Песня drunk and high

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Опубликовано: 29.01.2016
The second single to be taken from Coldplay's acclaimed new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out now). Download the song from http://smarturl.it/AHFOD or stream at http://cldp.ly/cpspotify Get A Head Full Of Dreams now: – iTunes http://smarturl.it/AHFOD – Amazon http://smarturl.it/AHFODamazon – Google Play http://smarturl.it/AHFODgplay – TIDAL http://cldp.ly/AHFOD-tidal – CD http://smarturl.it/AHFODcd – Vinyl http://smarturl.it/AHFODvinyl CREDITS: Production Company: Black Dog Films with River Studios Director: Ben Mor Executive Producers: Katie Dolan & Mike Rothenberg Producer: Nina Dluhy-Miller VFX supervisor (Los Angeles): Uzi Mor VFX supervisor (Tel Aviv): Yaron Yashinski Visual Effects by Yashinski Studio: Shay Wax, Elad Naim, Or Terry & Dan Geiger Coldplay Manager: Dave Holmes (http://www.daveholmesmanagement.com)
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KING of LEGENDS 05.08.2019 18:10
Love India from USA 🇺🇸 🇮🇳
HH Maniac 05.08.2019 17:36
I hate Indians
Munira Manoban 05.08.2019 16:55
Why Beyonce doesn’t had any part ?
poemfanboy 05.08.2019 16:47
Honestly, all the people commenting I love india belonging to other country really makes my heart warm And I feel proud of my country. Love you guys! Jai hind!
Jay MacAttack 05.08.2019 16:31
India is okay. Few too many people for me
yolo_PGNL_ shadman 05.08.2019 16:26
A heart for India from Bangladesh! :)
crazy channel 05.08.2019 15:55
Super hero👆
Saleh Ksour 05.08.2019 15:52
Zack rocha 05.08.2019 15:32
Vande mataram
Zack rocha 05.08.2019 15:32
Vanee mataram
Dornelasʏᴛ 05.08.2019 15:16
Kybalion 05.08.2019 15:13
thu tran 05.08.2019 15:11
Có ai là Việt Nam ko tôi cô đơn quá
Fabio Figueira 05.08.2019 13:56
The best song...Brazil Coldplay✌
Yash yasir Yash 05.08.2019 13:42
Love from Riyadh
Sahiel Sharma 05.08.2019 13:41
No bollywood movie can show the Indian culture this beautifully!
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ An♡Nhiên 💔 ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ 05.08.2019 13:04
LOCAL ASSAMESE 05.08.2019 12:08
Auspient 05.08.2019 12:03
Edmond Joshua 05.08.2019 10:47
Dog: woof woof woof Cat: mew meow meow Likes diggers : 2019?2019?2019? 😂 (no offense btw)
Avacado 05.08.2019 10:36
I love India, India’s food~❤️😏🍛
NotSecureGamer 05.08.2019 10:24
I've been finding this for 1 year, finally I found it!
