Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (Official Video)

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Опубликовано: 19.06.2014
The first track on Michael Jackson’s album, XSCAPE, is “Love Never Felt So Good” which was “contemporized” by producer (and Michael Jackson Estate Co-Executor) John McClain. This version of the video for the song celebrates Michael and a recording which makes everyone who hears it want to get up and dance just like all of the dancers featured in the video. Download Xscape on iTunes Now: http://smarturl.it/xscape?IQid=youtube Download Xscape on Amazon Now: http://smarturl.it/xscape-amazonmp3 Audio stream also available now at Music Unlimited Music Unlimited XSCAPE is an album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs. The album is produced and curated by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid, who retooled the production to add a fresh, contemporary sound that retains Jackson's essence and integrity. It's a process Reid calls "contemporizing." The list of producers include global hitmakers Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, and John McClain. For more information on the album, go to www.michaeljackson.com. Facebook.com/MichaelJackson Twitter: @MichaelJackson Instagram: @MichaelJackson Google+: +MichaelJackson Music video by Michael Jackson performing Love Never Felt So Good. (C) 2014 MJJ Productions, Inc.
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YAN GABRIEL MENDES 20.03.2019 00:12
Que falta que esse cara faz! 💔 Prq as pessoas boas se vão é quem fica são as ruins?😭
Beth Razz 19.03.2019 09:37
Hi baby. I miss you. Xoxo. RIP.
B coco steph 19.03.2019 04:38
Esa parte donde sale el espacio vacío entre los cantantes duele 😭. Por lo menos el ya está descansando de tanto acoso y mentiras
Carlos Alexandre Nascimento 19.03.2019 01:27
Michael Vive ❤️
SupB1tCH 19.03.2019 00:35
Chaosmayagg 19.03.2019 00:32
The dislikes should be in jail
Harus Jr 18.03.2019 17:32
March 😍
dead kid 18.03.2019 08:47
Oh baby
Tulio Gutierrez 17.03.2019 19:33
Sir. Tláloc 17.03.2019 17:42
Lo que dicen de Michael es falso, el no maltrataba a los niños, el los amaba. Su infancia no fue como debió haber sido, tenía un talento único, y lo usó desde pequeño, la gente que lo conoció dice que parecía un adulto en el cuerpo de un niño, haciendo negocios en Mowton y en disqueras; por eso ayudaba tanto a los niños, no quería que nadie pasara por lo que el pasó. Quería que todos tuvieran una buena infancia. Michael fue de las personas más geniales del mundo, se convirtió en leyenda... *Y LAS LEYENDAS NUNCA MUEREN.*
RatNoina Maew 17.03.2019 01:25
God bless you Michael for giving the world such wonderful music.
Lindy Naylor 17.03.2019 00:17
I miss you😔💕
PabloGM70 17.03.2019 00:16
B coco steph 16.03.2019 19:01
I cant belive he is gone 😭. Love you Michael
Gabriel XGamer_12 16.03.2019 03:41
Cecilia Diaz Mondragon 15.03.2019 22:38
andre begovi guevara 15.03.2019 22:14
Describo a Michael Jackson como:"FANTÁSTICO" Y "IMPRESIONANTE"
Fuerza Dominante 15.03.2019 08:07
Hee hee
Sanne Kerkhof 14.03.2019 17:17
Laura Festa Platto 14.03.2019 09:12
I like too much song!!!!! Michel are a big!!! This performance a dance are very, very beautiful!!! 💃💃👍👍🎼🎵🎶 👍👍👋👋💗💋💋
Mabel Mencia 13.03.2019 19:50
Que gran musica por dios
Amy liang 13.03.2019 13:37
Harsh bhardwaj 13.03.2019 10:44
Who came here after watching bts American hustle life suga jungkook and v performance
Harsh bhardwaj 18.03.2019 10:03
+MISCHIE it's alryt
MISCHIE 18.03.2019 10:00
The S.M Channel 13.03.2019 04:17
daniel mateo salcedo 12.03.2019 20:19
2019 pop michael
Guilherme Tavares 12.03.2019 12:03
alguem 2030?
briii28 28 11.03.2019 23:07
swati sparkle 11.03.2019 19:44
Mikkel Aarup 11.03.2019 18:23
Like kanye said it.. it’s amazing!! He is The Best to ever do it!!!!!
Lia Poetry 11.03.2019 06:28
Michael GENIUS Jackson ❤ Love you Angel
Maximiliano Monteros 11.03.2019 23:01
Era chiste
Maximiliano Monteros 11.03.2019 23:01
Degilda Delgado 10.03.2019 22:18
Maycon jackson
JKJ ZIEMNIAK 10.03.2019 21:35
Fuck off you psychopat
Fanolua McGraw 10.03.2019 20:02
If you really love me say that I'm alive. 😅😅😂😂😂😭😭😭😭❤❤💗💗💕💕💕💕❤
Lilibeth Morales 10.03.2019 17:13
denzor moralezz 10.03.2019 03:54
Luiz Henrique Silvia 10.03.2019 00:53
Maycon Jackson o melhor dançarino
Jhon edimer Guzmán duran 09.03.2019 23:45
King of music
Luandina Sousa 09.03.2019 19:11
March 2019????
Tuamafa Thomas 09.03.2019 15:58
Love never felt so good 😭
chewtofeel 5gum 08.03.2019 20:04
Maria Ines Lopez 07.03.2019 17:46
Me encanta ❤️
Conrad Zimmerman 07.03.2019 09:44
I love you Michael XOX
TR B 07.03.2019 08:48
You are beautiful person. You are an angel. Rest in peace.
