How you can make a fruit fly eat veggies | DIY Neuroscience, a TED series

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Опубликовано: 15.09.2018
Can the mind be manipulated to love a food we loathe? The evidence from fruit flies is compelling, and perhaps surprising. Our tag team of neuroscientists attempts to change a fly's preference for fruit over vegetables simply by shining a light on their brain. On DIY Neuroscience, a TED original series, watch cutting-edge neuroscience experiments on a shoestring budget. Check out more here: Subscribe to our channel:
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kindoflame 15.01.2019 17:26
There is also the question of if you should use optogenetics on humans.
idiot stupid 28.10.2018 04:56
attach this gene to the CB1 receptor and get high at the press of a button
Blah Blah 14.10.2018 04:42
2:49 me after watching a bunch of science videos
Nevermore 02.10.2018 10:49
Ferment them perhaps? Fruit flies love my kimchi.
eclipse 30.09.2018 10:06
Broccoli cannot compete with Banana My kids like both anyway I dont care for broccoli though, maybe once in awhile and just the bush part :)
Leonidas 666 22.09.2018 08:10
So, you want to geneticly modify children to eat vegetables... Nothing wrong there.
Tomi Odinson 19.09.2018 23:33
what does that say about tv + other screen media and marketing?
The Tongue Of Angels 19.09.2018 20:18
Just a taste of broccoli..
Jonathan Levy 19.09.2018 20:01
I liked the music when the receptors work, like a small casino in their heads lol
Return Gawd 19.09.2018 04:49
Mind control anyone? Stewie Griffin approves xD
Sean Carter 18.09.2018 20:51
I love how they're acting surprised that a FRUIT fly prefers banana to brocoli at 1:30
Sam Gamgee 18.09.2018 19:30
Oh Monstrous!
Snow Mathews 18.09.2018 16:47
This rings an unsettlingly dystopic bell for me. Fascinating, yes, but disturbing as well.
celestialcircledance 18.09.2018 11:25
I'd be eating mountains of veg .Shine the light on me !!!
赵洪兵 17.09.2018 13:59
SHAAH HAMEED 17.09.2018 07:44
I have seen optogenetics here and there but the fly eats the brocolli before red light is flashed...fishy
jo brown 16.09.2018 18:20
Amazing potential for mind control
selfreference2 16.09.2018 17:10
Johannes Snutt 16.09.2018 10:57
I hear tell that even some adults don't like broccoli. I find the stuff great. It soaks up what ever sauce their in and have a crispy and fun texture!
Integrite 26.09.2018 04:43
Johannes Snutt yeah I’m not sure why most people especially kids hate broccoli it’s pretty tasty.I have no idea what’s wrong with it
celestialcircledance 18.09.2018 11:40
I think the cooking method and sweet salty fatty stuff it gets soaked in is key lol . It's not quite as exciting raw and naked .
براہمداغ 16.09.2018 06:56
"Mouth Aspirator" that is what i am going to call it from today on wards.
براہمداغ 16.09.2018 06:54
I will donate my firstborn to you to do this.
Ivory M 16.09.2018 01:52
Classical conditioning might be easier
N Flynn 25.09.2018 17:04
my thought was, 'how is this different than Pavlov?'
simplypieFTW 16.09.2018 01:09
4:12 surely you could just have a machine learning algorithm that could identify food and trigger a light whenever it sees veggies going into someone's face. I found a list of projects that do the recognition part on google:, and connecting that algorithm to a micro controller controlling a light is something a high school student could do.
Keyboardje 16.09.2018 00:58
Who would want their kid to be genetically manipulated just so it eats its veggies? O.o Or at all for whatever even!
celestialcircledance 18.09.2018 11:50
I imagine it would depend how stubborn and nutrient deprived there kid is and what the side effects of treatment are . Not all kids grow out of picky eating and it can become a serious issue .
