Sia - Underneath The Christmas Lights

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Опубликовано: 17.11.2017
“Underneath The Christmas Lights" from 'Everyday Is Christmas' - out everywhere now! Stream & download the album ft. "Santa's Coming For Us" Upcoming tour dates - Follow Team Sia's Ear Candy on Spotify Subscribe to Sia on YouTube: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Spotify: Playlist Best of Sia Subscribe for more Music video by Sia performing Underneath The Christmas Lights. 2017 Monkey Puzzle Music, Inc., under exclusive license to Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International for the world outside of the United States.
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MRSolis 25.01.2019 08:58
Angelical Voice ♡
Alberto Carmine 16.01.2019 05:06
esta canción la escuchó desde que salio es mi favorita la adoro
Frank Montoya 14.01.2019 10:04
Oh-My-God, all she needs to do is just re-record this and take out the word Christmas. It would be an EPIC BALLAD . . .
Rin nohara ジェニー 12.01.2019 15:01
Amarla es poco ❤❤
Taty Rubio 12.01.2019 07:04
Lee Davies 10.01.2019 21:35
Sia is my favourite singer and this song is beautiful
Pro DELBOY 08.01.2019 13:40
Your songs are usually good but this is piss
yakidin63 03.01.2019 10:25
Beautiful song.
Emma Jsbqt 03.01.2019 06:27
Happy new year guys, happiness is ours until we die
Morgan Teylor lee 02.01.2019 02:42
Yo no conocía, este talento de Mujer..... En lo personal me gusta muchísimo su voz y me enternece cada melodía que interpreta con su voz..... Gracias por existir...💐💐💗💗un saludo desde CDMX.
DaddyDerickAli 31.12.2018 20:05
I hate this song
Chris Cole 30.12.2018 15:32
Music to cut your throat by
Angii 29.12.2018 04:41
Fuckkkk I forgot to play this for Christmas!!!
Nayiry Arabatlian 28.12.2018 11:30
The best ever
Gabriel DiLaurentis 27.12.2018 09:25
How is it possible that this has been viewed only 2.4 million times? It baffles me.
P6 Soccer TV 26.12.2018 11:25
Anyone still listen in 2018?
beqa michitashvili 25.12.2018 19:06
2018 christmas anyone?
brandon 25.12.2018 06:13
2018 Christmas this song is just.. magical ❤️💚
butch bateman 24.12.2018 23:30
My Christmas song for '2018 for sure...The vocals are incredibly haunting in a good way! Merry Christmas everyone!!
Paula Zelmene 24.12.2018 10:57
This year SIA truly made me touch my tears of joy. There’s not even an emoji of how it feels🙏🏻
joel uwu 23.12.2018 23:02
me toco la patata :c
Wayne S 23.12.2018 10:12
I love this so much it hurts. Well, a little bit.
Karen Winkler 23.12.2018 03:30
Wow 666 dislikes
Ro Li 22.12.2018 21:59
thats gorgeous
Samira Grünewald 22.12.2018 13:48
Who listend to this song in december 2018? Love you SIA you are amazing❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚
darren willis 22.12.2018 11:57
Makes Christmas a bit less Ho Ho Ho and a lot more No No No.
Angie Yuwen 21.12.2018 18:04
The best Christmas album!
Mark Corrigan 21.12.2018 16:46
Hideous screeching
Andy G 20.12.2018 23:41
Awful diction, she sounds half cut and whiny. Probably the worst Christmas song I've ever heard 😟
Лиза Яковченко 20.12.2018 18:38
Ну почему в Украине Sia запретила просмотр клипов(((😥😭
Simon Byrne 18.12.2018 10:41
with the great video and a good set up, this could of smashed Christmas Number One , awesome tune, stikes the right cord and different from the usual buble malarky..
Agus Lazzaro 18.12.2018 07:23
Merry christmas and happy new year 2019! 🎄☃️🥂✨
t 17.12.2018 17:20
christ , that was bloody aweful . i wondered who warbled this from an advert , aweful voice , cant unserstand what shes saying , depressing pretentious crap
minsuga ojo 16.12.2018 18:53
Heard it in an advert and knew it was sia. Her voice is so distinct.
Jason Marshall 16.12.2018 09:06
a song to slash your wrists to.....bloody hell, this song is so depressing.
anne isher 15.12.2018 11:56
Sorry but I find this very depressing ...geeeeez
Rapscallion Robby 15.12.2018 08:23
This shit makes me want to drink bleach
Meghan Ramsey 15.12.2018 04:28
going to play this playlist every day before christmas the week before OMG IT'S 10 DAYS FROM CHRISTMAS PEOPLE
Gino Nicolosi 14.12.2018 18:54
Sia... You are so unbelievably talented. So grateful every time you share, even if it had to be through someone else's voice. But it's always better through yours.
