Pennsylvania governor signs executive order to combat gun violence

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Опубликовано: 16.08.2019
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order aimed at reducing gun violence in his state. The move comes just days after six Philadelphia police officers were wounded in a shootout. CBS News' Jericka Duncan reports on the fallout from that incident, and then Pennsylvania Capital-Star editor-in-chief John Micek joined CBSN to discuss the response to the governor's action.
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XcerptShow 17.08.2019 08:54
3:57 This guy is a clown. He apparently hasnt read the Bill of Rights. Why isnt the issue here about how he got the gun illegally? Or about how he had previous unprosecuted gun charges? Why have gun laws if you arent going to prosecute them?
Emilio Nazario 17.08.2019 07:11
Police should go a year long training just like NJ State Troopers, 100,000.00 salary, better weapons and practical uniforms. They should also have a mandatory PT test and a apolitical SWAT. Have cops walk the beat and be part of the community. Philadelphia PD needs to represents it's residents. Stop hiring by nepotism or political connections.
Common Sense 17.08.2019 04:13
More leftist propaganda from SeeBS news
DR BROWN 17.08.2019 03:58
Sounds like philly PD needs more training...
William Baker 17.08.2019 03:45
There should be no law or policy that countermands the constitution.
F k U mean 17.08.2019 03:42
K people wake rhe fk up this story is all wrong but besides that he walked out of the house no shots fired Mptherfkr Please miss me with this🤔
Semper Fortis 17.08.2019 03:38
G Watsittoyaa 17.08.2019 02:08
The problem is criminals , that man was supposed to be in jail , fix your court system idiots
ansar714 17.08.2019 01:23
After all the years of gun violence in Philly no one addressed this issue seriously. Six cops are injured now the executive branch of Pennsylvania want to implement changes.
Gail Clark 17.08.2019 01:14
The man in PA should not have had guns to stay with. This new Executive Order would not have stopped him. And it won't stop criminals in the future. Only law abiding citizens will be effected.
Leon L 17.08.2019 01:03
That's all it takes for gun control???? One black male shooting up cops???
Black Lion 17.08.2019 02:44
Yep, sounds about white!!
It's Meekers 17.08.2019 00:58
Why didn't they set the house on fire?
D. F. 17.08.2019 00:49
Shall not be infringed, traitor.
J R 17.08.2019 00:40
It’s about time. Somebody just showed us his 🏀⚽️’s
jamestheman 17.08.2019 00:17
He just became a marked man?
j h 17.08.2019 00:14
Why because some dumb cops got shot? Oh, now they want law reform. Fck that
chronic2001n 17.08.2019 00:08
Take the guns from law abiding citizens. Let the criminals continue to obtain guns from the black market.
Kristina 17.08.2019 00:07
More Governors should be that brave and have that much conviction.
Righteous 101 17.08.2019 00:06
ASSUMING the shooting actually happened. I'm NOT convinced this is not a government hoax to advance the gun control agenda and vilification of black men.
Righteous 101 17.08.2019 00:51
@James Hanninen Raise your children right progenitor of mass shooters, serial killers, and lynch mobs. You're MONSTERS.
James Hanninen 17.08.2019 00:42
Righteous 101 the big bad white man is not out to get you. We just want you to act right raise your kids.
jbgrooves 16.08.2019 23:48
TIMES UP NRA. If the Senate lead by Moscow Mitch does not pass, and the president does not sign new significant gun safety legislation before the 2020 elections the only question will be How Blue will the Senate become, and who's taking bets on what day is Trumps first behind bars.
