Camila Cabello - Living Proof (Live from the 2019 AMAs)

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Опубликовано: 26.11.2019
"Living Proof" available at: Follow Camila:
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Elmer Gabriel Apilan 30.11.2019 13:43
Camila😍💕 You're a goddess
Lucas Cosfer 30.11.2019 13:39
I guess Camilla's gonna become one of my favorite singers together with Taylor Swift.
Nickiie Sirakana Srifa 30.11.2019 13:35
I can’t sing the hook this song 😂
goatie 30.11.2019 13:27
Idk but her costume is so perfect
m g 30.11.2019 13:25
Vocals Camila! Aaaa love this. 🖤 the first time I listened to living proof I thought it was "weird" (?). A rhythm I never heard before. The same happened to me with liar. Shameless was more "normal". BUT I'M OBSESSED. I can already say _Romance_ is gonna be a good album! 🖤