Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm

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Опубликовано: 19.05.2014
Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm Production Companies: Optimum Productions, Pulse Evolution, Tricycle Logic Creative Director: Jamie King Associate Creative Director: Stephanie Roos Executive Producers: John Branca, John McClain Producers: Frank Patterson, John Textor, Karen Langford Supervising Producers: Oualid Mouaness, Natalie Johns Visual FX Supervisor: Stephen Rosenbaum Production Designer: Tamlyn Wright Editor: Guy Harding Stylist: Michael Bush (Michael Jackson) Stylists: Franck Chevalier (Dancers), Douglas VanLaningham (Dancers) Choreographers: Rich Talauega, Tone Talauega Production Manager: Nathan Stoebner Production Coordinator: Joseph Davison
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Ford2219 20.03.2019 02:40
#MJInnocent Playing him so loud so every neighbor can hear him! We love you Mike!
Nicholas Claus 20.03.2019 01:36
YouTube should make every video of him doing music and good deeds should that people watch send money to children 🏥 and zoos and museums because that is what Michael Jackson would love
Zubair el-Jamal 20.03.2019 00:41
Ebony Carruthers 20.03.2019 00:01
good job michael jackson
netmario 873 19.03.2019 23:21
hola k hace like si eres peruano
DrStfuFool 19.03.2019 22:51
It just feels wrong. Maybe in anouther 30 it'll be ready for the masses, but right now... it's perverse.
Rk.Daking 19.03.2019 18:40
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow anyone?
wicked 19.03.2019 18:38
People always cry anyway when he preform , back when he was alive and after his death 😍 king
12 chou 19.03.2019 17:39
Bfw 1082 19.03.2019 17:31
Creepy!!!! Just creepy
Cris Frialde 19.03.2019 15:12
Is not Michael Jackson who is it impersonator who?
Joseph Rivera 19.03.2019 13:34
I like how everyone is excited at first but you can feel the energy leave the room as it goes on especially during his dance solo. It’s creepy and he doesn’t really move like him. It’s kinda of ghoulish
Paula 19.03.2019 13:26
That's just what it is!! Cannot describe it any better.....it's the greatest gift of all, next to the music itself, being able to dance...NOTHING makes you feel better! I AM a 'slave to the rhythm'! But MJ is the master baby! Love you MJ....I know you aren't resting in peace, but dancing in it! 🧡🧡🧡
Alicaaa Mill 19.03.2019 10:19
I would sell a kidney just to go to a hologram tour. And I would sell every vital organ in my body just to see him one last time.
MR. SKILL95 19.03.2019 10:11
This hologram dosn’t look like him
RAWAD BERRO PRO 19.03.2019 09:22
would rather watch his hologram than most artists alive
negi miso 19.03.2019 08:26
Jack Gaming 19.03.2019 07:42
I m coming from year 9000 MJ #michaeljackson still the greatest entertainer on earth.
Jessica Motley 19.03.2019 05:17
Did he say, "she dances in the street at night, she dances to his meat???" Love mj , idk if I am hearing that right
Hello vivianne 19.03.2019 03:22
Can I also say, a man like Michael deserved more then all the hate, tabloids, and lies about him and now 10 years after we lost a man who forever changed this earth, a doc is made it's all lies, no one dose any research anymore it's sad. I just wish I was born in the 80/90 to at least attend one of his concerts, or just remember him when he was alive I was a 2005 kid and I don't remember him being alive, which I wish I did but I can't change that. I just hope the truth comes out and the people who I WON'T name will be taken to jail or something for lieing.