Norman McFarlane 16.08.2019 23:46
Here is a copy of the actual executive order, its just another political Dr. Feel Good malarkey for political gain, much ado about nothing, more lets hire and spend tax payers $$$ for more studies,lol Executive Order Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor’s Office Subject: Reducing Gun Violence Number: 2019-06 By Direction of: Tom Wolf, Governor Date: August 16, 2019 WHEREAS, gun violence in the United States and within this Commonwealth has resulted in the tragic loss of human life; and WHEREAS, more than 1,600 individuals lost their lives to a firearm death in Pennsylvania in 2017 at a rate higher than the national average, and the number of firearm deaths continues to rise; and WHEREAS, gun violence is a multi-layered issue that manifests itself as a public health crisis affecting communities across Pennsylvania, resulting in a significant number of suicides and accidental deaths by gun and the growing threat of mass casualty incidents like the domestic terror incident at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh; and WHEREAS, the scourge of gun violence plagues our communities and denigrates our values as Pennsylvanians; and WHEREAS, the Commonwealth must be committed to deploying all necessary resources to reduce gun violence and to keep weapons from dangerous individuals; and WHEREAS, the Commonwealth must engage in a statewide effort to combat the systemic causes of violence, such as poverty, lack of economic opportunities and mental and behavioral health supports; and WHEREAS, Sections 501 and 502 of The Administrative Code of 1929 (71 P.S. §§ 181, 182) require administrative departments and the several independent and departmental administrative boards and commissions to coordinate their work and activities with other departments, boards, and commissions. NOW, THEREFORE, I, Tom Wolf, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other laws, do hereby order and direct as follows: 1.Senior Advisor for Gun Violence Prevention. There is hereby establisheda Senior Advisor for Gun Violence Prevention (Senior Advisor) who willcoordinate the Commonwealth’s gun reform agenda. The Senior Advisor shallbe appointed by and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Executive Order 2019-06 Page 2 of 4 2. Office of Gun Violence Prevention. There is hereby established within the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) the Office of Gun Violence Prevention (Office), which shall work to eradicate gun violence from a public safety perspective. The Office will collaborate with the Division of Violence Prevention, coordinate a system of focused police deterrence in neighborhoods and cities where violence is most extreme, and work with other Commonwealth agencies and stakeholders on community gun violence prevention and lost and stolen firearms reporting requirements for law enforcement. 3. Division of Violence Prevention. There is hereby established within the Department of Health, the Division of Violence Prevention (Division), which will work to eradicate and prevent gun violence from a public health perspective. The Division will collaborate with the Office of Gun Violence Prevention and administer the Department of Health’s new and existing violence prevention programs. 4. Violence Data Dashboard. The Department of Health will establish a Violence Data Dashboard (Dashboard) that will collect and provide data on the scope, frequency, locations, and populations affected by violence, including data on the number of victims of gun violence, rates at which gun violence occurs in locations, and contributory factors. The Department of Health will coordinate with and collect data from the Department of Human Services, Pennsylvania State Police, PCCD, and other Commonwealth entities. 5. Executive Agency Responsibilities. In addition to the foregoing, the following Commonwealth agencies will provide support to assist in understanding the causes and prevention of gun violence. a. Department of Health, in addition to establishing the Dashboard, the Department of Health will establish a Suicide Death Review Team to conduct multidisciplinary reviews of suicides, provide data to the Dashboard, and make recommendations to prevent future suicide-related deaths in Pennsylvania. b. Department of Human Services will direct the Suicide Prevention Task Force to make recommendations on actions to reduce suicides by gun. c. Pennsylvania State Police will enhance and expand its efforts to identify and deter potential sources of gun violence, develop gun violence prevention training, and draft guidelines for local gun buyback programs. 6. Special Council on Gun Violence. There is established within PCCD a Special Council on Gun Violence to study and make recommendations to reduce and prevent gun violence. a. Council Responsibilities. The Council shall: (1) Conduct its first meeting within 60 days of this Executive Order. Executive Order 2019-06 Page 3 of 4 (2) Adopt a public health and community engagement strategy that includes gun owners, health care professionals, and victims of gun-related incidents, that will provide direction, duties, and responsibilities to the Office. (3) Review current background check processes for firearms purchasers and make recommendations for improvement. (4) Review best practices and make recommendations that keep weapons from dangerous individuals. (5) Identify and define strategies across Commonwealth agencies to align resources to reduce gun violence. (6) Provide PCCD and the Senior Advisor with recommendations to reduce incidents of community violence, mass shootings, domestic violence, suicide, and accidental shootings in this Commonwealth within 180 days of the initial meeting of the Council. b. Composition. (1) The Council shall consist of the following members who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Members may appoint