The real reason why mosquitoes buzz | DIY Neuroscience, a TED series

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Опубликовано: 15.09.2018
What does the love song of a mosquito sound like? Find out as neuroscientist Greg Gage and his colleagues explore the meaning of all that annoying buzzing in your ear. On DIY Neuroscience, a TED original series, watch cutting-edge neuroscience experiments on a shoestring budget. Check out more here: Subscribe to our channel:
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stella elkhenizy 09.01.2019 17:07
So could scientists determine if there is a sound that could be produced that they do not like and will actually make them try to go away from it ????
stella elkhenizy 09.01.2019 17:08
That might be a stupid thought - I'm not a scientist. But I'd love to see a good way of getting rid of the nasty little boogers, at least indoors if nothing else.
Top Secret 07.01.2019 15:17
angelo ramirez 27.12.2018 03:44
Weakness of mosquito make a frequency of 600hz from a electric pan or smt and kill em all now moving on the flies ....damn
Sam Adamsen 15.12.2018 15:56
May The Creator bless you guys out there doing researches on nature to find amazing explantations and proofs. Shalom
Chavo Llamas Sarriá 12.12.2018 22:20
got so mad, but stayed til the end
omegaflowey 12.12.2018 15:39
looks like the mosquito is screaming 2:28
Paulo tav 30.11.2018 14:52
FAIL!!! SO not true! i don´t know if anyone studied music, but i did and it's absolutly clear that both frequencies DO NOT JOIN! How is it possible to make such a pseudo science video with the TED brand?? please contest and explain me (us...) THanks
yusuke sugawara 30.11.2018 06:24
I like the last slap
walkingphilosopher 10.11.2018 06:20
Listen to the song of my people.
RKN 06.11.2018 18:51
I can't stand this video
Emmanuel Pakhuongte 28.10.2018 18:43
4:40 that's the way to treat them😊
Gilbert Kirgotty 14.10.2018 22:04
Wtf am I watching at 3 AM?
IamRaedwulf 13.10.2018 05:45
Jewel Studio 13.10.2018 03:38
Anyone else slapping for mosquitoes around their ears while listening to them on this video?
Unique Football Channel 04.10.2018 19:46
OMG i fear those small creatures.... Mosquoto
Neutron Pixie 03.10.2018 01:53
Males sing at G. Females at D. If one lands on my arm, it'll B Flat.
Bilbo Baggins 29.09.2018 03:39
next time i hear a mosquito gonna smash it
David Williams 29.09.2018 03:38
Umar Dar 28.09.2018 21:08
Feminist love mosquitoes
Erik S 26.09.2018 23:54
Oka, but you killed them afterwards, right?
82 Luft 23.09.2018 19:15
A while back, I came down with malaria in southeast asia. It hit me like a sledge hammer. I blamed it on the me too movement.
Thurein Tun 23.09.2018 11:21
Drama in the way of knowledge
Thurein Tun 23.09.2018 11:19
Female scientist? O...K... ,now im not surprise it ends up with that love thing pff That's why i have been always against female in serious type of occupation, like science/politic. Nearly all of they are so much towards the emotion zone, and that can definitely fucked up the analysis in science research /or decision in politic. Go do art stuffs, or acting career..., that'll be more suitable for them with their softened minds.
Dragonheng 22.09.2018 22:32
20% chance that I hit her in the air. Another 60% when they sat down quietly. 40% in case of an emergency staging of the animal. So if I hear mosquitoes, their death is certain. Every summer the same of the carpets or the wise wall full of corpses disgusting
Leonidas 666 22.09.2018 08:22
"Females feed on human blood"... I knew it. And aparently mosquitos do it to.
Mako 23.09.2018 03:32
that was original
A R 21.09.2018 11:11
It would be interesting to see if they buzz around the ear to see if one's alert and a danger for them.
Neptune's Beard 21.09.2018 07:41
00:19 wtf vsauce michael with his spit facts
Mariana González 21.09.2018 06:36
That sound was sooo annoying and I started to feel my skin itching but it was interesting though
Alex Castro 21.09.2018 05:42
What’s the song that starts at 0:36?
Jennifer Gemsma 20.09.2018 20:28
Females are quieter to sneak up on humans. Learned behavior to get their food source the blood of human or other animal.
Jorge Patiño 20.09.2018 16:34
Am i the only one who wants to kill them so badly after that annoying buzzing
celestialcircledance 20.09.2018 10:48
Sounded almost pretty in unison lol . Wonder what the males eat then .
kashish gautam 20.09.2018 08:42
Female mosquitoes tries to cheat ..with humans 😂😂
Jrytsray jerry 20.09.2018 06:36
I hated mosquito!!,.... In my country,.. Every year,.. People die because of mosquito,... Bringing virus dengue.
