Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans. Tinderbox fest. Lana took selfie with fans😍 @ Odense, Denmark, 27.06.19

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Опубликовано: 28.06.2019
Full concert video here
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Wingate 8 13.08.2019 17:21
We toasted each other break through the cast I think there's nothing else to say action
Wingate 8 13.08.2019 16:57
The fountain of youth is in the toilet of truth don't you know we love You
Marinars 31.07.2019 22:58
These people don't know the lyrics
Vandi Londero 01.07.2019 19:20
Hedvig Marie 30.06.2019 08:17
I remember being at her concert, she took my hand. Best night ever❤️
Cold Heroin 29.06.2019 07:36
if u have more vids can u upload them plz🥰
Dorota Renée 29.06.2019 03:39
Lana is a legend <3
Matthew M 28.06.2019 19:42
God...lichrally god
davidgeorgiev 28.06.2019 12:26
Do u have more vids?
Maria Sciuto 28.06.2019 07:47
REY NOT RAY! Anyway, those notes were perfect 😊💗💗
Maria Sciuto 28.06.2019 15:04
@Alex Nesterov no problem
Alex Nesterov 28.06.2019 09:16
Sorry, that was iPhone autocorrection 🤪
saif ben ahmed 28.06.2019 07:29
More please
Esin Unic 28.06.2019 06:27
Lana Del *Rey
Logan Lentilus 28.06.2019 05:20
Do you have more lana videos??
Connor 28.06.2019 18:22
Alex Nesterov where is it then? upload more Lana Del Rey!
Logan Lentilus 28.06.2019 09:45
@Alex Nesterov thank you sooooo much!!!!!
Alex Nesterov 28.06.2019 09:26
I have full concert video. It is uploading now😉
rosendo haro 28.06.2019 05:12
Ok but when she’s walking down why is everyone so calm I would be dancing and singing with all my voice and be screaming everyone just stood there like 🙂
Quantum Witcher 02.07.2019 05:15
It's just the nature of Denmark. People there are very calm natured
Daz Tom G 30.06.2019 18:13
Being in awe 😌
Friistyle 29.06.2019 19:04
I was as in shock, just saying! 🙈 Could not move. It was such a big moment for me! 🙌🏻❤️
Logan Lentilus 28.06.2019 07:57
Ahmed can't speak for dutch people, them people get loud af! Lol
saif ben ahmed 28.06.2019 07:28
people from scandinavian countries ( danemark, sweeden, norway) are so calm compared to the Us and the other europeen countries, also i noticed that most of them are adults (not a lot of teenagers) so they wouldn't scream hhh and to be honest that's better, so everyone could listen to her vocals clearly
Eric 28.06.2019 03:59
Thanks 😏
Marley Gladson 28.06.2019 03:44
Rorman Nockwell 28.06.2019 03:37
Will you be uploading more?
Alex Nesterov 28.06.2019 10:00
Mahmoued Mosaed 28.06.2019 02:54