Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name (Official Video)

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Опубликовано: 14.08.2014
Download Xscape on iTunes Now: http://smarturl.it/xscape?IQid=youtube Download Xscape on Amazon Now: http://smarturl.it/xscape-amazonmp3 Audio stream also available now at Music Unlimited Music Unlimited XSCAPE is an album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs. The album is produced and curated by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid, who retooled the production to add a fresh, contemporary sound that retains Jackson's essence and integrity. It's a process Reid calls "contemporizing." The list of producers include global hitmakers Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, and John McClain. For more information on the album, go to www.michaeljackson.com. Facebook.com/MichaelJackson Twitter: @MichaelJackson Instagram: @MichaelJackson Google+: +MichaelJackson (c) 2014 MJJ Productions, Inc.
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Krisna Bpn 20.03.2019 07:35
Take me to a place without no name, hoooohhhh..
Veero A 19.03.2019 23:03
Beautiful video ❤️
Adam wolf 19.03.2019 13:30
I Listen to this every day
Andre Cougo 18.03.2019 23:17
TCH_Krad 18.03.2019 02:08
2019 ?
TCH_Krad 18.03.2019 02:08
jurema thomaz da silva 17.03.2019 18:05
aaah meu amor!!! vai ser pra sempre seu
Duda Gomes 17.03.2019 16:57
2019??? 💕💖
Thiago cabelo 17.03.2019 16:06
Andressa Lisboa 17.03.2019 05:52
Jay B 17.03.2019 01:27
I love the sounds he is making. I love it even I do look like a mad guy doing it in my car ! ☺☺ Ah.. Hum.. ah ah.... ah.... ah ah.. Hum hum. Hum ah hum ah
Людмила Гераскина 16.03.2019 12:27
nitesh narayan 16.03.2019 08:58
The greatest ever 👑👑👑👑
JOMOGO 15.03.2019 23:46
never heard this song before
Vangie Cooks 15.03.2019 23:15
I didn't even know that he made this. They were hiding this
Go Awfff 16.03.2019 14:34
@Vangie Cooks right! I only just found out about this song now wth 🤔
Amar Singh 15.03.2019 21:56
RIP Mj you are always somewhere special in our hearts 😢😢❤
kelvin kibangula 15.03.2019 20:32
Go look my dance videos of Michael Jackson songs
Andrey Death1101 15.03.2019 18:25
MJ don't die
Tuce Borcsok 15.03.2019 12:58
Who knows it when these were written the new one songs???Very much i like it all!!
laisa Searcy 15.03.2019 01:03
Nicolay Pastore 14.03.2019 06:41
Was this his last recorded song?
Giovanni Rousselle 13.03.2019 16:32
Musique innoubliable
B D 13.03.2019 06:55
2019 ? 😍 btw i love it 😏😍
Osvaldo Gomez 13.03.2019 04:01
ELITERgamersUK 12.03.2019 22:35
[Lyrics] As I drove across on the highway My jeep began to rock I didn't know what to do so I stopped and got out And looked down and noticed I got a flat So I walked out parked the car like sideways So I can find what I can fix I looked around there were no cars on the highway I felt a strange feeling like a mist I walked down towards the end of the road And in the fog a woman appeared She said don't you worry my friend I'll take care Take my hand, I'll take you there Oh Take me to a place without no name (x4) As she took me right through the fog I see a beautiful city appear Where kids are playin' and people are laughin' and smiling and Nothing to fear She said this is the place where no people have pain With love and happiness She turned around looked down at my eyes and started cryin' She grabbed my hand, you got a friend Oh Take me to a place without no name (x4) She started likin' me kissin' me and huggin' me She didn't really really want me to leave She showed me places I've never seen things I've never done This really looks like a lotta fun I seen the grass and the skies and the birds And the flowers surrounded by the trees This place is filled with love and happiness How in the world could I wanna leave Oh Take me to a place without no name (x2) Da la la la A place without no name La la la la A place without no name
OluaP Games 12.03.2019 22:13
Ninguém vai superar Michael Jackson, nunca
Jhon edimer Guzmán duran 12.03.2019 19:33
Every single Song is a treasure
thegoblinmaster 2912 11.03.2019 21:49
This is just a horse with no name but he changed a few lyrics
R Warren 11.03.2019 15:19
Can anyone give me the history of this song? I love it!
