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Опубликовано: 25.10.2009
'N SYNC's official music video for 'Tearin' Up My Heart'. Click to listen to 'N SYNC on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/NSYNCSpot?IQid=NSYNCTUM As featured on *NSYNC: Greatest Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/NSYNCGreatestHits?IQid=NSYNCTUM Google Play: http://smarturl.it/TUMHGPlay?IQid=NSYNCTUM Amazon: http://smarturl.it/NSYGHAmazon?IQid=NSYNCTUM More From 'N SYNC It's Gonna Be Me: https://youtu.be/GQMlWwIXg3M This I Promise You: https://youtu.be/6thmPrTxBtI Pop: https://youtu.be/TWZKw_MgUPI More great 00s videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate00?IQid=NSYNCTUM Follow 'N SYNC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nsync Twitter: https://twitter.com/nsync Subscribe to 'N SYNC on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/NSYNCSub?IQid=NSYNCTUM --------- Lyrics: It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you But when we are apart, I feel it too And no matter what I do, I feel the pain with or without you (hey..yeah) Baby I don't understand Just why we can't be lovers Things are getting out of hand Trying too much, but baby we can't win Let it go If you want me girl, let me know I am down, on my knees I can't take it anymore #NSync #TearinUpMyHeart #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Jennifer Muñoz 04.08.2019 16:01
BTS? Please we have Nsync baby 😎
Jefford Yder 04.08.2019 12:43
Hello 2019!!
Cheryl Fournier 04.08.2019 12:32
feeling STRONG & Better then Ever!!!! Listing to some old school feeling my old self Life is GOOD!!!! 8-3-2019
Rodrigo Feliciano 04.08.2019 02:52
The best song in 2019
Rodrigo Feliciano 04.08.2019 02:52
Helooo everyone
блин мастер 03.08.2019 22:33
Did anyone else come here after watching the mein kampf video?
Syarif Imamuzzahidin 03.08.2019 21:08
The best boyband...marak idap saq masih sekolah...muk dengah lagu ne...
Andrea DeCouto 03.08.2019 15:48
I love nyc
Roger Tiwari 03.08.2019 15:33
good music
Kayden Spykerman 03.08.2019 12:33
Okay but like does anyone agree that Justin looks like Francis from Malcom in the Middle
Kayden Spykerman 03.08.2019 06:34
I was born 2007 but like I feel like in the 80s-90s they and awesome music and life was so much better and not everyone was on their phones and shouting up schools and stuff like that. I always tell my mom how lucky she was to live back then. Like I love *NSYNC and they are my favorite band and singers and they make my favorite songs. I would’ve loved to go to a concert
baharayana 02.08.2019 23:35
f**ing f*gots!!!!? im just glad that this kind of crap is not famous anymore becouse when i was teenager this shit was everywhere and you couldnt escape it
eXe-Adam 02.08.2019 20:38
I'm here, because I heard the word "girl", something that wouldn't be politically correct in today's world lol.
aki jobs 02.08.2019 17:50
I still listen to them. For recalling my memories. zabardass... awsome!!
CrystalRain M. 02.08.2019 09:05
Can we just tell all these modern pop singers & rappers to go home & bring back all the 90s artists?
mojo 02.08.2019 06:45
JC carried this song! So underrated!!!!
Shahob123 Nuriddinov 01.08.2019 16:43
Shahanief Kaseh 01.08.2019 13:36
august 2019 ?
Indah Lestari 01.08.2019 02:44
Love u jc
Zenia Muro 31.07.2019 01:40
Just only word amazing,solo una palabra maravilloso
VanR 31.07.2019 01:03
I just realized that joey was gorgeous
Susana Tapalla 30.07.2019 23:52
They need to do a tour, come to Vegas
Hema Cann 30.07.2019 21:47
best boy band ever
David Jurko 30.07.2019 18:48
here from eminem - im back
oof 30.07.2019 11:10
This > kpop
Fariza S. 30.07.2019 07:16
I loved NSYNC way before Ariana came along. JC with that big blue eyes, was my childhood crush. I'm 31 now and still love him and the whole group!
Brazil G Jr. 30.07.2019 01:15
Is that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon?
Gia Rey 29.07.2019 23:36
Justin was so hot here 💥
Rose of the Abyss 29.07.2019 16:14
Still love this!
Ayush Yadav 29.07.2019 15:43
July 2019?
