Avicii - You Be Love (Part 3 – Lyric Video) ft. Billy Raffoul

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Опубликовано: 24.08.2017
Get the new EP here: https://lnk.to/AviciEPAvicii Listen to the EP here: http://avicii.lnk.to/AVICI Agency: Black Dalmatian Films Production Company: Opa People Directed and produced by: @unknowngenius Supervising Animator: Marko Stajonevic Viktor Kilbo Motion Capture: Edvin Venden Music video by Avicii performing You Be Love. (C) 2017 Avicii Music AB, under exclusive license to Universal Music AB http://vevo.ly/m7gJJ0 #Avicii #YouBeLove #vevo #electronic #vevoofficial #lyricvideo
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Andzelika Zabarauskiene 22.01.2019 22:15
Saurav Cyrus 16.01.2019 09:12
RIP Avicii 😃 I will your love.
Moncef Hellal 05.01.2019 03:25
Forever in our hearts
Benoît 01.01.2019 20:47
Happy New Year !!! 2019 ???
Daniel Avalos 16.12.2018 02:25
No matter how many days pass you will never be forgotten Tim ... I love you ♥️
danuja pathum 12.12.2018 01:14
best❤️ ever
Emily Sport 15.11.2018 10:40
Jesus Canela 11.11.2018 03:54
Espero no ser el unico que te extraña avici😞
sindhu nenavath 28.10.2018 11:46
You Be LOVE ......AVICI
Siddu Gta 24.10.2018 09:23
Rip aviciiᕕ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)ᕗ
애기퍼티살인자 랩어 baszomaszadat 23.10.2018 16:50
Wow ♡
بتوين Between 22.10.2018 19:37
We miss u
JB JULIE 21.10.2018 23:19
rest in peace avicii we as in all of your fans will alwase miss you
AMERICA YAMILETH 07.10.2018 23:43
Hola soy del el Salvador y saludos a todos los estado unidenses me alegra que escuchen la música de Avicii
Jonatan De Jesus 07.10.2018 04:46
Me gusta es poco, mueve cosas dentro de mi. √
Melinda Patterson 25.09.2018 23:19
RIP avicii I love you 😥😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Wachirawich Wanvikornthiti 09.09.2018 18:32
Everynoce miss you Tim.
UWUWUWUWUWUW 07.09.2018 13:03
RIP :(
La ONU prro 07.09.2018 01:15
avicii forever
Physiology Shark 06.09.2018 20:41
Can I use this song?
MartinLOL 03.09.2018 23:12
Sogar ich als deutscher schreibe einen Kommentar😂👌 aber was ich sagen wollte ist das avicci immer der beste bleiben wird #Avicii4Ever R.I.P ✌️
Aleksandra 03.09.2018 21:01
Jazmin M 02.09.2018 02:47
Cuando esta oscuro Tu solo TU eres mi luz cuando voy por mal camino, Tu eres mi luz, Cuando me deprimo Tu FE en mi me ilumina En TODO TÚ eres mi luz eres mi luz en mi camino. Mi vida no tiene sentido sin tu luz YOU BE LOVE <3 descansa en paz
Sofia Tsipi 21.08.2018 18:34
endless sky 30.07.2018 21:22
Kelvin Marllon 21.07.2018 00:05
O melhor e sempre vai ser
ANA LIA RODRIGUES 11.07.2018 03:44
Show de bola
Jeremy Trujillo 30.06.2018 03:46
Me parte el corazón en mil pedazos la muerte de Avicii ,pero sobre todo que me hizo pasar buenos momentos con sus canciones
Sandro Liang 30.06.2018 01:14
rip our legend ΛVICII◢ ◤ΛVICII◢ ◤
Santina Filipič 23.06.2018 16:56
I miss you😋😋😘
My Wonderful Family 18.06.2018 01:06
Nat BEN 10.06.2018 19:21
RIP Avicii😭😭😭
lucas argemiro colômbiano 10.06.2018 01:11
Rahul Kumania 09.06.2018 17:54
Interstellar Vibes OOH shit they are in BLACK HOLE
Guilherme brivis 03.06.2018 20:11
Avicii hero of música
Aneta Baran 29.05.2018 22:43
R.I.P 😇AVICII😇 [*]🌹💓👼
Lacramioara Ionascu 27.05.2018 16:32
Avicii the Best dj !!!!
