryland 17.02.2018 04:54
if theres no dangerous 25, there better be off the wall 40
kazz moreton 14.02.2018 23:59
To see him, if only for a day, an hour or even minutes
Aurelien Daniel 14.02.2018 16:01
Masterpiece 😎🔊🔊🎤📣📣 #blackexcellence
ynsu94 12.02.2018 09:22
this song is underrated as hell !! it's in my top 5 MJ songs