Michael Jackson - They Don’t Care About Us (Brazil Version) (Official Video)

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Опубликовано: 03.10.2009
Music video by Michael Jackson performing They Don't Care About Us. (C) 1996 MJJ Productions Inc. #MichaelJackson #TheyDontCareABoutUs #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Elsie Vagi 20.03.2019 08:17
Who else wishes that they was there 😂😂😂😂
Wolf Gamer 0-0 20.03.2019 08:15
When I’m older and people have forgot about Michael, I will remind them that we did have good people in our world, I will sing his songs with pride. I will NEVER believe what people are saying about him
Kalani Phillips 20.03.2019 08:13
2:36 best part😀
zai di di 20.03.2019 07:49
Un tema que sigue en nuestros corazones en pleno 2019, qué grande seguirás siendo Michael Jackson. Siempre en nuestros corazones. ❤️
Ashley 20.03.2019 07:24
3:46 I've been jealous of this woman ever since I first watched this video lol. I was nine years old and had just found out about michael and fell inlove with him completely.
Reshma Shrestha 20.03.2019 07:22
Michael i miss u😭😭😭😭😭
mr.snipero 883 20.03.2019 06:34
1:31 disfruta del chino :v
Lonewolf086 20.03.2019 06:14
Eliseo Cruz 20.03.2019 06:13
El ayuwoky hehe !
Ali Doualeh Ali 20.03.2019 05:51
Listen to 2019??!
Stifen Rahat 20.03.2019 05:43
King is always king
the gamer hero 20.03.2019 05:39
love with him
Anonimo Oculto 20.03.2019 05:25
2019... 2019... 2019...
kodiak diplomático 20.03.2019 05:11
Sopa do Ayuwoki, uma delicia kkkkkkk
Alguien que hable español o solo yo :v
ASMR RELAJANTE 20.03.2019 05:39
Present hablo un Poco Spanish :v
Julio Chinchilla 20.03.2019 05:19
Kirill Titov 20.03.2019 04:53
Better give this people money. They need it.
sᴘᴀʀᴋ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ 20.03.2019 04:15
Tainá Guerhardt 20.03.2019 04:08
Verdadeiro rei do pop
iLightRing Games 20.03.2019 03:58
Quien mas escucha las canciones del ayuwoki en 2019? :v
plump 20.03.2019 03:44
my country Brazil and my people being portrayed in this beautiful music video. Michael, you are eternal, your legacy is unshakeable, I love you very much.
Pranjila Thapa 20.03.2019 03:42
*Who else still loves him?*
Nadia SAvagE 20.03.2019 03:32
2 0 1 9 ¿
Ejlive1997 20.03.2019 03:27
Wanted to click off the video but I kept getting drawn in
Thiago Almeida 20.03.2019 03:10
Lisa Ann Spaulding 20.03.2019 03:06
There will only ever be one MJ.
Darlin' Zurc 20.03.2019 02:38
Michael Jackson é inocente. Eu acredito nele.
Dr4ke N4than 20.03.2019 02:12
Ayuwoki in brazil
susjer Quispe victor 20.03.2019 02:05
ou macaco
Lateshia Childs 20.03.2019 02:04
I love this song and video. I can feel this song on my soul....so sad the way the world treated Michael except his true fans and family I assume.
A Mendes 20.03.2019 01:51
I need a lie detector on that guy, I believe Michael.
Snake Eyes 20.03.2019 01:49
Meu Brazil
byobandladygagafan 20.03.2019 01:46
If Michael Jackson was living, he wouldn’t let this be.
Rubi Cruz 20.03.2019 01:34
Michel se que tuvo estas y espero que estés muy bien aya pero no es gusto que todos te simule como un viola dor a mi me moles y ahora sacan sus monadas del yaberguaqui
Emily Gaylor 20.03.2019 01:03
I am a fan of Michael Jackson and he does have meaning in his songs
Aesthetic Dolphin 20.03.2019 00:48
Michael was just trying to be nice. At times nice people are taken advantage of. RIP legend.
