LSD - Mountains (Official Lyric Video) ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

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Опубликовано: 15.11.2018
Labrinth, Sia & Diplo present LSD - Mountains (Official Lyric Video) Stream "Mountains" now: Spotify: iTunes: Apple Music: Amazon Music: Learn more about LSD and sign up for the official mailing list: Director: Ben Jones Producer: James Merrill Lyrics: Heck yeah breathe you Darling I see you I hope you see me too I want to know you Here ain’t no rocky ground Yeah, I put one million down When you walk I kiss the ground Hey, hey I love you So what we gotta lose What we gotta move I move mountains I can see it through I can do it too Like a prophet What we gotta lose What we gotta move I move mountains I’d do anything for you Anything to move Move, mountains Sing it! Mountains, Mountains Mountains, Mountains Mountains, Mountains Mountains, Mountains Lord I am so blessed ‘Cuz you come with interest Fill up my pockets I want to own you So what we gotta lose What we gotta move I move mountains I can see it through I can do it too Like a prophet What we gotta lose What we gotta move I move mountains I’d do anything for you Anything to move Move, mountains Sing it! Mountains, Mountains Mountains, Mountains Mountains, Mountains Mountains, Mountains Follow LSD Official Website: Facebook: Spotify: Follow Sia Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: Follow Diplo Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: Follow Labrinth Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud:
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Baliey Chatfield 25.01.2019 10:02
Elizabet Sosa balderas 25.01.2019 04:44
Sia ok ok ok ok is me ALFREDO.I love you darling i feel sorry .im here .i need you sia.this telefon is my sister .
Ames C 25.01.2019 03:48
Best song 💗👍🏼😎✌🏼
dustin steeves 25.01.2019 01:46
AI Song Compilations Poppy-time is up🥉 Grimes- we appreciate power🥈 Sis- moves mountains.....🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
trailer world 1234 24.01.2019 17:07
I m the great fan of sia mam
trailer world 1234 24.01.2019 17:06
What a beautiful voice
Moiz Ahmed 24.01.2019 09:18
Why this song seems to have like a connection with satan😥🤔🤔
seba plan v mas bien 24.01.2019 05:39
Dear Sia Why have you decided to block some of your videos here in my country Argentina? for example Candy Cane Line ... Hopefully you can review that decision and reverse it ... Kisses for you, beautiful genie.
Kim Butterfly 24.01.2019 04:28
So sia and labyrith stole the creatures diary?
oddly children 24.01.2019 02:00
Pannadela 23.01.2019 22:14
It gives Adventure Time vibe so much 😊
Caticon gaspar 23.01.2019 20:56
diplo, it's so cute haha
Prince Rahman 23.01.2019 20:34
And then she replied "just move on"
EXOVOXY 23.01.2019 12:02
Remix with Bebe rehaxa
Devil 666 23.01.2019 09:22
YUM ... my lullbay for peaceful sleep for lucid dreams 🖤💜🧡💛💚💙❤
Rodrigo Gonzalez 23.01.2019 07:12
Am I the only one who hears Fallen Down from Undertale in the first verse of the song?
Marc John Favor Rapanut 23.01.2019 07:07
i miss adventure time
Andres Reyes 23.01.2019 01:11
LSD = L = Labrinth S = Sia D = Diplo
Solomon Nwosu 23.01.2019 00:17
Paula Valéria Simões Coelho 22.01.2019 19:29
banana ranzia 22.01.2019 13:02
Ivan Dario 22.01.2019 09:06
des français ici? :v
supreme meme 22.01.2019 05:36
This song kinda creeped me out, not gonna lie 🐌
Jacob Copeland 22.01.2019 01:34
Why does this album only have 4 songs? I want more!
Mehmet Başarslan 21.01.2019 22:00
I love you Sia I from turkey
Baxir Khan 21.01.2019 20:43
what was that
Andrew Wambura 21.01.2019 17:36
wow! amazing song
Reese Hilliard 21.01.2019 17:05
I never expect rat boy genius
David Dickinson 21.01.2019 16:20
< 3rd Eye Sees /\ Mountains Fly Pyramids Of Past Today's Future. Love Essence 60s 70s 80s. Voice Circles Light With Sound And Tone. 💜💫🌟 David Alan Dickinson J. 8. Orion 3. /D\/A\/D\ ♈ >
jung _k00k 21.01.2019 14:32
Mountains! <3 Best music!
afiroma 21.01.2019 13:48
afiroma 21.01.2019 13:47
Jan K 21.01.2019 10:39
1:06 - 1:52 Click for the best fragment
Just a gamer girl 20.01.2019 19:24
Algum br gosta de ver vídeos dessa linda? (Sou a única ;u;)
Lee 20.01.2019 13:32
1:07 tho...
Jigsaw 20.01.2019 13:02
Sia est à la hauteur de Michael Jackson pour moi. C'est une artiste incroyable! Elle arrive à transmettre ses émotions grâce à sa voix unique.