Paladin _ 16.09.2018 00:45
Interesting experiment
Jean #NAMASTÊ 16.09.2018 00:45
A vegan fly
Investing Book Summaries 15.09.2018 23:50
Shining a red light on a kid to make them eat vegetables, lmao.
Kenneth Wolters 16.09.2018 11:34
Investing Book Summaries Red light doesn’t penetrate the skull. You would have to crack open the skull of the kid and then insert a red LED into the brain.
鬼Gozu 15.09.2018 23:50
those bad boi flies are fucking cute
cmon yeba 15.09.2018 21:14
Impressive, but try making *ME* eat my veggies mwahaha
Me llamo Tachi 15.09.2018 19:33
The future is now
Allen Markham 15.09.2018 19:32
noooo they were just fooled, they still preferred one thing but were fooled into thinking it was another. No change occurred, just successful fooling..
Ali Khan 27.09.2018 06:32
Lol isn't that was the idea behind it, to fool the brain into liking the taste of broccoli.
Ag 15.09.2018 18:02
crazy! thx for the video
Zahlenteufel1 15.09.2018 17:40
All those people wearing aluminium hats are just far ahead of their time. Gotta protect from the mind-controlling light, kids...
mhtinla 15.09.2018 16:51
Pretty soon these scientists will manipulate gay men to love women.
Seungminpim 15.09.2018 16:41
Why is this so cute
andrew c 15.09.2018 16:29
STL? haha from 3d printing community NIce videos. Do more like this. More interactive and shows how the experiment is done.
Partha Sarathy 15.09.2018 16:22
We shouldn't mess with evolution
dodekeract 15.09.2018 18:58
That’s not evolution.
Thapelo Mokoto 15.09.2018 16:13
Next they are use gonna use this to turn the frogs gay, then us.
Paul H. 15.09.2018 15:55
I want a flypad 😂
ZDY 15.09.2018 15:54
Interesting, I wonder how the military is going to use this. Maybe we would have controllable animal weaponry coming soon in a few decade!
Netpilot 16.09.2018 04:01
Trent Beckman I get your drift, but I think the OP was talking about using this technology as opposed to social engineering.
Trent Beckman 16.09.2018 03:39
Netpilot Have you even met a human?
Netpilot 16.09.2018 00:39
ZDY Haha! I didn't realize that you were talking about Dragonflies! 😉
ZDY 15.09.2018 23:23
+Netpilot damn it! I was hoping to have a consumer level pet lion to move sofas for me around the house by the time I'm elder. Looks like not in my life time 😭
Netpilot 15.09.2018 18:28
This isn't mind control. It's just a false signal in the fly's brain making the it perceive sugar where there is none. Making an animal perceive an enemy, then controllably act in a specific way (like attack a particular target) would involve producing false thoughts, images, and emotions. That's way beyond the capability of this technology, not to mention beyond our understanding of the way brains work. I doubt that it will be possible in just a few decades. But in a century, possibly...
ZDY 15.09.2018 15:52
This series is awesome
Nick Gulgren 15.09.2018 15:45
Finally some cool science stuff on TED!
Seso Stir 15.09.2018 15:40
Biniam Gaming 15.09.2018 15:08
But y tho🤔
Magical Flaming Banana 15.09.2018 14:57
Aren't vegetables a culinary term, and most vegetables are fruits?
Erica Hargreave 15.09.2018 15:42
Magical Flaming Banana  Fruiting bodies contain seeds. As such cucumbers are fruit. This said, I was not quite sure if vegetables were a scientific term, like fruit, so I looked that up. Vegetables 'are parts of plants that are consumed by humans as food. So given this, you are partially correct, as vegetables would be a culinary term, whereas fruit is a scientific term in origin. And given this, you are right, all fruit would also fall under the culinary description of vegetables.
Magical Flaming Banana 15.09.2018 15:25
+Erica Hargreave yes but what is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? A vegetable, for example a cucumber, is the fruit of the Cucumis sativus plant, but it's referred to as a vegetable.