Apple User 2 29.07.2019 15:28
When your Roblox gf breaks up with you.
Rainbow Dash 29.07.2019 15:09
i love this song because this part is the easy part
Bernadett Horvath 29.07.2019 14:00
2019????☺ Love it❤❤❤❤👀💪
Kimberly Hembree 29.07.2019 08:19
Lknnnnniooooihbbhhjijjjjjnjkookkhbbbnko chijbbbbbkkk vvvbj
Kimberly Hembree 29.07.2019 08:19
Lúbia vieira 29.07.2019 00:17
Meu Deus quantas lembranças de adolescente kkkkk amei
Bowser Slayer 28.07.2019 20:47
My middle school years in a nutshell
Carlson Javier 28.07.2019 18:59
Back in the 90s and early 2000s where young men were so sexy wearing fitted shirts and lose pants exposing the strap of their underwear.
Evelin David 28.07.2019 11:59
Nsync-tearin up my heart official music video)
ag Chrystan Simangutchong 28.07.2019 03:11
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mimi mure 28.07.2019 01:36
Ahhhhh!! They so cheesy but so damn cute. I live for these songs and videos omg. Love my NSYNC
Mike M 27.07.2019 16:24
It's funny to me, I used to make fun of boy bands back when it was a thing, but I heard this at the gym and got nostalgic and thought "this is actually pretty catchy." The tail these boy bands were probably getting had to be massive lol.
Faizal Alladina 27.07.2019 16:13
I like Food 27.07.2019 13:38
*NSYNC is good don’t get me wrong but queen and the Beatles are the og
Jose luis Nonalaya villogas 26.07.2019 23:55
2019 lo sigo escuchando buenas canciones
Becky Buchko 26.07.2019 21:52
Popping in to introduce the next generation to this awesome music.
Gabriela Coutinho 26.07.2019 06:19
Why is this so funny
alex tan 25.07.2019 21:36
2.40 🤣🤣🤣 , look to the left
sam Q 25.07.2019 21:35
2019 😢😢...💔
Stargirl 4532 25.07.2019 19:20
Love this band always
Elisandro Rodriguez 25.07.2019 04:56
Would a good music producer put a boy band group together like nsync or Backstreet Boys
Guilherme Freire 24.07.2019 21:49
I can feel the influence of Michael Jackson on this song! Amazing! Pop perfection!
King Toby 24.07.2019 20:18
July 2019 anyone ?
Mo Asker 24.07.2019 17:41
If you want me girl let me know
Michael Moore 24.07.2019 12:13
they were so young and fresh...great music
Jordan Wade 24.07.2019 11:13
Glory days- great music, great country, life was much better
No Name 24.07.2019 15:39
Kimberly Hembree 24.07.2019 03:31
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Kimberly Hembree 24.07.2019 03:39
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No promises 24.07.2019 00:58
I still miss u all
Kimberly Hembree 24.07.2019 00:30
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Kimberly Hembree 24.07.2019 00:30
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Kimberly Hembree 24.07.2019 00:29
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Daniel Daniel 23.07.2019 23:02
PokemonMaster 89 23.07.2019 20:09
s o f t f l o w e r 23.07.2019 20:03
Who's here after sawing the video of Ariana and them singing tearing up my heart live?
Jessica Adams 23.07.2019 19:17
Yooooooo When I First Got They First CD I Was Hype 😂😂😂
VvGHOSTIvV 23.07.2019 11:38
ever notice modern rap stars stole these moves. i swear i seen them do the stanky leg at one point.
alisa rare 23.07.2019 10:58
oh God !!!!!!! they’re SOOOO young !!!!!
Kimmie J 23.07.2019 03:05
Aww...Timeless! I'd do anything to go back to those days! Life was so simple.
Francisco Chagas Santos Filho 22.07.2019 23:31
Comecaram Bem.
Miguel Chasez 22.07.2019 22:00
Um dia eu vou morrer quando tiver beem velhinho, e essa será a melhor Boy Band que o universo já viu!!
Vandy Webb 22.07.2019 20:42
90s boy bands where legit a thousand times better than the ones now.
RainbowCake 24.07.2019 22:13
It's all bullshit now. 90s was the best decade ever for everything!
