Tutti frutti элвис пресли

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Опубликовано: 18.06.2017
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Killian Ramirez 01.08.2019 01:57
Elvis Presley 0 - little Richards 1000000000000 ∞
zuzy17 30.07.2019 05:39
thanks MICHAEL JACKSON “LIL RICHARD” got his CATALOG BACK ..sorry Elvis you were too cute but the true is the true 👏🏻🥰
naaviv 27.07.2019 10:53
Put on ×2 speed. Best song
María Dcp 17.07.2019 13:24
when David Bowie first listened to this, he said that he had 'heard God'
Rahiem Davis 13.07.2019 16:23
This druggy piece of shit will never out sing little Richard lol
Morgasm172 11.07.2019 18:34
Pretty simple song to come up with let’s be honest
Teun Janssen 10.07.2019 21:13
Thx now i want yoghurt
Grim Beorn 15.07.2019 20:19
Teun Janssen :)) Elvis was Turkish 😂
Douglas Paranhos 05.07.2019 11:35
Anyone else in 2020?
Mustafa Yalcin 02.07.2019 03:18
The.king.is.back.great.elvis. Forever.
Suki San 22.06.2019 10:44
My name is soukaina .. when he says I got a gurl name su I feel like he is talking about me which is a reason to smile.
Йо Асакура 15.06.2019 15:07
Тутти Фрутти))
Craig Saunders 12.06.2019 21:25
No one will ever sing it and look better doing it than Elvis did in the 50's. Not just this song, but many songs. None of them could do Rock, RockaBilly, Country, Ballads, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues and Folk music and look sexy, cool, and yet, like an innocent country boy all at the same time.. He was the total package and the women Loved It. If someone is out there hating him for this, All that makes you is a Hater. Get Over It!!
Rf Laflame Rich Forever 10.06.2019 20:41
He stole this from little Richard
Серый grunge 08.06.2019 09:01
Kayla Shoemaker 06.06.2019 05:01
UH NO but A for effort ‼️‼️‼️
Ace 01.06.2019 02:26
Oh...so this is why he’s a big deal.
Ola Kotika 30.05.2019 22:50
Э.Пресли красавчик !!! Новерно мая бабка по нему тащилась несомненно??!!!
Ola Kotika 30.05.2019 22:48
Filip Godlewski 30.05.2019 19:44
I have read: "A Kind Of Magic"
Aboutjohn747 29.05.2019 12:49
Fall asleep and wake up as Elvis Presley that would be so cool !!!!!
Betsy Mills 28.05.2019 14:35
Queen do it bestttt
Arvid Lundkvist 23.05.2019 18:33
Try to listen at speed x2 one time then Normal it Will feel so slow
Rodolfo kan soeli 20.05.2019 22:56
Brasil 2019
jair leer 19.05.2019 04:28
Lmao...thats all!
chilly rooster 16.05.2019 19:04
Mandela effect
Alice Menezes 16.05.2019 03:08
yadiel corporan 06.05.2019 04:28
I love Elvis but Lil Richard did it way better
uknow who 28.04.2019 22:20
nath park 25.04.2019 21:49
Elvis is Life
Unbeastable 22.04.2019 12:15
This white fuck slept with a 14 year ol and no one gives a fuck.
Antonio Melillo 21.04.2019 20:54
Alban Pfisterer 30.03.2019 08:45
I love it myself, but no one can do if better than Little Richard.
natalia lyara 29.03.2019 01:29
50sRockabilly 20.03.2019 21:37
This is actually very different from the Little Richard version. Richard was Rhythm & Blues and Elvis was Country Rock (Rockabilly).
gloria's garage's 13.03.2019 02:02
Lisa Marie 11.03.2019 18:50
Elvis 💚 is so handsome
Michael Greenwood 03.04.2019 07:46
Was. Tutti-frutti was 1956 when Elvis was 21 yeaeers of age.
Mochi- chan 06.03.2019 02:52
He dumb and stole it from a black artist that's why he dead and that karma he actually stole songs from a lot of black artist
Jacob Blackburn 16.04.2019 00:32
@dream life Problem is though that Elvis wasn't racist. He just did what he loved and thought was good. If the og artists didn't get their royalties then thats not on Elvis that's the record company who stole it because Elvis was the type of guy to try and repay that debt back if he knew. Plus, assuming that everybody during that time who did that was a racist JUST because it was that time period is wrong while someone in this generation wouldn't be stealing simply because of the time as well is wrong (in my opinion of course)
Jacob Blackburn 21.03.2019 22:41
It's interesting you say that because many artist (including black artist but not only black artist) "steal" from other artist all the time and no one bats an eye
50sRockabilly 20.03.2019 21:32
Its called a cover, all singers do covers. Are you saying that white singers shouldnt be allowed to do covers of songs written by black people?
