Michael Jackson - We've Had Enough (Audio)

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Опубликовано: 01.03.2017
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Preye Yinkore 20.03.2019 08:29
Truly the greatest, musically. God gave you the talent and you maximized it for the short time you were here. We love you sincerely and may your family keep growing in the love you shared with the world. #mjforever #muteoprah #mjisinnocentofcharges
Cleiton Santos Costa 20.03.2019 00:51
Michael Jackson - We've Had Enough (Audio) 2019?
atusa irani1980 19.03.2019 18:51
still king its 2019march 19
Gabriela Sobiesińska 19.03.2019 18:50
I’m glad I’ve met this song.
Preye Yinkore 19.03.2019 18:35
After a hard day at work, I recline on a chair and listen to this and am invigorated to live again...
Preye Yinkore 19.03.2019 03:57
Wow wow wow💪💪😥😥💜❤️🔥🔥🎵🎶🎧 The world needs to play this everywhere
Ryan King 18.03.2019 21:02
wow. where the hell has this masterpiece been? This might be my favourite MJ song now....
Thin White Duke 18.03.2019 02:23
Billie Jean 18.03.2019 02:00
I almost cried listening to this
Julia Zakrzewska 15.03.2019 23:16
I am listening it now first time. I think old fans are jealous.
Sheila Kissick 15.03.2019 19:39
March 15 2019 New Zealand Shooting Victims 🙏🙏🙏💔😢
Diana Speechless 15.03.2019 21:57
Moonwalker ForLife 15.03.2019 17:40
We've had enough from all those lies about MJ
tpbrowneyes 14.03.2019 21:29
Michael Jackson the greatest of them all, there will never be anyone who comes close to your genius. Forever innocent.
Real Chrii 13.03.2019 19:38
So did anyone else here him say “I’m still alive” 🤕 his name will live yo❤️
Daniela Rigutini 13.03.2019 15:45
👌👍👏❤🎶🕺💋🕺🎶❤👌👍👏✌MJ.... .Wow.....Sempre sempre....🙏🤗💋❤👌🎶🕺🎶❤👌🕺👍👏✌😍🖐
Ελένη μαύρο άλογο 12.03.2019 20:39
Ι miss you very much Michael..... 😥😥💜💜💜💜💜
Janina Nvidia Villalba 12.03.2019 19:24
The King was gone to soon... 🙏
Celia Leslie 12.03.2019 03:07
mannn this song hit different
Andre Tristao 11.03.2019 05:08
Love music!❤ king of pop
Nintendo Overdrive 11.03.2019 03:06
_ Chrispher _ 10.03.2019 21:19
Great Song
MJ Moonwalkers!! 10.03.2019 18:48
Dear michael, i wish you just were alive to hug u but i would be happy to see u tough... well its almost my birthday and guess what! Im gonna make a cake whit u on it to think about u on that day ❤ im doing it 24/7 but yeah i just hope u like this comment it means alot to me 😊 i love u Michael rest in peace❤
MJ Moonwalkers!! 17.03.2019 18:56
+Das Ly Thank you! ❤
Das Ly 17.03.2019 15:54
Happy late birthday😅💕
Galinou Prod 10.03.2019 14:19
Das Ly 10.03.2019 13:08
I'm slowly turning into a Moonwalker too... very very very slowly.... but still.. and this song is great!
Das Ly 14.03.2019 05:43
+danna yo thank you :3
danna yo 12.03.2019 13:15
Welcome to this MJ fandom
Nick 10.03.2019 08:38
Recently HE HAS HAD enough, especially his family. Leave the man rest in peace.
Gitarre & Ukulele 09.03.2019 19:04
Michael ❤❤❤
RiverTurn 09.03.2019 17:16
Elena Popa 09.03.2019 10:29
Toads load 100 09.03.2019 02:23
I miss you The King
Anthony Noblett 09.03.2019 00:18
michael jackson at his very best the beat and base is so powefull and that voice is powerfull as fuck and michael was planning to rewirte history with this is it tour and this was going to be the return of the king of pop back and showing these liars that he would not be ruied by false lies but he died and the music stop and this tour did not happan and it a such an shame and think micael jackson powerfull drug addtion was caused by all these lies and false storys and it killed him he was going to bring new music out on this tour and new dance that he was planning to show his fans and he should have gotten better help and to recover and then show the world he back and does not give too fucks but he never rest in peace
Nadine Bollendorf 08.03.2019 20:41
I am just crying by reading the comments. Michael really deserves this love. I can not understand why people calling him a pedo. For me he is and he will ever be innocent!