Hermione Hellyer 14.12.2018 15:34
Shonteka Russell 14.12.2018 03:44
This song Mack me 😢
Uneasier Fiber71 13.12.2018 02:28
December 2018?
angel guzmán 13.12.2018 01:56
december 2018??
wolfenstein enemy territory 13.12.2018 01:10
Sia is such a talent by far the most artistic and naturally gifted talent of a generation.
nameknoB 12.12.2018 15:50
It's that time again. This is THE most beautiful Christmas song I've heard in such a long time. So eerie, yet so touching. Thank you Sia ♥
Serhat Gültekin 11.12.2018 19:58
2019 is cominggg
Jürgen Ochsmann 11.12.2018 18:09
Her voice in this song is not from this planet. I cry every time when I hear it. Her voice breaks by „Christmas night“ and so powerful by the „ooohh“. Love SIA, best voice ever....
NergalOnFire 11.12.2018 09:52
song is shit.
Rapscallion Robby 15.12.2018 08:24
NergalOnFire THANK YOU. I’m so sick of reading the comments saying “omg she has the voice of an angel she’s soooo talented.”
cLúVeR 11.12.2018 00:50
My fav ❤️
Charlotte McCluskey 10.12.2018 23:05
Love this bad boii
Anri Mk 09.12.2018 10:05
I LOve U SiA <3
NEIL COLE 07.12.2018 21:27
Worst song ive heard in years.
Rapscallion Robby 25.12.2018 07:08
Alina Grozea Nah, I’m fine doing exactly what I’m doing. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
Alina Grozea 25.12.2018 07:04
+Rapscallion Robby I have an idea: what if you go listen to Christmas songs you DO like, instead of spreading yours hateful thanks here? Sia is not for you, go jingje bells someplace else. THANK YOU!
NEIL COLE 23.12.2018 21:49
Lazy singing lazy lirics..
Trevor Philips 21.12.2018 22:20
You're not supposed to be coldly honest.🖕
Rapscallion Robby 15.12.2018 08:25
Chris Mcmahon 07.12.2018 07:30
This song reminds me of tim burton movies
Thais Guimaraes 06.12.2018 21:20
loveeeee , i loveeeee this songs and Sia
Thais Guimaraes 06.12.2018 21:19
David Hamil 06.12.2018 11:41
Gives me that shiver feeling you get when you hear nails being dragged down a blackboard or a poor kitten being strangled. She's like the leave the light on guy but in female form. Does she have a medcial condition? A drinking problem perhaps?
safe for ramazan 11.12.2018 18:16
she had, a decade back perhaps!! she's been through a lot!!! look up stuff about her!!!
Lauren Butterworth 06.12.2018 04:14
This song makes me wish I could spend one last Christmas with my parents 🙇‍♀️
Lizzie Deerest 06.12.2018 00:36
Second year in a row of relying on this album to get me through finals
Anti Cosmo 06.12.2018 22:55
Chicken Strips 05.12.2018 23:13
Love that Christmas is finally here again so I can listen to your bomb album
Jeanne 05.12.2018 15:47
Worst song ever, what on earth possessed ITV3.
Rapscallion Robby 15.12.2018 08:26
Jeanne I agree 100%
flannel head 05.12.2018 14:12
What an utterly depressing and repetative, monotonous song. We have to suffer this everyday on our British TV inbtween adverts, everyone is getting utterly fed up of it. If we have to listen to it any longer we will all be putting our heads in the gas oven. Christ Christmas is supposed to be jolly not piggin miserable and depressing. Glad when Christmas is over, fed of of hearing this damned drivel!!!!
Alina Grozea 25.12.2018 07:26
+Rapscallion Robby Because I love trolling you, stupid troll. At least other commenters have articulate opinions about the song, even if they are negative - but you are just a troll, with an empty account made just for trolling, and I hate trolls. Merry Christmas! :)
Rapscallion Robby 25.12.2018 07:14
Alina Grozea what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you exclusively targeting me? Clearly I am not the only one who dislikes this song. I’m guessing you’re too stupid to notice this, but I didn’t write the original comment; I simply posted my agreement. Why are you responding to me and not the original commenter?
Alina Grozea 25.12.2018 07:07
+Rapscallion Robby please drink some bleach already! thank you!
Rapscallion Robby 15.12.2018 08:28
flannel head THANK YOU. It plays constantly at the bar at which I work and it makes me want to drink bleach.
Cafe Mocha 04.12.2018 21:02
Marc Davis 04.12.2018 19:31
So many people getting these lyrics wrong. I submit "Wrapping presents for the ghosts who have cried"
Papa Romeo72 03.12.2018 19:12
Itv xmas advert brought me here💛 lovely voice💙
Alexis S 03.12.2018 15:18
Does anyone else hear Lana del Rey Get Free?