Rodolfo kan soeli 04.03.2019 00:12
Brasil 2019
Nikola Knežević 15.04.2019 11:36
Sean Fitzpatrick 28.02.2019 19:42
Little Richard had one way of singing Elvis singing many styles and even if Little Richard did this one song better he would never be too versatile singer Elvis was I would love to hear Little Richard sing in the ghetto or Bridge Over Troubled Water little britches a great Rock and roller Elvis was a far better singer
Jay Dawn 28.02.2019 00:40
delipool 000 17.02.2019 19:00
Anderson Mickael 16.02.2019 04:33
THE supreme Boy 14.02.2019 19:28
Rip elvis
Peahes Murphy 12.02.2019 12:10
Little Richard made this possible..his is the original and it's way better.
Sean Fitzpatrick 28.02.2019 19:33
@Cero Z Elvis singing many different voices his interpretation of song is beyond anyone else that's why he got two billion records under his belt sold Little Richard wrote good songs but Elvis had more Charisma and was way more talented as a singer than Little Richard way more versatile Little Richie could never sing Bridge Over Troubled Water you never walk alone if I could dream he doesn't have the vocal for it Little Richard was a great rock and roller Elvis was a great singer a big difference Elvis touch more genres of music then Little Richard like I said little Richie was great but not nearly as versatile as a singer then Elvis and definitely do not possess Elvis's charisma that's for sure Elvis sold more records than anybody in the history of music and is in more Musical Hall of Fame than anyone so his statue in music is sealed no matter what the opinion Maybe
Cero Z 28.02.2019 19:17
@Sean Fitzpatrick hell no he ain't write shit and little Richard can sing sing
Peahes Murphy 21.02.2019 11:11
@Sean Fitzpatrick you have a good day too buddy. I actually love when Elvis does that thing with his hips and legs. Epic..
Sean Fitzpatrick 21.02.2019 10:31
@Peahes Murphy thanks for sharing that I understand what you're saying have a good day thank you
Peahes Murphy 21.02.2019 10:09
@Sean Fitzpatrick you can have that. Good for Elvis. My point is that no one can sing a Little Richard song like Little Richard. I don't care to hear Little Richard sing songs that aren't his anyway.
Иван Алёшин 07.02.2019 13:11
Super. Превосходно!
Joshua Alonzo 04.02.2019 04:51
Who still listens to this in 2019
mercury zoso 22.03.2019 20:28
I do of course
Payten Bushee 25.01.2019 23:37
00:14 is my new ring tone
Eyemallfunkedup 11.01.2019 15:19
Some songs should NEVER be redone.
Sean Fitzpatrick 28.02.2019 21:30
@Eyemallfunkedup I respect your opinion but some people are in the class of Their Own with Muhammad Ali was the boxing with Bruce Lee was the karate what Henry Aaron was to to baseball the exact same thing can be said about Elvis in entertainment thank you have a good day
Eyemallfunkedup 28.02.2019 21:03
@Sean Fitzpatrick agreed. I'm just saying that Elvis or any other artist doing this particular song is a bad idea. Some things are better left alone. Same can be said of many artists work.
Sean Fitzpatrick 28.02.2019 20:03
@Eyemallfunkedup Little Richard was a great Rock and roller a great songwriter but as far as versatility as a singer and charisma he's nowhere near Elvis and even if he did do this song better than Elvis he would never be able to do as many of genres of music as Elvis did actually Elvis did a pretty good job on the song Pat Boone is the one who did a lousy job whether one likes Elvis or not his mark on music is sealed with 1.8 billion records sold and in more musical hall of fame's in anyone yes the 1.8 million is more than anyone in the history of music along with his charisma put him in the class by himself
Eyemallfunkedup 28.02.2019 19:51
@Sean Fitzpatrick exactly. Probably would have been a disaster just like Elvis signing this song.
Sean Fitzpatrick 28.02.2019 19:47
I would love to hear Little Richard sing in the ghetto he wouldn't even attempt to try to sing such a song Elvis was way more versatile than Little Richard
Augustopalacios Palacios 07.01.2019 14:37
B.B king is the real king
Vette latrice 05.01.2019 14:18
NuggetMiltia1 05.01.2019 06:21
Who cares that Little Richard wrote this and Elvis Presley COVERED (not copied 🤪) this? It’s all great music! Who freakin’ cares? C’mon, also let us please not bring race into this? Thank you.