Biff Snardmann 22.07.2019 19:02
The guy who created them was a crook but ya gotta say, he put together some talented guys. 👏
Daniela La Rotta J. 30.07.2019 02:49
He didn't create them, they put themselves together. But Perlman financed them
Susanne Rachow 22.07.2019 17:57
Nsync forever Come back kiss Kiss
kimmyfreak200 22.07.2019 15:15
very catchy.. i always liked nsync.. i was about 17 when their first hit dropped and played on total request live TRL and at first i was like hmmm bringing back the early 90s i guess... but they could dance and sing and the songs had a good beat you could dance to.. after their second album hit i was obsessed lol not sure why i just loved them i watched every interview an aol and tv and had pictures and posters on my wall especially the one where they looked like a rock band and had red hair and similar hair style to linkin park i loved that one. Brings back memories. Their concerts were fun too great entertainers
m. mache 22.07.2019 14:00
Buddy you are great group's dancer singer's but you haven't got great controls to face the odions you need bit behaviour and try to be conected with your odions you are looking like you are dancer on the street sorry. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?
Stefanie Balzer 22.07.2019 13:40
90s Kid and proud to have grown up in this decade ;))))
Smooth Criminal 22.07.2019 13:05
I feel sorry for teenagers nowadays.. they don't have this wonderful music of 90's.. all they got is Justin Bieber :(
Ophelia Barnes 23.07.2019 20:11
I’m a teenager and I prefer most 90s music to current pop music...hence why I’m watching this vid
Barry S 22.07.2019 06:23
I was a loyal fan of BSB but I was a closet fan of N SYNC. They are awesome.
RedRose7997 21.07.2019 10:47
Stop 👏 talking 👏 about 👏 Ariana 👏 Grande 👏 on 👏 this 👏 video 👏! True NSync fans only. Give them respect without bringing her name up! She's gross!
אורית לביא 20.07.2019 13:28
DestinyMia Malave 20.07.2019 11:41
Gotta love this song
DestinyMia Malave 20.07.2019 11:41
Thanks for thinking about me
Anna Bella 19.07.2019 23:43
My HS years! 😍 feels like yesterday once more! 😁
Bernie Kennedy 19.07.2019 19:31
Lakers Fan 123456 19.07.2019 19:28
Anyone here not because if Ariana and just because his song is amazing
Washuu 19.07.2019 16:00
The oldschool 1D
Cat kiki 19.07.2019 11:38
90s song the best
Juliane Jenny 18.07.2019 16:41
Assistindo em 2019 #nsync
Piza menhat 18.07.2019 15:39
jt look like solksjaer
Nabila Khairunnisa 18.07.2019 13:59
Nsync, Backstreet boys and Westlife are the best boybands in ma life 😍
Jackie 18.07.2019 11:16
Wow they made this song into a real thing after coachella
Ophelia Barnes 23.07.2019 20:11
Jackie please tell me you are joking...i beg
English Muffin 18.07.2019 01:50
I was clearly born in the wrong era, today's music got nothing on this!
Ophelia Barnes 23.07.2019 20:13
English Muffin same
aura 18.07.2019 00:06
coattail 17.07.2019 23:04
The pants in the 90s were just awful
Iannis Xenakis 17.07.2019 17:41
My childhood crush😍 Now im 31, but still keep listening their songs😁 thanks to Ariana ,...i am obsessed. (Im a 90s kid but never got into the boyband thing.)
Bebbel Kojak 17.07.2019 14:52
DAS war mein Herzschmerz-Lied als die 1. richtige Liebe/Beziehung in die Brüche ging :). Wobei... .da war ich 10 :D. Aber es fühlte sich verdammt nochmal echt Kacke an damals ;-( Immer wieder verblüffend, wie man trotz damaligen Unwissen (was die singen), genau wusste, was die im Song singen bzw. ausdrücken wollten :-)
Ashleigh Sanders 17.07.2019 14:49
LMAO why TF was JC fake playing that guitar?
justaride77 22.07.2019 08:29
Fake playing a guitar is a staple for boyband vids
THEWEEKNDTTV 17.07.2019 08:51
Omg jc :)
Le_ Alien 16.07.2019 23:13
This is the shit before K-pop take over.
Dazie 16.07.2019 18:41
Does anyone know who is the choreographer for this "official video?" After two hours of digging...no answer. People, please help me out. Thanks.
Vijay Bharadwaj 18.07.2019 14:15
Wouldn't surprise me if the choreographer is Wade Robson. He was known to do choreography for boy bands' music videos.
AD López 16.07.2019 18:14
Nsync, Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block are the best boybands of pop music I've ever met. I miss to Nsync 😞