1 w 08.03.2019 20:07
SMR 08.03.2019 19:18
1:05 and 1:17 resemble Billie Jean
Stelios Gerochristodoulou 08.03.2019 17:24
Людмила Ширяева 08.03.2019 17:02
Прекрасная песня l love you king of pop lnnocent
Tammy Wyche 08.03.2019 15:58
judah dameron 08.03.2019 06:04
You know if you look at all facts and evidence I think he might, might have faked his death. I mean I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I mean its MJ, hes a billionaire who hated his life because of the press and lies. He used to joke about faking his death and getting away.
Александр Катасонов 07.03.2019 19:50
March 2019 ...
MJ Fascination 06.03.2019 21:54
Madness!!! I Lov it!!!
Jackie Goddet 06.03.2019 17:38
Justice 4 MJ !!!!!
B 05.03.2019 14:49
Why are some songs from the ultimate collection not available on Spotify any more?
Рита Алексеева 05.03.2019 10:10
Danica Radovic 04.03.2019 19:53
So sad song, but I love how he sound in this song, you can not to feel this emotion. He is the best.
Grand making a pop Prince of Mighties 02.03.2019 17:27
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teduashum pergjithmon 02.03.2019 01:28
To much conincidence in his words That‘s why i am saying he is alive „It‘s up to me and i‘m still alive“ „Love was taken from a young life,and no one told her why/ Her direction has a dimlight from one more violent crime“ He speaks about his daughter trying to make justice about why his father must be punished like this Etc etc I love u Michael,forever ❤️
teduashum pergjithmon 02.03.2019 01:03
Michael Jackson never died He is alive ❤️
Uğur Leblebici 01.03.2019 23:17
Love yuo michael jackson 👍👏👏👏
Ninjas_In_Pajamas 01.03.2019 21:17
Every not well known song from mj is sadly underrated
dinero 01.03.2019 13:04
Jackson se repite mucho en sus discos. Yo paso.
7moonwalker7 28.02.2019 23:43
mini dwarfdude 28.02.2019 21:32
This song is so powerful
DAVID JASON 28.02.2019 19:37
this is not mj voice lol
Rillinda Juniku 27.02.2019 20:21
We Love you Michael Jackson so much💕❤️😊💕
Rion Ikeda 27.02.2019 07:12
I love this song
MIEDO DE ULTRATUMBA MX 26.02.2019 23:17
Sonic x Vyronic 25.02.2019 23:02
Why haven’t I ever heard this song before? This is 🔥🔥🔥
noam ben 25.02.2019 13:40
👍1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 fabuleux mega extraordinaires Michael Jackson
moonwalker chen 25.02.2019 08:23
Wow this song describe my mood so much now...
sujatha bandela 23.02.2019 13:48
Rhysand's High Lady 21.02.2019 01:44
wowwwwwww how have i never heard this before
Lino Harrison 20.02.2019 22:49
A song that could apply to the yellow vests in France today. We've had enough too. Thank you Michael.
MultiLockOn 20.02.2019 22:33
Still listening in 2019!!!! !<3 for MJ
Polly mendez 20.02.2019 19:14
No puedes ni imaginarte lo que has hecho en mi vida con tu música. Gracias Rey del Pop por todo.
Skilled Assassin 20.02.2019 15:33
In 2021 there should be a 20th anniversary album for Invincible, WITH the unreleased songs that were recorded between 1998 - 2001
Majomi Scruce 18.02.2019 18:02
The Restoration of Dr Who 16.02.2019 12:05
I can hear Michaels mouth sounds in the heat. Awesome.
Bridget lee 16.02.2019 09:42
😢💘 absolutely beautiful
상희배 15.02.2019 15:03
A star that never loses. Michael Jackson! His beautiful songs will remain in people's memories forever and will be loved. I miss you, Michael Jackson!