Erica Hargreave 15.09.2018 15:21
No, I am afraid you are incorrect. Fruit are fruiting bodies. It is a scientific term related to plants. A few fruit that are often mistakenly referred to as vegetables, as they are not sweet, are tomatoes and members of the squash family.
kiryu nil 15.09.2018 14:51
Why red light?
Vaishali Date 22.09.2018 16:28
Netpilot 16.09.2018 00:25
x2lazy2die I'm guessing that they chose red because it can penetrate through the skull and brain tissue more efficiently, avoiding the need to attach a light source very near or directly on its head.
x2lazy2die 15.09.2018 23:46
probably due to ease. red has the longest wavelength and still visible. being visible would make experiments easier and longer wavelength reduces scattering. or it is just random
Netpilot 15.09.2018 17:58
The gene in this experiment was chosen to respond to red light, but apparently, they can select for other colors such as blue or yellow.
JustOneAsbesto 15.09.2018 16:21
No. X-rays, for example, don't contain red light. It's probably a technical limitation of the genetic modification.
UBC MET 15.09.2018 14:44
Interesting. I wonder if this would still work with people who are dealing with migraines or a concussion and are sensitive to light, associating it with a negative trigger? I'm also wondering if it is the pineal gland that the light is stimulating, but then I think it is only vertebrates with a pineal gland.
Netpilot 15.09.2018 18:08
Someday, possibly. At this point, the technique is much more specific than you describe. They can modify a brain cell or nerve pathway in a particular place to block or send a false signal, making the subject perceive something other than what their senses would normally produce. Re the point of stimulation, they illuminate the modified nerve directly, whether in the brain or the spinal column.
Queen Ee-ah-oo-eh/YHWH 15.09.2018 14:44
I don't need a fruit fly to tell me that poison is poison. Just ask, Monsanto. Believe in the Word.
Aqib Zaman 15.09.2018 14:24
this is different, and I like it.
Mad Mo 15.09.2018 14:00
Holy Spirit. This is mind blowing, humanity is fucked.
*ゆな 15.09.2018 13:54
日本語字幕お願いしますm(*_ _)m
*ゆな 15.09.2018 21:06
+whats ap videos funny Please make Japanese subtitles
whats ap videos funny 15.09.2018 16:43
🤔🤔??what u have written?
e4r 15.09.2018 13:47
A small fly asks his mother: "Mom, can I go to the circus?" "Yes, honey, but be very careful when people applaud!"
apeshit clothing 16.09.2018 14:01
Kal 15.09.2018 16:04
Magical Flaming Banana 15.09.2018 15:25
Very nice
Elizabeth King 15.09.2018 15:09
Elizabeth King 15.09.2018 13:45
Maybe, I'm a skeptic ... you can add a gene AFTER the child is born? Ah, come on.
Elizabeth King 16.09.2018 04:38
Well, I was stubborn, they would make me sit for an hour or more and I would still refuse. Some kids say no early and frequently.
Yes No 16.09.2018 04:16
That's kinda messed up to do to a child. I don't see why you would need to force them into eating veggies by using light.
VioletteOrdinaire 15.09.2018 15:57
Elizabeth King no problem. if I hadn't a genetics background myself if may have asked the same question. if you're interested in gene editing in a already living organism you could read up crispr on Wikipedia maybe. research is in the beginning. but it's not an u problematic since it could cause unwanted mutation.
Elizabeth King 15.09.2018 15:08
Thank you, I had to listen to the whole thing before i figured that out. I didn't correct myself here because sometimes I wander off and do other things. As I said, I am a mother, not a geneticist .. glad you are here to set me straight. I did correct myself on facebook because I will do that, if I can, when I am talking to friends, family, and/or the world. Who knows who is reading, ya know?
VioletteOrdinaire 15.09.2018 14:37
they doesn't say that. They insert a optogenetic gene into the genome, the fly developes. the flies still prefer banana, like their not manipulated counterparts, but can get manipulated through the light.
uzair farhan 15.09.2018 13:39
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