Avicii - Friend Of Mine (Original Video) ft. Vargas & Lagola

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Опубликовано: 31.12.2017
Listen to the EP here: http://avicii.lnk.to/AVICI Agency: Black Dalmatian Films/OPA PEOPLE Written by: @unkowngenius Directed by: Tobias Leo Nordquist Production Company: Composite Producers: Charles Hayes & Cody #Avicii #FriendOfMine #vevo #electronic #vevoofficial
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Maroon 5 25.01.2019 10:51
E O 25.01.2019 08:02
Doesn’t the girl look a bit like Melania Trump in the transition old to young?
Neneng Muzdalifa 25.01.2019 07:23
I love you my bro
Breeze Zoe 25.01.2019 05:05
The last song😭
Toxic 24.01.2019 17:53
You have to like if Avicii is friend of yours, because he was friend of everyone. Sad that he passed so young, yet so talented.
Elon Musk 24.01.2019 15:18
You : like her She : You are friend of mine :)
KS 24.01.2019 13:36
2056? Anyone?
Kyle Cinco 24.01.2019 12:35
Your born to be Legend Avicii you will be remembered in our heart hope you're happy
てん* 24.01.2019 11:56
I love Avicii
Y. L. 24.01.2019 08:27
one of my fav!!!!
lovelyhumblemistakes 101 24.01.2019 03:49
R.I.P Avicii lost but loved you have great music I have hey brother
Snomes - Gaming 24.01.2019 03:28
GamePek 23.01.2019 22:47
Quem tá assistindo em 2019
Vinay Tank 23.01.2019 18:50
Soon it's gonna be year. Still miss you. Your music will be Eternal 🔺🔻
Kocha Moto 23.01.2019 10:32
dude this clip is so good ! everything is perfect ! rest in peace hero !
Ynn aesthetic 23.01.2019 10:17
I miss u avicii 😭😭
Deffarn Sten 22.01.2019 23:10
Avicii have seriously been like a real god to me. IM totaly serious. Im born in 2001 and when i was 9 i first heard hes song love bromance without the Vocals. It was the best i ever heard in music and Will ever be heard. Ive supported Tim altrough hes career and have been to all the worth seeing concerts here in sweden. Today i tattoed aviciis logo on my arm and Will stay there forever. Thank you Tim Bergling for everything you have Done for me since i was a little kid. All the happy memories, all the sad ones, you Will Always have a big place in my heart as the best musical guinius that have ever walked on this earth. It has been a honor to have listen to you 24/7. Until later my legend❤️
Leonardo Favetta Favetta 22.01.2019 21:42
Ariana Arlette Dorado Ocaña 22.01.2019 14:25
Avicii 😭😭😭😭😭💔
Black Dragon Neko 21.01.2019 23:48
I miss Avicii :,(
Marcel Etté Perreti 21.01.2019 18:37
2019! Who is still here missing this talent ?
Renata Rowland 21.01.2019 18:10
Such an extremely beautiful and euphoric melody... he was so talented. He is much missed, what a beautiful message to the music video as well.
Adrian Cercel 21.01.2019 15:08
avicii the world is cruel but because u have that legendsry music you will be forever in our hearts
Lauren 21.01.2019 06:23
Ratnadevie Ramsoedit 20.01.2019 23:26
💖Love u Avicci.You took me out of a dark place with your music.May your soul rest in heaven.
Elvira fredlund 20.01.2019 18:38
R.I.P Avicii saknar dig du är BÄST //Ebba
Jake 80007 20.01.2019 15:14
pdavid. 20.01.2019 13:37
Touching story ! :(
greezly beer 20.01.2019 11:54
this music is grait
aadam niwaz 19.01.2019 21:33
😢😭 Miss you Tim
BL1tzz 19.01.2019 16:47
ini video ada sangkut pautnya sama waiting for love?