Dale Parfitt 03.12.2018 13:53
Ripof of circus lights 🚥
DEMONiCKRUSH 03.12.2018 03:23
This entire album. Sia, these are so pure. So cute. So sweet. Thank you What an amazing album
Ana elizaveth 03.12.2018 01:56
I listen to this album all year🤷‍♀️
Joanna Empey 03.12.2018 01:47
Aww❤️ that made me so warm and fuzzy! I love how she sings with so much expression!
stamatia l 02.12.2018 18:08
Angel Guzmán ll 02.12.2018 02:10
december 2018?
Evelyn's Vlogs 01.12.2018 20:32
This is a sad song with a good vibe 💞
Ffionj 3456 30.11.2018 20:09
Nov 30 2018?? Lol December is tomorrow
Sue Croad 30.11.2018 20:06
First time I have heard this as a Trailer for I T V 3 Christmas films etc ,love it
T 30.11.2018 20:00
Wow, Sia annoys - yet again Seriously how can anyone enjoy this, sounds like she's trying to sing with a golf ball stuck in her mouth.
Rapscallion Robby 15.12.2018 08:29
T I totally agree. She is one of the most irritating musical artists of today in my opinion.
T 01.12.2018 08:07
sasn0856 01.12.2018 07:25
sia's voice is an instrument, as with many instruments like violin, piano you just feel not necessary to understand. and for almost every sia fan lyrics are secondary and voice in primary. If you don't enjoy this, listen to whatever you like none are forcing you to listen
B K. 30.11.2018 16:57
who is listen this album in 2018 because its christmas time?
Taty Rubio 30.11.2018 14:15
// courtenay // 30.11.2018 13:37
God this song is so dreary and depressing. It’s on an advert and this is all you need it you’re alone at Christmas! 🙄
Karen Ramscar 29.11.2018 16:21
What language is she supposed to be singing in? I can hardly understand a word she sings 🙄
braggbloke 28.11.2018 19:04
Is she the love child of Radiohead ?
Vlad Kucheryonok 28.11.2018 16:44
Which words is she singing? There are 2 different versions I found: - We were the ones sat by the christmas bar - Feel the warmth set by the christmas fire Who knows for sure? (also there is "We were the ones sat by the christmas fire")
dizney jnr 28.11.2018 14:47
DEC 2018, I know am not alone
Wife Divine 27.11.2018 20:20
Makes me feel depressed. Awful song.
mark hill 27.11.2018 15:14
to be honest this sems to be so haunting maybe its my state of mind right now but bought tears to my eyes!
ryan parry 27.11.2018 00:22
A beautiful song (too beautiful for words), thank you, Sia.
Patricia Lynn 26.11.2018 16:20
Amazing Christmas album by Sia Underneath The Christmas lights
Jack Coombes 25.11.2018 23:11
Whos here from that advert
Porg Fury 25.11.2018 18:57
who's here because of the ITV adverts! ... can you all stop cutting onions too? really annoying 😭
Lena Braggio 25.11.2018 21:55
im cuting onions rn lmao
Chris Cole 25.11.2018 17:00
Crock a shite!
GFM 24.11.2018 00:58
Swing and a miss, Sia. Sorry. It sounds like you have a mouth full of plum pudding or something. “Unna heath a quismass lice.” Try a little harder. Don’t expect your fame to carry you through whatever you toss out to your fans. Aren’t they worth it?
Rapscallion Robby 15.12.2018 08:30
GFM THANK YOU. I am so sick of people acting like she’s the archangel of music and God’s gift to the world.
Jim Bob 22.11.2018 22:31
Sounds as though she is singing on the back end of a valium while sucking on a polo.
Paul Kelly 21.11.2018 00:37
She should release this. Amazing magical harmonies. Plus when I listen to it I picture it to be an amazing Christmas filled with nothin but love. Happy Christmas everyone. X
Trevor Philips 19.11.2018 22:43
Wth, I've only just found out about this song TODAY! Incredible song!
Charlotte Silva Reyes 17.11.2018 23:27
La voz de Sia es tan emotiva y perfecta
Brianna C 16.11.2018 15:11
Back at it sisters -11/16/18
Karla B 14.11.2018 14:05
Sia’s voice is what I believe a real angel would actually sound like
Justine Fauchon 13.11.2018 12:41
Love it so much❤️ I cry everytime😰
Erin M 12.11.2018 19:04
This songs makes me cry😭❤️ it’s so beautiful!
Върбан Буков Дъбов 11.11.2018 06:31
Chris Rushing 10.11.2018 21:13
ssssooooooo perty .WOW.