Ainblot Tezh 15.02.2019 01:36
another day is gone
judah dameron 14.02.2019 04:06
MJ is a LEGEND. I dont care what anyone says none of his songs are underrated by me. I love all of his songs. There is just something special about him, he was just simple amazing, he had so much talent so much. I just cant explain why I love his music so much, this is the first time I've heard this song and I already love it. He's amazing. Rest is peace king of music in general. I miss you
hajeera mohammed 7696 13.02.2019 12:41
We've Had Enough Michael Jackson Love was taken from a young life And no one told her why Her direction has a dim light  From one more violent crime  She innocently questioned why Why her father had to die She asked the men in blue  How is it that you get to choose Who will live and who will die  Did god say that you you could decide ? You saw he didn't run  And then my daddy had no gun In the middle of a village  Within a distant land Lies a cool boy with his broken toy  Too young to understand He's awaken, ground is shaking  His father grabs his hand Screaming crying, his wife's dying Now he's left to explain He innocently questioned why  Why his mother had to die Why did these soldiers come here for ?  If they're for peace why is there war ?  Did god say that they could decide  Who will live and who will die ? All my mama ever did  Was try to take care of her kids When innocence is standing by  Watching people loosing lives It seem as if we have no voice  It's time for us to make a choice Only god could decide  Who will live and who will die There's nothing that can't be done  If we raise our voice as one They've gotta hear it from me  They've gotta hear it from you  They've gotta hear it from us  We can't take it We've already had enough They've gotta hear it from me  They've gotta hear it from you  They've gotta hear it from us  We can't take it We've already had enough Thank god I care for me Thank god I care for you Thank god I came from you babe We can't take it We've already had enough Deep in my soul baby Deep in your soul and by your side Deep in my soul It's so big and I'm still alive They've gotta hear it from us We can't take it We've already had enough It's going down baby Just let god decide,  It's going on baby Just let god decide Deep in my soul baby We've already had enough They've gotta hear it from me  They've gotta hear it from you  They've gotta it from us  We can't, we can't We've already had enough
Krystal Gayle 12.02.2019 20:15
The goosebumps are real! What a legend #greatestofalltimes
Lori Harding 09.02.2019 21:24
Anyone here 2019
gif 12 09.02.2019 13:21
Mike got unreleased hits out the @$$
Majomi Scruce 09.02.2019 05:01
Esta Canción No Se Porque Me Pone Triste , Tal Vez Sea Por La Hermosa Voz Y Sentimiento Que Michael Transmite En Esa Bella Canción Michael Te Extraño !
Felipe Arrais 08.02.2019 18:49
Gisselle 08.02.2019 17:20
This is such a powerful song. I’m in love with it!
Sophia Ammirato 08.02.2019 01:27
A Genius, a perfectionist, and truly earned the respect as a great musician. RIP Micheal, king of pop
Natsu 08.02.2019 01:03
alguien sabe porque no la puedo escuchar por spotify? y saben alguna solucion?
noam ben 07.02.2019 21:37
Michael Jackson extrême extrême extrêmement ultra mega ultra exceptionnel et extrêmement unique chanteur, Michael avait cette chose très exceptionnelle se que aucun chanteur a, il l'a dépassé le sublissime extra James Brown, ses les deux et les seuls uniques immense et bien plus que des chanteur extra extra e xtra extraordinaire et sublissime
ilian du95100 le pro 05.02.2019 12:37
The song is very good I love it rip Michael Jackson
Marilyn Santos 04.02.2019 19:10
mj i miss you😍😍😘😘2019
Lubs 03.02.2019 19:14
I- He's just- The greatest- To ever do it!!
Dorina Balogh 03.02.2019 11:55
Who is here in 2019? <3 Michael Jackson is the One and Only! Always <3 👑👑👑👑
Chan Yoda 02.02.2019 10:12
This song makes me cry so hard...
stato non sovrano s-p-a 01.02.2019 13:37
michael is a god of music!!!!!
ЛИЕТУЧИЙ 31.01.2019 08:56
джо джексан живея всех живых
olivier lorenzo 31.01.2019 06:07
quelle puissance !!
Juciene Oliveira 30.01.2019 20:24
Facteur Justice 30.01.2019 00:02
💔😪😓💔😪😓💔😪😓 Honestely THE music is dead with THE King , really it's incredible !!! Always he's equal to himself , We LOVE you 💝💝💝 and Thank you for the gifts !!! GOD bless you MJ 🌻🌸🌹🌺🌷💙💗💜💞💚 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Shannon Ortner 29.01.2019 21:56
Who will live and who will die Did God say that you could decide?
Алена Таранченко 28.01.2019 18:49
Ценю тебя
Bridget lee 28.01.2019 08:53
Mohammad Shehzad 28.01.2019 06:56
is everyone here in 2019
Mikaa 47 25.01.2019 20:38
I don't care about problems with my ears, I'm listening this with full volume♥️♥️😭♥️♥️
Fernando Tapia 24.01.2019 05:17
2019? 💕🎵
VitalyVlogs 24.01.2019 03:28
This better go on an album in the future OR I'M SUING!
Majomi Scruce 22.01.2019 23:20
Mi Rey 💔💖
Sined Loki 22.01.2019 19:20
This song is so timeless.
savage level 21.01.2019 14:04
Who's here in 2019