Armina Horvat 26.05.2018 21:17
Soleste 20.05.2018 17:19
Tim was surprisingly deeply into symbols. Here are two astronauts with the Christian cross (yes, also Sweedish flag) in communication with God. The triangle-symbol Tim use, is basicly the same as in the Jewish star, a too long story to explain. In «wake me up», you will also find Phonix as an emblem on the womans jacket, which is a symbol of Eternal life… Here the astronauts are on their way to Heaven, found through prayers to God/ or by God in Part 5.
Soleste 24.05.2018 07:53
Yes, maybe. I find it interesting that Tim seem to have been concerned about the dualism, found in several religions. In Christianity you will find most of this thinking in the Coptic church. What is in the end, is the same as what is in the beginning, The tree of Life. Tims major symbol (same as the Jewish star) have several meanings. It's considered to be a symbol of The One, and it tells about dualism within The One.
lil whitie 24.05.2018 01:14
I think you might have taken your thoughts too far here. But maybe you're right
איילון בן צבי 18.05.2018 16:59
David Morales 17.05.2018 23:19
Kamoteng kahoy 15.05.2018 21:24
Rip avicii..😭😭
Elmo Mazo 14.05.2018 19:57
Porque te moriste 😭😭
anhh dao thi 14.05.2018 06:57
very love your songs... why??? because avicii is the best of dj😘😘😘 i miss u!!!😍😥😫😢😭😭😭😭❤👣💔💕💟❣💞💝
Nicolly Dias 11.05.2018 20:34
Miroslava Delic 11.05.2018 20:23
Just Best RIP Avicii 😘😓
Ankur Verma 07.05.2018 09:33
R.I.P Avicii...Your music will live forever ❤
Wolfangel Technology 06.05.2018 13:44
You can be the potter I'll be the clay You can be the blacksmith I'll be the blade You can be the poet I'll be the song You can be the sunlight I'll be the dawn You be love I will be your love (I'll be your lover) I will be your love (I'll be your lover) You be love I will be your love (I'll be your lover) Love you like no other (I'll be your lover) I will be your compass If you'll be my north I will be your sailor If you'll be my shore You can be the gravity I'll be the fall You can be my everything I'll be your all You be love I will be your love (I'll be your lover) I will be your love (I'll be your lover) You be love I will be your love (I'll be your lover) Love you like no other (I'll be your lover) If you were heaven, I would gladly take my last breath If you are the edge, then I would gladly take the next step Be the rain, coming down, be the flood Come on take me 'til I, take me 'til I drown I need you now You be love I will be your love (I'll be your lover) I will be your love (I'll be your lover) You be love I will be your love (I'll be your lover) Love you like no other (I'll be your lover) You can be the poet I'll be the song You can be the sunlight I'll be the dawn You can be my everything I'll be your all
Tim B . 05.05.2018 08:46
Plssssss..... tell me some one ...how to bring Avicii back.....plssss...... i will do anything for him...😢😥😭😭😭
Marco L. 03.05.2018 16:59
The guitar reminds me a bit of Kaki King - Doing the wrong thing :P
Só Zuera 03.05.2018 05:03
saudades mano dj avicii 😔
Nicat Əskərov 02.05.2018 16:36
RİP 2018 😕😢
playsite 01.05.2018 19:36
I miss him so much:(
Belmont 1 30.04.2018 23:21
R.i.p 😔
木暮裕貴 29.04.2018 04:05
dance with you on the moon!