BRUNO B 19.03.2019 03:17
It's been 10 years end they still trying to make his look bad but sad you cant cuz simply is icon the legend of legends the king of music the role model to almost of this the past end this generation without forgot his is freaking great end lovely person end human
BRUNO B 19.03.2019 03:15
Man what a legend rip king
BRUNO B 19.03.2019 03:15
Man what a legend rip king
Hello vivianne 19.03.2019 03:09
I know what they did for this was hard, but couldn't they just get someone who looked alot like him(Impersonator) and lip sink to the music, I think that would be more cooler but that's just me
BiG -T 19.03.2019 00:35
Do they have a hologram of him touching little boys in his room with the doors lock
BlushGush 19.03.2019 00:23
I know this has mixed reviews, but when I saw it live, I missed him so much that I was just thrilled to see any likeness of him dancing. It was cathartic to imagine.
Ty 19.03.2019 00:14
He can’t evn move like mj
Карнык Д 18.03.2019 18:27
MJ INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_P[-]4NT0M_ 18.03.2019 18:18
That out of context cop intro is really strange, but other than that, pretty cool.
Бабушка Стифлера 18.03.2019 17:40
Это невероятно! Потрясающе!!! Я в 18 лет танцевала под его песни , а в 50 потратила весь выходной день на просмотр старых клипов и нашла это видео, сижу у монитора со слезами на глазах!
doda5177 18.03.2019 17:23
❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💖💘💝💞💙💚💛❣💕💞💗💞💜💓💟
DJ Case 18.03.2019 16:41
nobody can move like he could move and that's a fact so they shouldn't have done a hologram
A. pollow 18.03.2019 16:09
2pac looked way realer smh
Mish E 18.03.2019 15:48
This is depressing.
Jack Befort 18.03.2019 15:00
Did his hologram also touch kids?
Mai Kim Dang 18.03.2019 14:49
I miss MJ ☹️☹️☹️☹️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Harish Sanil 18.03.2019 13:17
Lyrics - She dances in these sheets at nights She dances to his needs She dances 'til he feels just right Until he falls asleep She dances at the crack of dawn And quickly cooks his food She can't be late, can't take too long The kids must get to school She's a slave to the rhythm She's a slave to the rhythm of She's a slave to the rhythm A slave to the rhythm of The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love She's a slave to the rhythm She's a slave to the rhythm of She's a slave to the rhythm A slave to the rhythm of The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love She dances for the man at work Who works her overtime She can't be rude as she says "Sir, I must be home tonight" She dances to the kitchen stove Dinner is served by nine He says his food's an hour late She must be outta her mind She's a slave to the rhythm She's a slave to the rhythm of She's a slave to the rhythm A slave to the rhythm of The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love She's a slave to the rhythm She's a slave to the rhythm of She's a slave to the rhythm A slave to the rhythm of The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love She works so hard, just to make her way For a man who just don't appreciate And though he takes her love in vain Still she could not stop, couldn't break his chains She danced the night that they fell out She swore she'd dance no more But then she did, he did not quit as she ran out the door She danced through the night in fear of her life She danced to a beat of her own She let out a cry and swallowed her pride She knew she was needed back home, home She's a slave to the rhythm She's a slave to the rhythm of She's a slave to the rhythm A slave to the rhythm of The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love She's a slave to the rhythm She's a slave to the rhythm of She's a slave to the rhythm A slave to the rhythm of The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love
Nourhan abdelrahimali 18.03.2019 10:29
That's not mj
Estefana Barberena 18.03.2019 08:29
Exo Gaming 18.03.2019 07:48
Ali Alnajdy 18.03.2019 05:57
Is he michael jackson ? Because the song produced in 2014 & michael died in 2009?
christianne westdorp 18.03.2019 05:08
This is not the real mj but nice try. As soon as i can i buy this dvd.
Jyothi Jyothi 18.03.2019 05:05
Born with music 😍 love u micheal 😘 king of pop😚best dancer😚 all in one miss u micheal 😚
Lion 18.03.2019 03:59
Mj ❤
Christany Barnes 18.03.2019 02:29
that’s not michael..