designees to serve on their behalf. The Governor will fill vacancies as they occur. (a) Representative of the Children’s Advocacy Center Advisory Committee (CACAC); (b) Representative of the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC); (c) Representative of the Mental Health and Justice Advisory Committee (MHJAC); (d) Representative of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Committee (JJDPC); (e) Representative of the Victims’ Services Advisory Committee (VSAC); (f) Representative of the School Safety and Security Committee (SSSC); (g) Representative of the Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Education and Training Board (SDSETB); (h) One representative from each of the four legislative caucuses of the General Assembly; (i) The following Commonwealth Officials: Executive Order 2019-06 Page 4 of 4 1 Secretary of Education; 2 Secretary of Health; 3 Secretary of Human Services; 4 State Police Commissioner; 5 Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency; 6 Director of the Office of Homeland Security. (2) The Governor may appoint ex officio members to assist the Council as needed. Ex officio members shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. (3) The PCCD Chair shall head the Council and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. c. Council Operations. (1) The Council may establish committees, rules, and procedures necessary to effectively fulfill its obligations. (2) A majority of the members of the Council shall constitute a quorum. (3) Members of the Council may attend Council meetings in person or virtually by telephone, Skype, or other electronic communications method approved by the Council. Virtual attendance shall be considered attendance for purposes of constituting a quorum. (4) The Council will receive administrative services and assistance from PCCD. d. Compensation. Members of the Council shall not receive compensation for their service on the Council, except that members may be entitled to receive reimbursement for reasonable travel costs and expenditures incurred while performing Council business in accordance with the Commonwealth’s travel and subsistence policies. The PCCD will pay for the approved travel and subsistence expenses of the Council members who are not Commonwealth employees or officials. 7. Implementation. All Commonwealth agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction are directed to take all steps necessary to implement this Executive Order. Independent agencies are also strongly encouraged to implement this Executive Order. 8. Effective Date. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately and shall remain in effect until amended or rescinded by the Governor
jordan elliott 17.08.2019 06:17
Norman McFarlane...and not a single word about commando raids on people's houses. .
Cher Chu Hai Kieu 16.08.2019 23:45
Salut to the Governor and congrats to PA!
Zawlwin Moe 16.08.2019 23:38
We all gonna witness more killing in the future!!why?Instead of working together,both parties wanna prove that theirs ways are better than the others!!Meanwhile low and middle class peoples are suffering the most in this country!!
D Storm 16.08.2019 23:27
This is, of course, utter nonsense given the facts of the Phily shooting. Wolf is keeping Pennsylvania as a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, and everybody knows Philadelphia is awash in crime.
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 23:25
*_"A gun, like any other source of power, is a force for either good or evil, being neither in itself, but dependent upon those who possess it."_*
benavrahamyitzchak 16.08.2019 23:22
What non sense! Show us where this shooter bought his rifle in a gun store. The BATF can trace those rifles and or handguns to the source. No laws would have been able to stop this action.
Trajan Trajan 16.08.2019 23:20
So a convicted felon ignores gun control laws and illegally buys a gun off the street. We need more gun control laws... lol okay
Si Señor 17.08.2019 00:03
Those guns were bought first legally. How did he get them after? What laws do we need to stop that? That is the question.
G O - Away 16.08.2019 23:16
Thank You Governor Wolf
BATTLESQUIDWARD 16.08.2019 23:08
zz773 16.08.2019 23:06
From the Constitution of Pennsylvania: § 21. Right to bear arms. The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.
Tara Aliyeva 16.08.2019 23:04
The NRA will be calling trump.
Valerie Texan 16.08.2019 23:03
Finnally a governor who is willing to make the hard decisions for the better of the majority. Thank you you have struck a blow for all Americans.
Blade Runner 16.08.2019 22:59
it's a sad day when states, rather than the federal government, must take on the responsibility of legally defining the extent of gun laws. it will end up creating gun laws across the nation and between states that will end up being so complex that enforcement at the federal level that will be impossible. welcome to a new era of criminals seeking sanctuary by heading for the state lines. the solution is a federal law mandating that the manufacture and sale of all rifles and handguns be limited to the single shot variety. no 2nd amendment issues, no manufacturer issues, no hunting issues, no problem with buying as many of them as you want and stashing them around your house to your hearts content. the police will love it, as evidenced by this latest tragedy. and criminals will know that they have one and only one chance (per gun) to do their damage before being neutralized by the citizenry.
jordan elliott 16.08.2019 22:50
"Weapons of war"? I'll take word games for $1000, Alex. .
Uniqueness Entertainment 16.08.2019 22:46
They threw the book at the shooter but barely threw the book at that El Paso shooter. There is a bias agenda that the system has created.
ChurizoMcBurrito 17.08.2019 03:32
6 wounded in Pennsylvania.....El Paso killed people. Your logic is dumb.