Ирина Сметкина 05.08.2019 10:13
I'm love India❤
Itzyourboywill _uk 05.08.2019 09:49
5/8/19 love India
vybz kartel 05.08.2019 09:46
Love this song💯💯
Melina Galván 05.08.2019 09:16
Avicii vibes
Ryan Chippy 05.08.2019 08:53
This song 😍😍😍😍
Fardan Pasta 05.08.2019 08:45
Im searching this song with a weird title until i found it
Manish Verma 05.08.2019 06:46
Dog : bhow bhow Cat : mew mew Chutiye : 2019-2020👍👍👍
Fast מחשבים 05.08.2019 06:32
WOW! טכנאי מחשבים בחריש http://www.fastcomputers.co.il
Vinh Nguyễn 05.08.2019 06:30
Nhạc hay mà ít lượt xem quá
Putu Deva 05.08.2019 06:17
I love this music 😎😎😎
Vishal James 05.08.2019 06:15
Amazing video..you guys showed our country beautifully
Mr. 10 05.08.2019 05:40
3:35 ❤
7mood legend 05.08.2019 05:36
love INDIA🇮🇳 from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Muhammad OktaVian 05.08.2019 05:21
Am from Singapore 🇸🇬 love india
L A V E N D E R 14 k 05.08.2019 04:52
more than 3 years ago, but still awesome.. August 2019, anyone ?
JOOBEE PARK NIM 05.08.2019 04:02
Love india🇮🇳from south korea🇰🇷
1700艾默生[Emerson]艾默生 05.08.2019 03:59
*2019* *LIKE*
Hany Mogos 05.08.2019 03:40
Love India 🇮🇳 from Eritrea 🇪🇷
Adriana Rodrigues 05.08.2019 02:39
Moose Penzo5 05.08.2019 02:34
am i the only one listening while 16 mm deep in ballgeets mom, like if u agree
1 05.08.2019 02:30
┏┓┏┳━┳┓┏┓┏━━┓ ┃┗┛┃━┫┃┃┃┃╭╮┃ ┃┏┓┃━┫┗┫┗┫╰╯┃ ┗┛┗┻━┻━┻━┻AUGUST –2019?
biju george 05.08.2019 02:26
Really a nice song
Marwan Katchoro 05.08.2019 01:16
2019 abonne please
bjxrn 05.08.2019 00:28
Indian is a shit hole, literally shit on the streets. They show the best part here, but that’s about it.
Joann Wamar 05.08.2019 00:23
Absolutely Amazing 👏
Ibnu Espana 04.08.2019 23:59
Love Indian beautifuly world From Indonesian
AA2 04.08.2019 23:52
🇧🇷 😎 08/2019
muhammad aziz 04.08.2019 22:36
Wonderfull culture, im from indonesia.
salam cazibe 04.08.2019 22:27
So Crazy. Love Turkey 💥
Canal Pereira 04.08.2019 22:06
Beyoncé ❤
ITZR4KO 04.08.2019 21:43
Coldplay is best metal band
xavi 04.08.2019 21:24
I still love this😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
SAYANTAN DEB 04.08.2019 21:24
Indian kids dancing like a pro 1.50 to 2.10..... amazing job 👍
L L 04.08.2019 21:14
[Intro: Beyoncé]
And said drink from me, drink from me
That we shoot across the sky
That we shoot across the sky
Pour on a...
Drink from me, drink from me
That we shoot across the sky
(So high, so high)
That we shoot across the sky