Sean Fitzpatrick 28.02.2019 19:46
Elvis Presley was way more versatile than Little Richard Little Richard was a great rock and roller Elvis was a great singer I would love to hear Little Richard sing in the ghetto Bridge Over Troubled Water How Great Thou Art You'll Never Walk Alone you would definitely have a difficult time
Sean Fitzpatrick 21.02.2019 04:42
Elvis covered this song whoever Whoever likes who better is a matter of taste and opinion but as far as who's a better singer Elvis went on to cover way more styles that Little Richard was Little Richie the great artist in the great Rock and roller yes but touching every genres of music Elvis got Little Richard beat Elvis was a way more versatile singer than little Richard Little Richard had their one great rock and roll voice Elvis's voice was able to sing anyting during his career so Elvis was a way better singer than Little Richard that's a fact
NuggetMiltia1 08.02.2019 23:40
Michael Russel I don’t think you’re calling Elvis racist, (but if you are, I’m sorry but you’re just incorrect). Keep in mind however Elvis did help _popularize_ Little Richard’s Song, so at least there’s that!
Michael Russel 08.02.2019 23:32
I mean Elvis may have covered little Richards song, but he got no royalties from it. It’s kind of hard to leave out race when racism was the only reason people like Elvis or Pat Boone even got the chance to put this on their own albums and get so much popularity without crediting the original artist. Oh well, that stuff can’t happen anymore at least
DEMON KANE 04.01.2019 16:43
Jacob Blackburn 03.01.2019 01:32
The only reason i prefer this version over the great little Richards is simply because of Elvis. I think Elvis had the greatest voice known to man. Thats just me though
Sean Fitzpatrick 28.02.2019 19:51
Even if Little Richard did sing this song as good as Elvis or better he would never compete with Elvis as a singer Elvis singing many styles of music in different voices Little Richie could never sing in the ghetto Bridge Over Troubled Water Little Less Conversation Little Richard's a great rock and roll roller one of the pioneers of rock and roll you can't take that away from him but Little Richard is never the singer Elvis was or possess Elvis's charisma
Red&Black 01.01.2019 13:34
2019? Little tony❤?
nelson lariccia 29.12.2018 16:08
Kioki Johnson 24.12.2018 22:41
Garbage at it's best
Алекс Соловьев 19.12.2018 20:01
Tutti frutti kurt rassell
Vanessa Etheridge 12.12.2018 10:20
I am his girlfriend back the fuck off
Ne He 06.12.2018 15:47
Гога Могиевич Гогичевский 29.11.2018 13:10
Daniele Spatara 24.10.2018 14:57
Daniele Spatara 24.10.2018 14:58
G P. 12.10.2018 02:45
Elvis 's Tutti Frutti simply the best!
Cero Z 28.02.2019 19:16
Shit trash lmao
Peter Quill 15.02.2019 20:12
@千 ㄩ 匚 Ҝ 乇 ᗪ. No
千 ㄩ 匚 Ҝ 乇 ᗪ. 14.02.2019 02:39
Queen's cover is way better.
simpledude58 17.09.2018 19:59
I love Elvis but no one, not even the king can own this like the owner of this piece, Little Richard.
cosmosgato 04.08.2019 23:11
But if not Richard then only Elvis
Ace 01.06.2019 02:27
I a HUGE little Richard fan but Elvis really tore this one wide open
Electrocuta 2 07.09.2018 02:48
Mejor me Quedo Con La Versión de Queen xd
Huberth Anderson 05.09.2018 19:11
litle richard is the real king
Sean Fitzpatrick 21.02.2019 05:02
@Gilvan Mafra Elvis was the Hank Aaron of entertainment
Sean Fitzpatrick 21.02.2019 05:01
@Mark Martinez right on Mark Elvis is in the class of his own
Gilvan Mafra 11.02.2019 20:32
The King!!
Gilvan Mafra 11.02.2019 20:31
Há Há Há. ...!
Mark Martinez 07.02.2019 01:38
Anyone of these artists can be The King of Rock 'N Roll. Elvis is the Boss of the Musical Universe. 300 hit singles and album cuts from 1954-1982 are evident enough. Elvis covered 8 or 9 styles of music and made it okay for other performers and bands to do. Elvis has the the most Gold and Platinum records ever.
DJIcecold 01.09.2018 17:30
Sean Fitzpatrick 28.02.2019 19:43
Whitney Houston's the thief also for singing Dolly Parton song I Will Always Love You Whitney's a thief to if you want to say it that way
Izzy Iz 31.08.2018 07:38
like little richards better but still good.