Krazie Maniak 20.09.2018 01:40
I hate them
kirby march barcena 19.09.2018 23:21
Wow, even female mosquitos really do the sucking.
sema seymen 19.09.2018 21:26
She just wants blood...
Tyson Yazaki 19.09.2018 20:06
Who else felt itchy while watching this? 😝
Vikram Srinivasan 19.09.2018 16:35
Alexis Mamadou 19.09.2018 02:17
Sum super glue and a mic, really? This is 2018!! We should have nanobots to attract and sterilize each and everyone of these mofos.
love monster 19.09.2018 02:04
Maybe they noticed that they where kind of glued there. I don't think they really wanted to mate, right then, and if it is so, they only had more reason to swear out of their mind. I think they are wiser than those pseudo psyentifics. Can we test on them if while glued they'll...
zztop3000 18.09.2018 21:40
Pure physics, nothing with mosquitoes being in love. Bodies in oscillation tend to oscillate in unison just like their wings when brought close together. End of story. This whole shenanigans video story is pathetic and fake and false.
Greg Gage 19.09.2018 05:13
This is not true. This behaviour is driven by the insects nervous system, not physics. If a female is pregnant, the wing properties are the same, but she does not harmonize. See:
zztop3000 18.09.2018 21:37
4:07 Well. There is one thing you didn't account for and that is that for objects in close quarters oscillation tend to to proliferate in a similar manner. It's a physics thing, look it up. Basically the fact that they are so close to each other actually provides the effect of synchronizing the wing speeds on a purely physical level. I has nothing to do with mosquitoes choices probably. Not only that, have you actually taken some time to think about how would a mosquito even be able to control the speed of it's wings since obviously the whole time you have them flapping their wings alone their wing speed didn't change one bit. Suspicious isn't it. I think you people need to stop making sensationalist claims before researching all the possibilities.
Greg Gage 19.09.2018 05:16
This song matching is happening in the 2nd and 3rd harmonic. It is not that much of a change in wingspeed to make the duet overlap. Also. 2x Males diverge, 2x Females Diverge. Only interested Females and males sing.
Arslan M 18.09.2018 13:59
The real reason why we crack our voices
Game Life 18.09.2018 13:12
Note to self : -Record the sound of both male and female mosquitoes -Get an electric wire -Combine the electric wire with a speaker -Put it on the roof and backyard of my house -Mosquito is dead
Just a YouTube channel 18.09.2018 09:28
3:25 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we are falling!!!!!
Simon Kim 18.09.2018 09:19
Awww, they're singing a love song to one another. Let's use that knowledge to fucking kill them all off.
00MrPanda00 17.09.2018 20:31
Anyone watching this feel itches?
GlennSteffy 17.09.2018 17:24
SKEETERS GOT EARS ? ............
Exhar Khun 17.09.2018 14:15
This is madness!!1! These godless creatures have nothing to tell us!!!!
Hey! 17.09.2018 13:40
And some definitely bring Dengue Virus, Chikungunya, Malaria....
Yatin T 17.09.2018 13:20
Dear mosquito, my ear doesn't want to mate.
Vipul Mane 17.09.2018 12:38
love all you want but dont use my blood as an after snack!!
Joshua V 17.09.2018 12:29
They are not looking for a perfect match if they change the way they beat their wings. So dumb to say it's because of love that they buzz. They buzz because that's the sound their wings produce when they fly and the pitch is inversely proportional to their body size.
Arseny Makarov 17.09.2018 12:11
when will you release the mosquito sample pack? )
Mysterious The 17.09.2018 08:53
Umm, the sound just makes me uncomfortable.
King 94 17.09.2018 07:01
Ben Cohen 17.09.2018 05:25
Love? Are you freaking kidding me?! Mosquitos are incapable of love, as love requires pair bonding (at the least). Conflating love with reproductive mating is reductive and stupid. I guess the writer(s) think that a mindless heteronormative framing of sexual mating is the only way to engage the attention of the hoi polloi by making it more "understandable". Either that or they just aren't very thoughtful about the broader implications of what they write because that would require effort and/or caring and/or an understanding of socio-cultural dynamics. (It's probably that one.)
Greg Gage 19.09.2018 05:18
We know as we had them all fill out a survey at the end. Ha. Good point. This isn't love. This is pure reproductive behaviour.
itsjustameme 17.09.2018 04:23
When mosquitoes evolve to the point where they have internet there is going to be millions of sites with 400 Hz buzzing...
EANTY Crown 17.09.2018 03:49
why do mosquitoes buzz? because they are assholes
Lou H 16.09.2018 22:18
That video is great and informative but dear god that buzzing sound… I want to kill something
MPower 16.09.2018 21:41
Feminists Are Not Happy With This Video Because It Shows That Male Mosquitoes Wings Are Much Stronger (LOUDER) Than The Female Wings.
Idaho 16.09.2018 21:36
That ending tho.