JerohanRo 19.01.2019 15:25
2019? Avicii come back 😖
i0s0n0zer0 cc 19.01.2019 00:48
Maria Shaw 18.01.2019 13:36
<3 <3 <3 Always.. <3
togrul hesenzade 18.01.2019 10:32
Who thinks that AViCii is Eternal? <3
his last song🥺❤️
Dakchya Kumai 18.01.2019 03:15
Beatrice Jewelvalley 18.01.2019 01:34
2019 anyone?
Gabriela De Oliveira Teixeira 17.01.2019 18:06
R.I.P. Avicii R.I.P. Tim 😭 [2]
りゅうJustRyuu 17.01.2019 17:22
◢ ◤ 2019
Lishen 16.01.2019 14:16
r.i.p avicii we will miss you forever and ever 🏁
BT BOI 16.01.2019 09:27
who is listening in 2019? rip avicii😫💓
Karolina Cegielska 15.01.2019 14:35
Bishwash Devkota 15.01.2019 10:36
Miss you avicii😩😩😩😩
Vay 15.01.2019 03:26
Rest In Peace Avicii <3 you've inspired so many people all over the world! All times😭
Szoppe18video 14.01.2019 19:48
Vilma Falconer 14.01.2019 18:03
I never know that avicii died but I want to say that you are a legend
Chazz HD 14.01.2019 17:13
Şenay T. 14.01.2019 17:11
Still feeling sad to Avicii's death.Every song makes me cry. He had a beautiful heart and a legendary ability. I know Avicii , you see us from somewhere.We will always love you and miss you ❤❤❤
Şenay T. 22.01.2019 06:33
+Andrew Khaigou Mate You may not believe it, but I believe it. My religion has the Hereafter, which makes me happy. Because the idea of ​​going away after death is frightening
Andrew Khaigou Mate 22.01.2019 04:24
There is no heaven
error 678 14.01.2019 13:54
Karan Singh 14.01.2019 06:03
I am reallly missing my best friend.😔😔
tech Android 14.01.2019 02:08
Like si habla español y extraña su musica😥😥😥😭😭😭
AngelinaTheGreat1 13.01.2019 15:45
Who’s listening to this in 2019? Rip Avicii💔😓
ExPeRtS ViEw 13.01.2019 09:42
Guys don't feel sad about him bcoz he had taken rebirth !!! His contribution to Electronic music is very much and God had surely sent him back to Earth but as a baby. )Indirectly I am also missing TIM)
aman varma 13.01.2019 07:27
2019......we miss uh avicii😭😭....RIP
Leo Esquivel 13.01.2019 06:24
Aún hoy te escucho y amo tu música, jamás quedarás en el olvido Avicii Gracias! 13/01/2019
AltijdHard403 12.01.2019 14:04
We miss u legend😔🙏
Stylian Marto 12.01.2019 13:33
R.I.P. Avicii we all miss him !!
Nlx Milan 12.01.2019 13:15
rip avicii
Nur Nasuha 12.01.2019 12:17
We will all remember you Avicii!!!!!
Seckin Aytas 12.01.2019 11:54
Hayatımda dinlediğim en soft şarkı. The softest song I've ever heard in my life.
Alfonda Putra 12.01.2019 11:25
2019? Iam from Indonesian
Cameron ™ 12.01.2019 06:58
Unbreakable was better than Friend of Mine. Just by opinion...