Anonimo Oculto 20.03.2019 00:43
Anonimo Oculto 20.03.2019 00:42
2019... 2019...
streetlurker 81 20.03.2019 00:30
God bless his soul people still hate easy to talk ill of the dead they can't talk back my kids 14 9 7 and 3 know his songs mj fan till I die
Sammy Jo 20.03.2019 00:27
Ellen justi 20.03.2019 00:26
Ainda bem que o Michael deixou esse presente maravilhoso p os fãs BR
Paoro Borla 20.03.2019 00:22
0:10 me when i got surprised
dark_ gameplay, roblox 20.03.2019 00:21
El es una leyenda y el rey del pop
M D 20.03.2019 00:14
Pedro Henrique 20.03.2019 00:09
Cadê os BR EM 2019 AI
Haj Shkurtesa 19.03.2019 23:29
2019 ❤️🤙🏻🤙🏻
EMILY SOFIA 19.03.2019 23:17
No entiendo por que inventaron el ayuwoki:"v
Paolo Pischedda 19.03.2019 23:11
it's unique 😂😍💖
BeetleJuice who me? 19.03.2019 23:11
Does he say at 3:52 "I'm dead to remind you"? Sounds like it anyway
BeetleJuice who me? 19.03.2019 23:51
+Jihen Smari OK thanks
Jihen Smari 19.03.2019 23:37
i'm here to remind you
Abood Abood 19.03.2019 23:08
very nice
YaDeRMendozaC 19.03.2019 23:08
¡Michael Jackson El 1#!
Rachel Hills 19.03.2019 22:29
You are not alone, Michael 💋 💋 💋
Vincent Doucer 19.03.2019 22:24
If u a alive 2day something could have changed people loved u Jackson. my GOD put ur soul at peace
Kristóf Csicsmann 19.03.2019 22:20
He was a pedo, but this music is still good.
Guida Rangel 19.03.2019 22:15
Mi peterpan love michael
deriva fan 19.03.2019 22:01
3:12 oof
Spooky Encounters 19.03.2019 22:00
God, this is the same master tape version they used on MTV since 1996. The version that starts off really quiet then randomly goes louder half way through when someone boosts the volume or something. They noticed it was too quiet so jacks it up. Surely we dont have to deal with this old copy in the 2000s. :S The version from the dvd doesnt have this problem.
Jim Marshall 19.03.2019 21:56
One could only imagine what artistry he'd be offering us today..
loudy loudy 19.03.2019 21:54
أَفَحَسِبْتُمْ أَنَّمَا خَلَقْنَاكُمْ عَبَثًا وَأَنَّكُمْ إِلَيْنَا لَا تُرْجَعُونَ Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?" فَتَعَالَى اللَّهُ الْمَلِكُ الْحَقُّ ۖ لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْكَرِيمِ So exalted is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth; there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Noble Throne.   The holy Quran. -Sura Al-Mu'minun, Ayah 115/116
vicente majewsky 19.03.2019 21:53
Buscando a michael
Dream 19.03.2019 21:46
FUTMEMES OFC 19.03.2019 21:42
Brasil Brazil
Adrian Gogolewski 19.03.2019 21:41
Who in March 2019?
Richárd Kovács 19.03.2019 22:04
maria Eduarda braga liarte 19.03.2019 21:40
xeliane 19.03.2019 21:40
je ne veux pas savoir!
MĶ-Mäxïmïļïäņö Ťøřŕëş 19.03.2019 21:32
Bueno quiero aprovechar este 1% para decir que nunca olvidare a michael jackson porque fue un g
Nikdem Grabarczyk 19.03.2019 21:31
Dead 2009 😥😥😥
HeXeD 19.03.2019 21:29
AB 19.03.2019 21:20
calvin mcdonald 19.03.2019 21:55
get a life
Abu Saab 19.03.2019 21:14
All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us Don’t worry what people say, we know the truth All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us Enough is enough of this garbage All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us (Overlapping voices) [Verse 1] Skin head, dead head Everybody gone bad Situation, aggravation Everybody, allegation In the suit, on the news Everybody, dog food Bang bang, shot dead Everybody’s gone mad [Hook] All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us [Verse 2] Beat me, hate me You can never break me Will me, thrill me You can never kill me Shoot me, sue me Everybody do me Kick me, kick me Don’t you black or white me [Hook] All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us [Bridge 1] Tell me, what has become of my life? I have a wife and two children who love me I am the victim of police brutality, now I’m tired of being the victim of hate You’re ripping me of my pride, oh, for God’s sake I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy, set me free [Verse 3] Skin head, dead head Everybody’s gone bad Trepidation, speculation Everybody, allegation In the suit, on the news Everybody, dog food Black male, blackmail Throw the brother in jail [Hook] All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us [Bridge 2] Tell me, what has become of my rights? Am I invisible 'cause you ignore me? Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now I’m tired of being the victim of shame They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name I can’t believe this is the land from which I came You know, I really do hate to say it The government don’t wanna see But if Roosevelt was livin' He wouldn’t let this be, no, no [Verse 4] Skin head, dead head Everybody’s gone bad Situation, speculation Everybody, litigation Beat me, bash me You can never trash me Hit me, kick me You can never get me [Hook] All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us [Verse 5] Some things in life They just don’t wanna see But if Martin Luther was livin’ He wouldn’t let this be Skin head, dead head Everybody’s gone bad Situation, segregation Everybody, allegation In the suit, on the news Everybody, dog food Kick me, kick me Don’t you wrong or right me [Hook] All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us MUSIC VIDEO
Mariany Carballo 20.03.2019 00:24
Abu Saab copy paste
Alexander el crittico 19.03.2019 21:14
Y luego dicen que el bas vuni canta bien. Pone esta rola en una fiesta y calienta la pista de baile.