Seraj shah 06.03.2019 15:14
Love Never Felt So Good , So I request To All Pls Don't Fall In Love Because Very Sad Ending In your fantastic Life
haru lozano 06.03.2019 02:52
Hanna Orosz 05.03.2019 19:08
#strongmichaelfans 💞
DJ L 05.03.2019 06:24
i don't know you Michael, exactly before, but i feel your soul for music a little bit.
꧁•NOVA••꧂ 04.03.2019 22:56
Ya duermanze que a esta hora sale el ayuwoki
Yunxiang Bai 04.03.2019 17:59
Who's still here after the sexual assault allegation?
MJ MJ 04.03.2019 08:40
16 MILLION VIEWS!?!? This song deserve better!! More than 100 million views ,its MJ ,people !! C mon!!!!;
didi jackson 04.03.2019 05:25
*LONG LIVE TO THE GREATEST KING* He brings us so much joy, i'm crying from joy, this song is beautiful, Michael you're a wonderful gift from heaven, thank you to exists. 🎉❤️ 2019? 😁
정의재 03.03.2019 11:45
Miss u king❤️
isabelle emard 03.03.2019 09:42
Tro bien 😊
Jorge Ramírez 03.03.2019 01:09
There will never be any artist like MJ again :(
Gamer Nate103 02.03.2019 20:22
Nice moon walk
Mayeli López 01.03.2019 01:53
3:46 Simplemente hermosa la sonrisa de mi Michael ❤️.
Jozef Gomez 01.03.2019 01:52
We miss you michael
이원 28.02.2019 03:46
1:49 Best
Celicia Rose 27.02.2019 20:47
Michael we wish you were here
Elvys Pena 27.02.2019 04:38
Michael sele kiere mucho por aki espero que dios me lo tenga en donde merezca que biba el rey del pop
Ruby R 25.02.2019 20:01
I cried watching this, I miss him 😢
VeikkoVenemies 25.02.2019 07:52
His music never gets old. From his first single with the Jackson 5 all the way up to his last album and the songs released after his passing, it’s all gold.
MJ MJ 25.02.2019 07:04
Miss you Michael ,you are my inspiration !! The greatest ever!
MJ MJ 25.02.2019 07:03
2,9 k people without taste!
vitória viggiano 25.02.2019 02:56
The world miss you, mike. Love u
Oh Yeah Yeah warrior level 967 24.02.2019 06:52
Still a banger
princess Mia Quoia princess mia 24.02.2019 04:02
2019! Love never felt so good
Burnt Orange 24.02.2019 00:51
Doggone PERFECTION! Many imitators but NO ONE will EVER move like him. God I miss him.
Josh Evans 23.02.2019 21:07
We miss you Michael
Laura Medina 23.02.2019 20:52
shortcomedyclips 23.02.2019 07:37
Michael, I just cant stop loving you.....🎶
Micheal Jackson 22.02.2019 22:13
Miss him☹️
Om Singh 22.02.2019 21:53
I luv you mj all time all year all age😘😘😘
박우덕 22.02.2019 13:14
thank you. michael.
Nuggets4LIFE JJ 21.02.2019 22:53
I wonder if any 3019 people will know of Michael Jackson
Краб :Р 21.02.2019 10:23
We never forgot you Michael...
Queen Empress 20.02.2019 15:54
Michael FOREVER!!
Snowy Night 20.02.2019 09:09
I miss michael so much and i always wondered what it would be like if he made new music today. Never heard this beautiful song before. Im so thankful i havent heard this song before. I can just imagine him just release this song. Made my night/early morning.
mkeonine 20.02.2019 07:13
I like both versions but anytime my dude Michael gets more shine, then that's the better version! No doubt! Lol.
POPABlTCH 20.02.2019 03:55
He sounds heavenly on this track. He was floating effortlessly on this instrumental...
Geraldi Reyes 20.02.2019 03:03
I miss michael jackson R.I.P Mj
Oh Its magic 20.02.2019 02:54
2 0 1 9 ?
V8 Power 19.02.2019 22:22
Who else listens to this song in 1968??
Ninja Fatar23 19.02.2019 11:51
I Miss And Love You Michael Jackson :') I Don't Think His Will Died.BTW Happy Birthday 60th Or 61th
DJ Ritty 19.02.2019 10:28
This one is better than the justin one but still not as good as the original one.
Eileen Rubio 19.02.2019 03:25
When I was 7 years old in the 2nd grade... He was my favorite.. years later.. he still is.. <3
Delma Najlepsza 18.02.2019 21:47
Damaris Sáenz 18.02.2019 08:48
Michael siempre en mi corazón... 2019.
Damaris Sáenz 18.02.2019 08:47
Didin Indo 17.02.2019 15:31
Caio Naruto 17.02.2019 07:28
Rip mj😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Fabiana Martins 17.02.2019 02:17
Michael eterno para sempre!!!! Pra sempre te amarei...16/2/2019!!
Maria Pauladefaria 17.02.2019 00:19
Estou chorando por causa dele ele é o melhor cantor do mundo todo...te amo.#Michael te amo muito ele esta vivo em algum lugar
Nikolka Jonasova 16.02.2019 17:39
Tancit jako on... Miluji te Michaeli
Lou Garza 16.02.2019 11:37
So glad I got to see him in concert back in 84 😊
jac thegroove 15.02.2019 21:36
jac thegroove 15.02.2019 21:38
a b 15.02.2019 13:30
i can t help but feel sad😢
Samuel Tobing 15.02.2019 06:57
February 2019
un manco del fornite 14.02.2019 23:04
14 de febrero
SHADITTARIUS freestyles 13.02.2019 23:48
ss--Shadittarius--}-> + ; ) Lee ( : = <3 4ever 🇮🇹 ♥ ; ) ALICE ( : ♥ DADDY <3 S YOU PRETTY CURLY