Nathaniel Abayon 18.03.2019 02:10
2:48 moonwalk
Nathaniel Abayon 18.03.2019 02:09
2:08 da
internetlove Adventures 18.03.2019 01:02
Damn dis look so real man
Margaret Mc Cormack 17.03.2019 22:58
The King of pop and dance, brilliant rip mj
Cleiton Santos Costa 17.03.2019 22:11
Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm 2019?
Pedro Alves 17.03.2019 20:09
They should take this hologram to court ...arrest this hologram
LostR4nger 17.03.2019 18:31
People who defend this guy are just ignorant
Malgorzata Niekurzak 17.03.2019 17:25
Nigdy w zyciu nie uwierze ze Michael molestowal dzieci, to klamsto dla pieniedzy
bonnie el lechero 17.03.2019 17:12
xXErzaigle GachaXx 17.03.2019 17:09
Qui est ce qui s’occupe de la chaîne de Michel jackson?Ceci est poster en 2014 c a dire 6ans apres
Antonka Kartoncka 17.03.2019 16:37
это не он
alaric brown 17.03.2019 15:02
Newday rocks 17.03.2019 14:39
Shes a slave to the rhythm
Roberta kalafatis 17.03.2019 14:33
damnthetorpedoes 17.03.2019 13:38
You were screwed if you had seats in the back
Deepika Rathore 17.03.2019 13:17
I'm watching this for the first time. I was thinking he's Michael but also thinking when he has this much smooth skin & this changed hairstyle is looking so good on him & about the attitude i never saw this much sitting chair style with dignity, was thinking about his moves, why they are little bit slow, why he is lip synchronizing, Why the crowd is not crowded looking, i was not feeling that energy getting out, and at last i paid attention again, & got remember there's also someone who also looks like him isn't he that person & he was that person, Disapponted but okay he was successful in putting me in confusion. 👍 Aaah Michael I miss you so much 🙁
Олег Кент 17.03.2019 12:41
В этом клипе поет не Майкл Джексон. Это его двойник.
robert bogert 17.03.2019 12:17
If you cried while watching this ? Then ask yourself if you even really knew how Michael Jackson looked and dance because that was NOT a hologram of Michael it was an impersonators hologram LAME
Yannick Mupompa 17.03.2019 12:10
Love MJ to death and I'm a fan. And I love this song. But this hologram artist moves, well, it was like eating an unseason chicken. I didn't feel the energy, the moves were limited. 2:48....what kind of moonwalk was that? That's backward baby step. But, to respect the work, I would say that I enjoy the video, the show was great, nice to watch and it's honourable to see what they did for MJ🙏🏾❤ Ps: I still didn't like that moonwalk, aka backwards baby step.
Negligent Gamer 17.03.2019 11:40
Only True MJ fans will find this to be blasphemy. Doesn't even remotely come close to his Face or Movements.
William Roberts 19.03.2019 04:18
I believe the impersonators name is like Casanova or something... The moonwalk, Michaels were much more fluid and longer strides and the toe stamp was horrible and u can see the "hologram" had a reflection on the stage
Hello vivianne 19.03.2019 03:16
I agree but it's harder to get the exact face, and also it's like that because they had someone who looked like him (impersonator) do the dancing and then made it a hologram, which I think they could have just got the person to do it on stage but whatever anyway this is long bye
Shade Shade 18.03.2019 17:59
Negligent Gamer agreed. They should of just played one of his performances from his tours. This hologram was STIFF
King Of Texas 17.03.2019 09:17
The dances were off a little bit. Then again no one could dance like Michael Jackson.
James Davidson 17.03.2019 07:10
I love you King of peados
Досхан Мубараков 17.03.2019 06:29
I saw many music MJ and I had a thought.To my mind many new song like MJ's song it's disaster,cause robbery no way for become idol🤦🏽‍♂️
Blue Shirt Kid 17.03.2019 05:17
Plot Twist 》He Was Really Michael.