Awang Budiman 16.09.2018 21:35
My speakers are full of mosquitoes now. Thanks.
lumos 16.09.2018 20:30
The second worst insect on the planet. (Second only to cockroaches)
Afschin Mirhamed 16.09.2018 18:48
Just show me how to exterminate them
Curious Mercurius 16.09.2018 18:10
I like these episodes! Keep it up
Wisepersonsay 16.09.2018 17:30
I've asked so many scientists, entomologists, biologists, and doctors what the purpose of mosquitoes in the ecological system. To this date, I've had no answer from anyone of them. A human activist lawyer living in mosquito infested African region told me they were needed to propagate some plants. If anyone knows the reason why, please let me know. My cheeky friend tells me they are created because mosquito coil manufacturers can make business and job opportunities!!!
lloydagola 16.09.2018 17:19
why then do they buzz when attacking me? aren't they already fertilized by then?
lloydagola 16.09.2018 17:18
this is the most agitating video I have ever had the displeasure of listening to...for science
Molotov Motive 16.09.2018 17:04
Its funny how it seems cruel when a scientist play with or kill insects😂
zerendipity 16.09.2018 17:02
i only hear them crying :*(
Gareth Michell 16.09.2018 13:09
So 400Hz and 600Hz 'come together' and the mosquitoes suddenly make 1200Hz each?? No, you just recorded a harmonic. Or maybe tortured screams of agony, could be either.
Greg Gage 19.09.2018 05:22
I wanted to go into the discussion of harmonics, but was overruled. We did put the numbers in there for rigor and for clever people like you to caught it. :)
Greg Gage 19.09.2018 05:19
You are correct. It is the 2nd and 3rd Harmonics. But they are far apart in frequency space. They need to change their base wing patterns to converge at 1200Hz. See:
Matt Dodd 17.09.2018 01:51
Yeah, their animation of this part confused me.. If it occurred like they showed, surely the 'duet' frequency range would be somewhere between the 400Hz and 630Hz they described - not higher than both..
tubeyoukonto 16.09.2018 09:43
Yes! This is what I subscribed for. Finally!
eclipse 16.09.2018 09:41
Females will suck your blood. True with humans too.
Sebastian Gramsz 16.09.2018 09:38
Does anyone know if the paper of this work is available online?
Tina Flintstone 16.09.2018 08:53
So, in other words, a love song - written and performed by mosquitoes.
Tsuki Kuang 16.09.2018 08:28
The torturing-mosquitoes scenes are nice. Spot on, bro.
WeMe 16.09.2018 07:51
Dont care about her song or making love. I just wanna slap her hard.
Pratik Bartakke 16.09.2018 06:59
Don't try to watch this video wearing headphones you'll end up slapping them
Starish 971 16.09.2018 06:20
(I hate mosquitoes) BUT ... That’s a little bit ... cute ☺️
Lyndi Hutch 16.09.2018 06:01
Lenggg 16.09.2018 05:42
Wow, interesting! But the buzz is irritating, argh!
NIGGERB0ND 16.09.2018 05:27
I feel itchy just watching this
Demetre Labadze 16.09.2018 05:25
I killed mosquito wile I was watching the video 😂
Iruna Pixie 16.09.2018 03:10
Oh man wheres peta.
Angel Guzman 16.09.2018 03:02
if i can get me some wings then maybe i'll get a girlfriend
zodiacfml 16.09.2018 02:50
They buzz because they flap their wings
Ivory M 16.09.2018 01:40
Kill em all!
The Psychic Beagle 16.09.2018 01:09
So you are telling me there are people voluntarily listenig to mosquito buzzing? This is true madness
rewtnode 16.09.2018 00:25
1200 Hz. That wasn’t the pitch, that was an overtone, cubic difference tone in a coupled system of two nonlinear oscillators? Or love? I doubt it.
Rick Sanchez 16.09.2018 00:22
Make the sound stop! Make It STOOOOP
LudvigIndestrucable 16.09.2018 00:00
If there's one upside to pollution and the destruction of the environment, it's the possibility that all mosquitoes will die
David Erif 15.09.2018 23:06
"They're just looking for love" - Yeah, that just another good reason to smash and kill them before they breed.
Noel 15.09.2018 22:58
Idc we should just kill them all through gene manipulation and we have one less problem in the world.
TAR ICO 16.09.2018 01:32
Breaking a link in that chain will be the death of us all.
Fuck Niggerfaggotard 15.09.2018 22:19
So let's play the song at them till they die childless.
Aramis 15.09.2018 22:11
i still hate the little fucks, just hearing that buzzing sound made me itchy.
Életem morzsái blog 15.09.2018 21:59
Nasty little creatures. They caused me many uncomfortable nights in the past. They always came at night to disturb your peace!
Urketadic 15.09.2018 21:57
Is that just a block of ice? How does that anesthetize them?
Qixc 15.09.2018 21:40
The female mosquito is also attracted to the oxygen we breath out.