Nicolasa Mitrovic-Navarrete 20.01.2019 07:22
That mouse though 😂😂😂
Itsicecreame 20.01.2019 02:28
Who thought this was adventure time where the episode was like the guy that lost his eyes (and it was in his beard - -) oh and i love u sia! >w<
REACCION X 19.01.2019 22:42
:''''u se levantó chimuelo :'''u
Maria Wuedina 19.01.2019 18:07
Sia 🖤🖤
Azura 19.01.2019 10:07
1:32 Mouse tails Mouse tails
Train Insane 19.01.2019 09:40
0:34 My left ear got orgasm I enjoy the beat it's tickeling 💓❤️
Mayouy Boudens 19.01.2019 02:52
The first minute of this song is like ASMR in action as a song
Mezzioli 19.01.2019 01:17
could be better-
Rezhna BTS 18.01.2019 15:50
Jig Geagea 18.01.2019 13:10
Jig Geagea 18.01.2019 13:10
Luffi D.A.R.k 18.01.2019 06:48
ii_NovaGachaVerse The legend 18.01.2019 06:29
S = She I= Is A = Amazing
Jen 1990 17.01.2019 22:30
I dream a collab Sia ft Loic Nottet 😌
이정민 17.01.2019 13:27
Руслан Рагимов 17.01.2019 13:20
Thank You very much !)
Tarık Skillmaster2004 17.01.2019 10:50
This women phsycho?
Angel Juarez 17.01.2019 04:49
Alguien que hable español y le encante sia
Erika Gamez Portocarrero 18.01.2019 18:07
es maravillosa
Equestrian Beth 16.01.2019 23:58
Makes me think of adventure time
Anderson Lima 16.01.2019 17:47
do't really understand why this music is so underrated
Vatsal Verma 16.01.2019 16:46
What a lovely song wonderful
David Lara 16.01.2019 15:29
I saw this so high yesterday that i didn't even heard the lyrics (pretty good btw)
Olka Kap 16.01.2019 14:37
Mountains mountains mountains mountains mountains mountains !!!!!!!😍😍
esra ergen gözüdok 16.01.2019 14:30
Türkler +1
Mountain S.O 16.01.2019 12:21
Mountain XD
m 16.01.2019 09:04
bravo sia
Handley Page VICTOR K Mk. 2 16.01.2019 07:42
This stuff is very güd
João vitor 15.01.2019 16:47
Sia vai ter novos guiplis
João vitor 15.01.2019 16:48
Sia vai ter novos glipes
Liam Santos 15.01.2019 11:36
Diplo ♡♡♡
joshua Chang 15.01.2019 02:22
Like a christian song
Super Candy 14.01.2019 21:34
Hey they name group is LSD LSD is a drug When I watch they video clip, i wonder if they took LSD
blue mage 14.01.2019 17:51
fuck that rat lol
Jeosafa Gonçalves 14.01.2019 17:51
╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X X ║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━║
blue mage 14.01.2019 17:50
this song gets good
Tata MyDaughter 14.01.2019 14:08
Maha Mohamed 14.01.2019 12:46
4.000.000 only!! Are you kidding me!! =O
sky bright 14.01.2019 07:58
This song is so relaxing
Silviu Feraru 14.01.2019 07:12
Who likes sia 👇👇
Enjela Flo 13.01.2019 19:28
Am I the only one who’s obsessed with 1:52
Shroq Mad 13.01.2019 19:27
Salome Lopez 13.01.2019 16:31
ZepandaGamer 13.01.2019 09:36
I love you sia I have a huge desire to meet you hug you with all my soul, your music is wonderful you are a divine being of light and power I cry for you I love you I love you I hope someday I know greetings from Mexico. Kisses and hugs💗💖💘💝💟💟💌💓💞❤🧡💛💙💚
Shadow Child 13.01.2019 06:56
This song represents my fever dream.
김주태 13.01.2019 06:17
0:10, Darling? I played it almost 100 times, but to me It sounds like 'No problem..' Does ANYONE tell me the truth??
Сення Лабус 13.01.2019 00:22
Kyanie Legagneur 12.01.2019 21:39
alguém perturbado 12.01.2019 14:00
Que loucura boa☺️🤗,me lembroou de hora de aventura
Bina Champramary 12.01.2019 03:26
Another masterpiece of lsd.....wooo
SZELE 007 11.01.2019 23:26
Listen to it while high!
JP Viclar 11.01.2019 14:24
Oh i remember Adventure Time
Aldo Mazzarino 11.01.2019 13:48
why is nobody talking about yeti diplo
Kardelen Tube 11.01.2019 13:35
Türkiye'den selamlar
David Mills 11.01.2019 09:26
Faith can move mountains, she's a big girl.
noby gaming 11.01.2019 07:47
Steve Nair 11.01.2019 04:24
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808ASIANKID808 11.01.2019 02:58
Am I the only one who didn't like this song??? I love LSD's previous 3 songs but this one seems a little....repetitive and weird imo. It's definitely unique and artsy, but I would never go out of my way to listen to it. Anyone else feel the same?
MUGEN Channel 10.01.2019 21:32
Sona queen 10.01.2019 21:16
I love it so much!!!
1TieDye1 10.01.2019 20:10
this group is from the gods.
Pit Bull 10.01.2019 14:23
This was the greatest magic show ever👻
Dyiawblou 10.01.2019 04:35
This video does not do the song justice.
A 10.01.2019 04:06
This helps my depression a bit
Zipei Lei 09.01.2019 23:30
How come this only got 4M views while others all blew up? This song is one the best in the album!
Deer in Headlights 10.01.2019 22:49
There's no album...
CEB404 Animações e talz 09.01.2019 21:59