Dahman Abi Roba 11.03.2019 13:57
5.7 dislikes need serious help
Dirty Queen 29 11.03.2019 09:20
I love it omj
Abida Rahaman 11.03.2019 07:10
I love you mj forever and I still do it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
NikGamer 27 11.03.2019 02:43
Leyends Never Die
Password 69 10.03.2019 18:40
Feel like some of thes songs don’t sound like Michael
Ali Muharremli 10.03.2019 07:09
2019 best KİNG
PollitoKawaii:3 Pollito 10.03.2019 04:01
Janna Vlogs 10.03.2019 03:35
3:10 King MJ is so cute
Nihal Helv 09.03.2019 18:53
This is the best song ever its so musical its mj fav song
Anne Prado 09.03.2019 13:27
3:02 nooooooo please stay 😭😭😭😭😭
Adolf Hitler 09.03.2019 04:05
Like o el ayuwoki te aparece en el desierto
brigithfress 08.03.2019 20:45
There will never be anyone as big or bigger than him. #Foreverkingofpop
Csenge Szőlős 08.03.2019 17:13
2019?❤️ #myangel🙏🖤
Madita Neele 08.03.2019 15:46
Madita Neele 08.03.2019 15:45
Madita Neele 08.03.2019 15:45
Madita Neele 08.03.2019 15:45
Madita Neele 08.03.2019 15:45
Madita Neele 08.03.2019 15:44
Madita Neele 08.03.2019 15:44
Madita Neele 08.03.2019 15:44
Leo Ayosa Sandoval 08.03.2019 06:34
I miss you
Eda Nur 07.03.2019 18:34
2019 march
Ronja Rose 06.03.2019 11:56
Not the Orginal Musik Video. Prmotion Video for Jeep
besta ambulante 06.03.2019 11:52
2019? Melhor música de todos os tempos!
kelkkakaasu 06.03.2019 08:12
David Stephens 05.03.2019 01:11
The original sound better especially the vocals. They ruined his vocals here. And they cut parts of the song out. And this video needed more Michael
Ranim Qtuni 04.03.2019 19:14
2017🌸 2018🌷 2019🌺 2020💜
Ranim Qtuni 04.03.2019 19:13
Familia Abaunza Mendoza Familia 04.03.2019 17:21
Guapo Michael Jackson es el rey de Pop ❤️👑 jamás lo olvidaré lo amo mucho 😍😘
Fjfxng Hhgsg 04.03.2019 09:39
This is the best Song ever
János Pálfi 03.03.2019 16:24
Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous 03.03.2019 09:54
2019 still iconic
Suck on my NaN 03.03.2019 08:42
This is pretty much just a copy of a horse with no name
PeerHond 04.03.2019 10:41
wendy de gravity fall 02.03.2019 14:48
2019? speak espanish ? (Escriba o hable español)
Caeley Foncke 02.03.2019 10:09
dit mega mooi maar je bent er ni meer slaap zacht
Rafael Domingus 02.03.2019 02:16
DAVID FREEMAN 01.03.2019 22:12
Great Song - a nice TIP of the HAT to AMERICA's song "A HORSE WITH NO NAME ".......
xd v: 01.03.2019 20:09
2019? 💕
MJ MJ 01.03.2019 18:07
RIP MJ ! Michael is INNOCENT !!!
Spikey2003 01.03.2019 17:20
Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name
Spikey2003 01.03.2019 17:18
leave me alone MJ
Voting Democrat 2019 01.03.2019 04:23
I love you Michael Jackson )
white 28.02.2019 14:51
horse with no name = place with no name
Jeff the Killer. 27.02.2019 18:29
❤viva michael jackson❤
Agbeniz Qehremanova 27.02.2019 05:53
Indika Piyasekara 26.02.2019 16:26
Fjfxng Hhgsg 25.02.2019 19:50
All people who love Michael Jackson, Ilove you, because mj is my World
Fjfxng Hhgsg 25.02.2019 19:47
This is in the closet too
Ricco Parker 24.02.2019 20:47
they f***** it up the original sound better
Ricco Parker 24.02.2019 20:47
they f***** it up the original sound better
Autumn 75 24.02.2019 17:41
Such a beautiful words Michael wrote for this song,it tells us how he wanted this world to be ,with no paine but with love and hapiness and beautiful nature,just beautiful.rest in peace, Michael
Irgendein Girl 24.02.2019 13:45
Love him soooo❤️
Aubre Nevaeh 23.02.2019 21:50
hey daddy
nadia hacen 23.02.2019 08:15
I love you Michael 😭😭😭
Crissy Josef 23.02.2019 03:46
One of my favorite songs of Michael Jackson
David Ortiz 23.02.2019 00:51
Beautiful. Simple as that. Only Michael Jackson can touch your soul
Soniar Martín 22.02.2019 20:55
Germán Naceli 22.02.2019 20:43
Horse with no name. ( AMERICA )
Betbo Vlogs 22.02.2019 04:06
2019 papus
Un spectateur comme les autres 20.02.2019 23:52
ewejjsyhgfhdtsgrfnjdthfhttdgfhcgb such a good song
SUZY BEZA 20.02.2019 12:36
This is America and " a horse with no name".. is this a kind of cover?
Rachel Hunda 18.02.2019 20:32
As I drove across on the highway my Jeep began to rock I didn't know what to do so I stopped and got out and looked down I noticed I got a flat
Ap LaCheta 18.02.2019 15:28
They put scenes of Michael in "in the closet" :(
Преслава Ганова 17.02.2019 19:12
2019? ❤
juanlakakuita 17.02.2019 03:36
Michael Jackson es como Jesús nunca falla y NUNCA MORIRÁ!! N
Sir Wanks alot 16.02.2019 20:58
On a horse with no name
Shannon Ortner 16.02.2019 17:23
Jade 16.02.2019 13:31
Take to a place where I can be with you again
MJ MJ 15.02.2019 21:10
Only 19 million views ?? such a weird world ,this song deserve 100 million views!! RIP MJ !!
Layza Minele 15.02.2019 17:41
Nunca perco o amor por essa música❤