Shay D | Switch [Music Video]: SBTV

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Опубликовано: 05.08.2019
Shay D makes her debut on SBTV with dark, dynamic visuals to her new single 'Switch'. Buy here: Stream here: ---- Make sure to subscribe & never miss a video! SBTV is one of the leading online youth broadcasters & is the only place you need to be going to get the best coverage in and out of the music scene. Based in London, SBTV provides a platform to discover and break emerging artists, enjoy your favourite acts and unearth incredible talent. We’re constantly bringing you the exclusives so make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms to be in the loop with who we’ve been filming with! If you would like to feature on the channel or have any other enquiries, please get in touch [email protected] Share. Build. Teach. Vibes. ---- ► Follow SBTV Twitter - Instagram - FaceBook - Website - SoundCloud – ► Check Shay D Website - ► Check The Last Skeptik [Producer] ► Check Chiba Visuals [Director] ----- Thanks for watching!
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NinjaTea 0161 18.08.2019 15:14
Gal like Shay D!!!
priorycourt joker 12.08.2019 14:10
Lovely shay
Liam O'Rawe 11.08.2019 18:51
Shay D.... still unleashing pain from the heart
You Call That Radio 11.08.2019 18:30
SpotlightTalks 08.08.2019 08:18
My absoute G Shay 💥💥💥💥
05:21 Official 07.08.2019 06:40
Shay's gone a bit nuts in here!! Switched it up and delivers once again. Love her work ethic!! Blade
dwayne fenton 07.08.2019 02:53
This tune is real, its what most people can relate to. Banger
Cet 06.08.2019 21:07
Cet 06.08.2019 21:05
dat looks crzy ^^ haha nice Rapshyt.. i luv it! SBTV👌🏼
Nick Mccallum 06.08.2019 19:10
Love the new track! N ur album is 💯🔥 can’t believe I slept on it till last month
808Squad 06.08.2019 17:28
Jamal patterned 5bills from this 😂
DanimaL 06.08.2019 14:11
Golden Nine 06.08.2019 13:06
Big ups ShayD 👊🤘
ImFromLDN1 06.08.2019 12:54
Not even gonna say anything 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Patrick McGregor 06.08.2019 11:18
actually not bad
A L P H A T E C 0 9 06.08.2019 10:36
👏🏾 tuuuune
Gasg Yeah 06.08.2019 10:33
Sounds like a knock off shystie. Not feeling it. 1.5/10
Edgar Kadiba 06.08.2019 08:54
Loving this one
Tommy Steppel 06.08.2019 07:25
This is fire!!
Badger boi 06.08.2019 03:36
she a lot!
Aniya SG 06.08.2019 00:17
This track is 🔥🔥🔥 - love how you’re not a one trick pony and have several flows, you look FINE AF... the writing is sick and production is on point! Does the D stand for DOPE? I think sooooooo!
Mariano Torres 05.08.2019 23:21
Shay d we love you fam love your vibes music and bars real hip hop much love fam ❤
Tyzen World 05.08.2019 23:13
Queen Shay D!
Daniel Carelli 05.08.2019 22:11
gwaaaan shay big choon
Rinzy 05.08.2019 22:04
Cringe af.. whys she forcing that voice lmao 😂😂
Royalty 05.08.2019 21:04
Her bum smells 🙎😤😵
Chicken Connoisseur's dad 06.08.2019 11:27
@Royalty proper mate😂😂😂. She's got formula 1 skids in it💩💩💩
Royalty 05.08.2019 21:10
@Chicken Connoisseur's dad skidderz is z knickers 😮
Chicken Connoisseur's dad 05.08.2019 21:08
MusicIsRemedyTV 05.08.2019 20:38
GWARN Shay 🙌🏾
Runt Life Records 05.08.2019 20:27
Dennen Smith 05.08.2019 20:12
Someone come get there mum
Dennen Smith 06.08.2019 09:17
@Aniya SG thank god the spelling police are active today
Aniya SG 05.08.2019 23:52
Dennen Smith the word you were looking for is “their” honey...
LoV Laura 05.08.2019 19:49
Ayyyy Biiig LoV Goddess!!!! Great TraK! ✊🏾💎👑
Dj Dange 05.08.2019 19:39
Dope 🔥
The Bearded J 05.08.2019 19:16
This is fire! Keep it up 🙌🏾
MISS CHIEF 05.08.2019 18:56
Yes SHAYD big love and respect for the raucous banger!
steve gothard 05.08.2019 18:54
Love this proper hype track shay d is definetly a underground queen 😎
TFT Records 05.08.2019 18:51
mad mad mad
DVSPDC DVSPDC 05.08.2019 18:51
She's good but sounds like a lot of other female rappers, beat slapped. I wonder why women who do rap don't try to slow it down with a calm flow? I can't think of one... A flow like SL might sound good for clarity and generally a decrease in tempo is welcome
Shay D 08.08.2019 01:24
DVSPDC DVSPDC blessings yes i am :) glad u enjoyed that one! 🙏
ConnzorZGaming 07.08.2019 21:25
D.F.W.T by Nadia Rose. Absolute bars. Slowed down and not hype with a class beat. Best female in UK by far.
DVSPDC DVSPDC 06.08.2019 23:26
@Shay D I've looked at more of your music, my favourite song by far is Can't Stand Still. Good recording, clear and good flow! The topic was real. Hit my playlist. 🙌 Are you from North London? You got a n.ldn vibe
Maher Hamadouch 06.08.2019 01:20
@Tony. H why are you attacking Shay for being an independent woman, us your toxic masculinity threatened by her
Shay D 05.08.2019 20:03
DVSPDC DVSPDC i hear u! I have a album I dropped Human Writes in May :) lot of chilled hip hop on there as well as spoken word too! You might enjoy it ❤️ on spotify & apple :)
CloudeeWords 05.08.2019 18:38
joyt65 05.08.2019 18:32
Wicked tune! ✊🏽
Ben Johnson 05.08.2019 18:32
Love it
C.O o 05.08.2019 18:19
Shay D is a baddie still💕👁️
C.O o 05.08.2019 18:18
Jheez shay d uno
Davill Davill 05.08.2019 18:07
Shayd uno gwan cuzz keep up that good work
Saima 05.08.2019 18:05
This is SO SICK 🔥 🔥 🔥