Blue Shirt Kid 19.03.2019 08:34
+HACER MUSIC Believe Boi
HACER MUSIC 18.03.2019 19:08
Lol ok
PumarYareiza 17.03.2019 03:58
2019 activo
Adi Nova 17.03.2019 03:30
I’m sorry but the dance moves were a bit off and kind of uncomfortable to watch at times. There was no passion or emotion in them, they looked robotic to me.
Gerardo Tagliabue 17.03.2019 01:06
hello haylabiu😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢💋💋💋💋💋💖❤💙💚💛💟💙💘❤💚❣💛💓💜💕🖤💖💝💗💞💘💟💟💟💕💙❣💖💟❣💟💟💟💣💣💥💥💥💥💥💥💔💔💔💔
Abel R 16.03.2019 23:38
That pedofile sure can sing .
SAMUEL ROBLOX 16.03.2019 22:23
la u ltima cancion de michael jackson o almenos la ultima cantada por el
BloodStorm2702 16.03.2019 19:15
El Ayuwoki!
Mohamed Ebrahim 16.03.2019 16:37
lovers of Micheal Jackson #2019 like👍 here&support mickel #drawing to win in the challenge😍
Shade Shade 16.03.2019 16:32
I don’t know why I thought that they could re create him digitally. This is obviously an impersonator
Joshua Plick 16.03.2019 16:31
So many masonic simbolism
No SmokeTv 16.03.2019 14:36
The greatest entertainer that ever lived!
Betty Boop 16.03.2019 11:28
Brah the audience was so dead. I would have been screaming. What a shit audience
Ifrah Naz 16.03.2019 10:16
Ifrah Naz 16.03.2019 10:12
This is navi?
Joe Swanson 16.03.2019 10:00
This is not right. He wouldn’t have liked this
Zach Kabia 18.03.2019 18:27
Joe Swanson Why?
Shel Sparkle 16.03.2019 09:38
Is this a hologram 😲
TheLast Cookie 16.03.2019 08:43
Miss you MJ.
N-tox 16.03.2019 06:57
MJ Forever !
Asher!! 16.03.2019 03:48
Freddie Mercury Hologram!!!
Ivan Perez 16.03.2019 02:47
Michael no se prestaria para mostrar toda esa simbologia pagana , preguntence quien es el responsable de ese olograma
Devin Lowe 16.03.2019 01:25
Technology 🌌
Nw_Ryu :v 16.03.2019 00:37
Long live Ayuwoki :3
Shade Shade 16.03.2019 00:34
They should do a hologram tour! How amazing would that be? 😍
Shade Shade 19.03.2019 23:52
Fear NoOne hologram or not they still make money off any dead artist. Their music still sells...
Fear NoOne 19.03.2019 23:48
That would be making money out of a dead artist
Autor Doppelgänger 18.03.2019 23:35
Just like hatsune miku
kookies and cream 15.03.2019 22:37
Me puse súper triste cuando me di cuenta de que era un holograma
bashesito grasa オタコは永遠に 18.03.2019 18:18
¿Que querias que pasara? si el esta muerto hace años
Geuzi Ferreira 15.03.2019 19:22
Que roupa Dourado tá diferente do que antes eu adorei o seu canto seu canto de cantar eu canto a minhas músicas Baby
Geuzi Ferreira 15.03.2019 19:21
Maicon Jackson você anda diferente eu tô diferente também sabia você tem que me ver o mundo real Você tem que ver eu vence sem desencarnar no céu desencarne
Hayley lol 15.03.2019 19:04
fxck this is so reaaaal
MiaSole 15.03.2019 18:58
My Love forever 👑👑👑 they try alvvays use Him... the VVorld never deserve Him
LOMELI*-* 15.03.2019 18:38
Hee heee
Crystal Hawkins 15.03.2019 18:32
I love his songs... Why did he had to dië?😥
Mushy Peas 15.03.2019 17:26
That aint micheal
Cyclotone 15.03.2019 15:51
Very impressive CGI