Sam Jungle 29.04.2018 01:06
돌아와 팀베를링 ,,
durrek 28.04.2018 21:37
Rip avicii. Love to him
Diana Rothchiild 28.04.2018 20:44
To feel so inspired and then to want nothing, we are so complex, a wonderful soul that suffered in silence until he couldn´t take it anymore :'(
Exy Tamahagane 27.04.2018 18:44
Irinà Raz 27.04.2018 15:41
Repose en paix avicii sniff, une étoile en plus qui brille...
Paolo Huesca 27.04.2018 13:21
RIP Avicii :( <3
Beti Katerina Aruvald 27.04.2018 11:47
R.I.P AVICII😭😭😢😢🙁🙁☹☹🇸🇪🇸🇪
Contra 380 27.04.2018 00:18
for ever and ever!" very very thanks!! maestro Avicii :)
Pyro! 26.04.2018 20:54
DJ -Pałkerson 26.04.2018 18:38
L B 26.04.2018 13:26
Thank you very much Avicii for these treasures you brought to us all R.I.P.
Paulina Elizabeth 25.04.2018 23:32
Porque te moriste avicii 😔
Fly. Jenny 25.04.2018 20:49
Love it .. 🖤
Gilmar Oliveira 25.04.2018 16:03
◢◤ (☝ฺ) ✦
Angerwolf Official 24.04.2018 23:12
its really hurt :( we will miss you RIP AVICII
Agustín Mercado 24.04.2018 19:13
Agustín Mercado 24.04.2018 19:12
Karen Guerrero Muñoz 24.04.2018 18:41
Una de mis favoritas, siempre quizé verte en vivo 😔, ahora tú música sonará en el cielo!... Gracias Tim ◀▶♥.
es solo el comienzo 23.04.2018 20:37
I love forever avicii
Lele !!!! 23.04.2018 19:41
You will be forever missed, Tim. So surreal, such a talented and beautiful soul just gone.... Rest In Peace legend. You may be gone but not forgotten💔
Nighty Jammer 23.04.2018 18:57
Rip legend ❤
Roza Jamalova 23.04.2018 17:10
Rest in peace😭
やま 23.04.2018 15:13
RIP Avicii ◢ ◤
Death Baby 23.04.2018 11:18
why bad things happens to the good people R.I.P avicci <3 <3
Alice HL 23.04.2018 08:34
Nighty Jammer 23.04.2018 18:58
Alice HL rip legend ❤
Best Videos 23.04.2018 05:08
Hey brother gone to early😢😢😭 R.I.P
Rubik's Cubed 23.04.2018 03:03
Rest in peace you legend, you.
Tr3ss 23.04.2018 02:42
avicii :,(
Winniepooh B-Gear 23.04.2018 02:13
R.I.P. Avicii😥
panna Zuzanna 22.04.2018 22:25
Lovelyyy😞😞😞(*) (*)
Natan 22.04.2018 20:39
I'll always remember you, Avicii 😭🖤
Shaheer Aamir 22.04.2018 17:57
rest in peace
GPSC 22.04.2018 16:58
Karla Violinete 22.04.2018 15:35
Não Sei 22.04.2018 14:46
RIP bro😖 thank you for make me happy every day, thank you for your music
Moncef Hellal 22.04.2018 14:38
Rest in peace legend your music will live forever
Wender Tiago 22.04.2018 12:32
rip my king, we miss you so much ❤
Yession Cubias 22.04.2018 05:33
Descansa en paz 😢AVICII nunca se te olvidara
Nighty Jammer 23.04.2018 18:59
Yession Cubias rip legend ❤
Caleb Sagaitu 22.04.2018 01:55
Legends will always be remembered. Rest in peace
01 01 21.04.2018 20:39
01 01 21.04.2018 20:39
Crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔
Lizbeth Alvarez Gasca 21.04.2018 20:26
:/ ..... Su musica jamás sera olvidada .. Siempre será una memoria y una inspiración aunque ya no se encuentre entre nosotros u.u
Yazan Alwer 21.04.2018 20:22
Frore 21.04.2018 19:18
Rest easy <3
Pamela Quintanilla Pérez 21.04.2018 18:55