Mely Love anime doll 18 19.03.2019 21:10
Michael Jackson ti amo
ElCrack XD 19.03.2019 21:09
Why the hell did he change his skin colour, he looks like a monster after his skin changed
ElCrack XD 19.03.2019 22:47
+Richárd Kovács he had vitiligo but he changed his skin colour with stethic cirugies to cover his white spots
Richárd Kovács 19.03.2019 22:05
He didn't change anything. He had a disease called VITILIGO.
Axel Barquero 19.03.2019 21:08
Press [F] To Pay Respect
Axel Barquero 19.03.2019 21:06
Cris Zapata saenz 19.03.2019 21:04
Lo tumbaron al ayuwoki v':<
Aygun Mirzayeva 19.03.2019 20:56
who saw big eye behind Michael look carefully 1.05 (you can never kill me) but they could(((((...he was more brave than others( miss him more
Ana Santos 19.03.2019 20:54
I love Michael Jakson!
Yisel Garces 19.03.2019 20:39
ahy mi idolo xque uvo que hirce de este mundo tan pronto cuanto lo queria donde este te deseo que descanses en paz mi machael
Dennis WoW 19.03.2019 20:18
duuu brazil
Elliina Parviainen 19.03.2019 20:14
2:04 i first think that wass Freddie Mercury 🤔🔥
King Zak05 19.03.2019 20:11
Thing he loves more than music is touching kids up
Majo y Gacha EsTuDiO 19.03.2019 20:00
El ayuwokii :v
oscar 10292 20.03.2019 00:17
Borra ese comentario no queremos moscas en nuestro banquete
Vivek Raj 19.03.2019 20:00
Still best singer in march 2019 ☺️
Dajana J 19.03.2019 19:56
They can never break you Michael. Love you so much, appleheads <333
Mohd Tayyab 19.03.2019 19:53
Anyone in 3050?
Amalin 500 19.03.2019 19:49
I wish this video reaches 1B views
peflix HD 4K FULLL 19.03.2019 19:35
Janine Camara 19.03.2019 19:34
2009 love it song 2019 love it song more 2029 love it soo muts We love you ❤❤😚😭
paige Tiwno 19.03.2019 19:32
Miss u mj.... Mj fan like here
DII-10 19.03.2019 19:28
Shame on who ever trying to kill his legecy
Jasmina Nikolic 19.03.2019 19:25
Weri good 9000000000000000%
200 Subs? no videos Challenge? 19.03.2019 19:21
Moral of the song :- they don't really care about us
Kerstin Amtmann 19.03.2019 19:09
Alles super von euch
Bën- Kun 19.03.2019 19:07
Broken Yoshimura 19.03.2019 19:05
Ayuwoki Like 2019 viewer and still fan if this incredible men
sLaYsHeR _offical 19.03.2019 18:55
Michael Jackson never died !!! Because legends never die ❤️👑
Daniele Silva 19.03.2019 18:53
Mateusz Kosoń 19.03.2019 18:50
Legends do not die a pity that people want to accuse him of pedophilia
Hlias Agr 19.03.2019 18:48