Olivia Davis 15.07.2018 01:53
Amazing I love Elvis
Mabel Luis 19.06.2018 12:02
Las mujeres le arrancaban la ropa en esa epoca!!😊😘
Shaun B Williams 09.06.2018 22:48
This is the best song ever from Elvis Presley Tutti Frutti Rudy
Teresa de jesus Molina 14.05.2018 15:26
Elvis el Rey 👑 por siempre.😍
Igor 02.05.2018 03:43
The original song was record by Little Richard in 1955 and was copied by Presley in 1956. The King of Rock N' Roll is Chuck Berry, sorry
Squiddlesqwook 02.04.2018 03:55
Gloria Fernandes 26.02.2018 01:14
It's now or never, Kiss - me quick e tutty- frutti love- tender. clássicos de Elvis.( Elvis clássic It's now or never, kiss-me quick, tutty- frutti- love-me tender.
Stephen Thomas 12.02.2018 05:16
Fuck Elvis
Keiw! 10.02.2018 10:25
Queen cover best :)))
HawkyPlays 15.07.2019 18:40
Keiw! I agree, no one can come close to their performance of it.
Nathaniel De Sagun Roman 13.06.2019 08:44
Grim Beorn lmao
Grim Beorn 30.05.2019 12:05
João Vicente Marques de Oliveira No, Elvis is not Elvis. Elvis is the King :) And Queen is queen.
João Vicente Marques de Oliveira 26.05.2019 13:29
Elvis is elvis. Queen is queen
Lavinia Viglianisi 23.05.2019 14:35
Regina Millan 08.02.2018 03:09
You know that this song was made by little Richard. And was copied by Elvis
MY Squad 16.07.2019 15:56
Elvis stole lots of black artists songs, because he knew at the time he could get away with it. Elvis was only super popular during his time because he was a white guy who stole black culture
Riccardo Paolocci 26.06.2019 14:09
Little Mrs 02.05.2019 14:39
And Elvis was invited home to Little Richard as a friend. You know.
Little Mrs 02.05.2019 14:38
@M W songs where written for him to you know..
M W 21.04.2019 00:39
all of elvis' songs are covers
Glenda Metivier 10.12.2017 00:56
Good Rockin`
Marcia Brasileiro 01.12.2017 01:16
Classico super clássico do rock!! Elvis e o rei!
Григорий Челак 22.11.2017 18:24
Elvis Presley 10.10.2017 10:31
I love you Elvis Presley
Mochi- chan 06.03.2019 02:53
eddy munoz 08.09.2017 18:02
eddy munoz 08.09.2017 18:01
the king ^_^
Marcia Brasileiro 18.06.2017 23:24
Baby Elvis singing. The myth was taking its first steps. Elvis is the greatest!!!
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 18.06.2017 23:28
Marcia Brasileiro Yes, Elvis is greatest!!!😉
西野ふ滝男 18.06.2017 22:28
the king
nbkoitw 23.03.2019 09:07
kenneth goode 07.06.2018 21:19
the King will and always will be Little Richard the only reason why he wasn't known as the King was because of Segregation
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 10.08.2017 14:11
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 18.06.2017 23:29
西野ふ滝男 💖👏👍👍👍
西野ふ滝男 18.06.2017 22:29
Vera Kovacova 18.06.2017 21:12
Tutti Frutti a ELVIS KING - rock and roll, který tančil celý svět ! Thank you dear Katia !!!
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 22.06.2017 00:03
Vera Kovacova dobře řečeno, můj přítel! On se zapsal do historie! Thank you so much 😙
Fdr Delgado 18.06.2017 15:57
Katia. xxx
Fdr Delgado 18.06.2017 17:43
OK Katia xxx
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 18.06.2017 17:07
Fdr Delgado 😙
Fdr Delgado 18.06.2017 15:57
Yeaaaaaaahhh. ELVISssssss.
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 18.06.2017 18:55
@Fdr Delgado SOLO ELVIS!!!!😘🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️
Fdr Delgado 18.06.2017 17:44
Solo ELVIS Es El Rey.
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 18.06.2017 17:07
Fdr Delgado The King!!!!!😍
Moussa Alioua 18.06.2017 15:09
Un classique du Rock and Roll chante par le maître.
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 18.06.2017 15:26
Moussa Alioua saintes paroles dear friend! Classique Rock!!! merci beaucup!
diva sousa morais 18.06.2017 14:46
l loved Katia beautiful song thankyou kisses for you diva Sousa from Brasil.
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 18.06.2017 15:00
A big hug to you! Many kisses to you, you're a great fan of Elvis. Your name is not new for me. Always have care of Elvis. Thank you!
wickedfirefly13 18.06.2017 14:14
Awesome!!! Too hot! I love it!!! The King of Rock N Roll Forever!!! xoxoxo Thank U!
It's Now Or Never - KatiaTcb 18.06.2017 15:01
Hi my dear freind! You're right. Here Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll!!!! The Kiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!