[Verse 1: Chris Martin]
Oh, angel sent from up above
You know you make my world light up
When I was down, when I was hurt
You came to lift me up
Life is a drink and love's a drug
Oh now I think I must be miles up
When I was a river dried up
You came to rain a flood

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Martin with Beyoncé]
You said drink from me, drink from me
When I was so thirsty
Poured on a symphony
Now I just can't get enough
Put your wings on me, wings on me
When I was so heavy
Poured on symphony
When I'm low, low, low, low

[Chorus: Chris Martin]
Got me feeling drunk and high
So high, so high
Now I’m feeling drunk and high
So high, so high

[Verse 2: Chris Martin with Beyoncé]
Oh, angel sent from up above
I feel you coursing through my blood
Life is a drink and your love's about
To make the stars come out

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Martin with Beyoncé]
Put your wings on me, wings on me
When I was so heavy
Poured on symphony
When I'm low, low, low, low

[Chorus: Chris Martin]
Got me feeling drunk and high
So high, so high
I’m feeling drunk and high
So high, so high

[Bridge: Beyoncé with Chris Martin]
La, la, la, la, la, la, la
So high, so high
Now I'm feeling drunk and high
So high, so high

[Outro: Beyoncé with Chris Martin]
That I shoot across the sky
That I shoot across the...
That I shoot across the sky
Let me shoot across the... (Let me shoot)
Let me shoot across the sky
Let me shoot across the...
Let me shoot across the sky
That we shoot across the...
Christ Maya 04.08.2019 20:45
Like you🤩🤩🤩 I from Indonesia🇮🇩
the end 05.08.2019 00:47
Apa khbr
Jay s 04.08.2019 20:18
August 2019 anyone? Sub to my channel it would mean a lot (you don’t have to but it helps)
Urbanaa Legends 04.08.2019 20:13
This song calms me down when I'm stressed out or angry
keerthana psalms 04.08.2019 19:55
Is that sonam kapoor in a clip
mja music switzerland 04.08.2019 19:17
Top 👍🎧🇨🇭🎶
Abdekoui Kouka 04.08.2019 19:10
This good
Rochan Upadhyay 04.08.2019 18:49
WAS THIS MADE IN NEPAL!?!?!? #Coldplay
PIKU EDITZ 04.08.2019 21:00
Did u noticed the black & yollow cab..... It's belongs from Mumbai ' INDIA
Thiciany Custódio 04.08.2019 18:14
Swift X 04.08.2019 17:52
Who is the girl in the vedio?
Nasir B 04.08.2019 16:36
Damn beyonce didn't do much & still killed it
Güddúkümar Singh 04.08.2019 15:01
proud to be indian
Hendik Kurniawan 04.08.2019 14:56
Kesini gara2 ig
AR R 04.08.2019 14:49
kaju 22 04.08.2019 14:45
Dog: woof Cat: meow Pig: oink Bird: chirp Lion: roar Idots: 2019 anyone?
Anson Francis 04.08.2019 18:37
Whts wrong with u... its evergreen. Beat...
Dream catcher 04.08.2019 14:43
Malayalees vannal like adichit pokko❤❤
Swarnaditya Maitra 04.08.2019 14:39
To be honest, this video is quite stereotypical of Indian village-town life. That being said, it is a good song! Have a nice day, everyone...
Caitlin MacDonald 04.08.2019 14:29
It breaks me how underrated they are. They should be known much more. 💕 I love them so much ❤️
Maria Das Graças Oliveira Mesquita 04.08.2019 14:24
Zakon Jačega 04.08.2019 13:12
Saqib Khosa 04.08.2019 12:48
One species: Human ❤️ One language: Music 🎶
Hemanth Reddy 04.08.2019 12:45
Any body watching today?
Hemanth Reddy 04.08.2019 12:44
Happy friendship day guys,
Night IsReal 04.08.2019 12:43
Who Watch On August?
every thing is easy 04.08.2019 12:38
d Júnior 04.08.2019 12:30
2019 🇧🇷
רויטל אקציפר 04.08.2019 12:24
שיר פצצה
O K 04.08.2019 11:28
Is the bit right at the start fort bassein? If not what is it? Also if you know can you tell me all the locations and people please
Высоковольтный Майонез 04.08.2019 11:27
Я тот самый русский коммент который ты здесь ищешь. Пиши в ответы пообщаемся
Nusrat Dosmukhamedov 04.08.2019 17:04
Высоковольтный Майонез Слава Богу нашёл тебя!
Crazy Bur-girr 04.08.2019 11:03
Come on Coldplay You are almost to 15 Million subscribers so keep up the good work😉
MiloTuber 04.08.2019 10:49
Like when Chris Martin is the best singer ever
Gaurav Bharke 04.08.2019 10:47
What do you guys like about india?
Rashad ras 04.08.2019 10:05
Is it ar Rahman voice????
Oscar Aguirre 04.08.2019 10:03
LEGEND ABHI 04.08.2019 09:28
Yes ! I'm Indian
the infinite thinker 04.08.2019 09:27
Like here ( only Indians ) 👇 👇
Nhật Cường Trần 04.08.2019 09:26
Tôi rất thích nghe màng dạo đầu ! Nghe các âm thanh hoang dã, hoang dại nét thiêng liêng, và âm thanh xe tấp nập cho một cuộc sống nhanh. Nó đầy năng lượng 💜
Lem Shit 04.08.2019 09:06
MIRCHI MIRCHI 04.08.2019 08:34
मारिया माता 😁😘😘😘😍
最火音乐- Hottest Music 04.08.2019 07:42
Sushanth Joel 04.08.2019 07:41
Love India ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Mantu Rajput 04.08.2019 07:37
Yeah! we're indians we never run out of colors
Ana Brendaa 04.08.2019 07:08
Algum BR em 2019
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hello everybody can make subscribe in my channel
Redflix 04.08.2019 05:23
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