Mathy AV 12.01.2019 03:59
Tu alma descansa en paz, pero nuestros recuerdos permaneceran para siempre. R.I.P Avicii Miss you ❤🎶
os motores mais irados e mais tocadas do Sorriso 12.01.2019 02:09
É terno Avicii 😭😭😭😭
Karin Zarate Tapia 12.01.2019 02:05
Adios avicii adios electro 😢😢
Ðαɳɪɛɭ 12.01.2019 00:56
XWakuś 11.01.2019 23:26
Poland. RIP. 2017 - Lil Peep 2018 - XXXTentacion 2018 - AVICII 2019 - me, pls
Lv Tí 11.01.2019 22:19
HAPPY 2019 ........... LEGEND NEVER DIE
FaZe Hill 11.01.2019 21:11
See You In Heaven
AKhilleus 11.01.2019 19:50
We still here in 2019, probably will be until 2050. Rip Tim :(
Blue藍藍 11.01.2019 08:33
Avicii always amazing. ◢ ◤ R.I.P
*_sempre me pergunto, será que no futuro escutarão as músicas de Avicii? espero que sim... Não sou a mesma sem ti Tim, sempre me lembro, aos meus 7 anos de idade. eu sempre escutava suas músicas, não tinha noção naquela época, agora quando vi que você morreu... um mês antes do meu aniversario(março) ... tudo mudou...Saudades. de Brasill_* *_I always wonder, will you listen to Avicii's songs in the future? I hope so ... I'm not the same without you Tim, I always remember, at my 7 years old. I always listened to your songs, I had no concept at that time, now when I saw that you died ...a month before my birthday (March) ... everything changed ... I miss you. from Brazil_*
hraju hry cz 10.01.2019 19:04
avicii isn t dead !!!!
Mira _XD 10.01.2019 14:45
Khoa Phạm 10.01.2019 06:26
Still love you and sad so much :(. Rest In Peace Legend :(
Andre Oktavian 10.01.2019 05:04
Thanks avici you my insmpirecion
Alex Chop 09.01.2019 13:59
соскучился очень...возвращайся Бро <3
Paul Mina Storm 09.01.2019 13:19
Just watched the documentary"Avicii True Stories", his "hustler" manager books him for 900 shows over an eight year period. Who does that? Watch it and you'll know who caused him his health problems and contributed ultimately to his death. A story about exploiting a young/naive talent by a Swedish/Arab talent manager.
Qu1d Ruple 09.01.2019 09:42
I friend of mine will never be forgotten but always missed
KevinTheNoob 09.01.2019 04:10
One of his last’s songs *_RIP_*
Maquiane Kitaichuka 09.01.2019 03:15
Sdds Avicii 😢
CPX gaming 09.01.2019 02:53
The last avicii's song 😭
Laugh·a·ble Operation 09.01.2019 01:21
Whose here after watching mike posner move on. 😭
JOEL XD VEGA 09.01.2019 00:01
2019 ••""""""""
Eric Cruz 08.01.2019 22:52
We love you Avicii from Houston, Texas🙏🏼💕
Jhona .Exford Buceta 08.01.2019 22:45
Acaso no esta muerto?
hector fuentes 08.01.2019 19:21
WHY THE FUCK ALL THE AVICII VIDEOCLIPS ARE PRECIOUS BUT SAD? In the "Waiting for love" videoclip it's supposed that the guy commites suicide by pills and meet his wife again in heaven, in this is a corresponded teen love but when they get older the guy haves alzheimer disease, in "Wake me up" the girls are discriminated by listening to avicii but they find other fans, in "the nights" the guy remember the past trough photos and that is sad cause you can't see his dad in the video until the photos so I suppose thet his dad is dead. By the moment these are all the avicii videoclips that I've watched. When I see the other I'll refresh the comment.
HarDyx 08.01.2019 17:47
Lloré al entender los ultimos segundos del video :'(
Hex 08.01.2019 16:41
cuck: the movie
Jody Bedjo 08.01.2019 16:05
Amartya Singh 08.01.2019 10:58
This song gets me every single frikkin time......i love u avicii😭💙💙
Mroku 07.01.2019 20:15
Memeinatr 07.01.2019 10:13
Great song dude. We all miss you, if you were here, this world was better. We will remember all your songs in our hearts. And especially, we’ll remember you in our hearts.
Kirei Emilia 07.01.2019 09:48
No one can replace you bro. you are the only one and the greatest musician 😭😭
Neneng Muzdalifa 07.01.2019 08:25
2019..... God Bless You broo😇
Uncle Larry 07.01.2019 05:37
When he left he left hope for all God bless you tim
Temmar Djobrane 06.01.2019 22:16
RIP Avicii 😞
Harry Houdini 06.01.2019 21:29
Anson 06.01.2019 18:25
miss you AVICII