Craig Dougan 16.08.2019 22:44
It'd be different if any of these so called "gun control" measures actually worked. As it is, these laws just serve to further divide America.
zane cole 16.08.2019 22:43
AR-15 are used for hunting!!!! There's no such thing as a high-capacity magazine!!! There's no such thing as assault rifles!!!! AR stands for ArmaLite rifle!!!!!! The 15 stands for design 15!!!!! If anti-gunners would do a little bit of research, they would learn a lot!!! They would learn, that they are wrong all the time!!!!!
zane cole 17.08.2019 00:00
@soda can I agree that people can use guns for bad. But that being said the government cannot ban guns. Because one person uses a gun badly, it has nothing to do with the guns I have. The people that do the mass shooting, are not in any way associated me or my guns. So, what is your opinion on gun control!!!
soda can 16.08.2019 22:57
zane cole everyone knows this information, and just because it’s used for hunting doesn’t mean someone can’t use it for something else
Beth Griesauer 16.08.2019 22:42
That's the way to do it - state by state. When a majority of the states have tightened their gun control laws, the federal government will follow.
SouthBay RickyBobby 16.08.2019 22:39
So how is stripping average American citizens of their 2nd amendment the answer to combating violent criminals we used to keep locked up for life? Give me a break
zane cole 16.08.2019 22:36
More gun control!!! .... That is just what we need, just look at Chicago, it is a awesome place to live!!!?? ... NOT!!! Gun control= More victims
Dillon Thompson 16.08.2019 22:31
This guy did not have that rifle legally... he was a felon... the rifle was not a assault rifle or a assault weapon.. it was not a automatic rifle. The amount of ammunition is not the motive either.The right to own or possess a gun legally is not the problem. The sales of a rifle without requiring registration of that weapon is.
Dillon Thompson 16.08.2019 23:09
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:39
@Dillon Thompson *Criminals don't register their weapons.*
Christian Leslie 16.08.2019 22:38
Registration is nothing but a government confiscation list.
Dillon Thompson 16.08.2019 22:32
* the used sale of a rifle or any firearm without requiring it to be registered.
Young Benny 602 16.08.2019 22:26
It took 6 police to get shot, for the government to bring out the guns control policy smh they care more about police then babys and kids getting killed by police or drive bys
Jeff Motter 16.08.2019 22:24
The ONLY gun law we should have is everyone should have to take a safety course and that everyone over 21, has to carry a handgun
Boat building 16.08.2019 22:23
No gun laws would have stopped him
Boat building 16.08.2019 22:22
This man had illegal guns!!...what law will work
Beth Griesauer 17.08.2019 08:15
@robert anthony - I'm a voting American citizen.
robert anthony 17.08.2019 07:42
@Beth Griesauer All guns were first designed for the military! And the man that shot the police used two .380 hand guns, not some scary black rifle. Assault rifles that were designed for the military have selective fire, meaning that they are full auto. A AR15 is only semi auto, just like most hand guns. One pul of the trigger fires one shot. They do not spray bullets like you see on tv. But really I couldn't care less what someone in another country thinks other than they should mind their own business and let us mind our own business without your two cents! I don't even own a gun but I hate it when someone from another country sticks their nose where it don't belong!
Beth Griesauer 17.08.2019 07:24
@Dakotah Fidazzo - Jefferson wrote those words to declare independence from the distant English colonial rule...not as a blueprint for future Americans to do so against an America consisting of 350 million citizens and a government controlling the most powerful military in the world!
Sophronia Mason 17.08.2019 06:39
@Beth Griesauer One other thing. My handgun can be modified to be just like a gun used in the mass shootings. Hollow points, full metal jackets, armour piercing projectiles are available also to me. Only a person with bad intentions would choose that modification or type of ammunition. It goes to another argument along the lines of morphine is great for terminal cancer patients comfort or extreme injuries while recovering, but you can also modify it to make black tar heroin for street sales. It's all about the morality of the people helping each item in their hand. Morality and mental clarity.
Sophronia Mason 17.08.2019 06:32
@Beth Griesauer Thanks Beth! That's the other issue here. People with no ill intent already are legally owning their guns. We have had to do a background check, wait to pick up the handgun til we clear, and most have full knowledge of safety and responsibility for their use and storing. With that being said, WE ARE ON THE LIST that will direct the pick up of Guns in the event of a mandated Gun turn in, or Gun seizure. That's the basis of our resistance, well the biggest part of us I would hope so, it will infringe on Legal owners. There is certainly no data with the illegally owned persons names. Does that bring it into a better understanding, that maybe you didn't realize was the cause of such an uproar, with us citizens? Where do they really start with a defined need and ability to only remove them from the "problem, or illegal, gun users"? There is no way without first disarming us. What kind of danger will we be in when those preying on us already know we can only throw a shoe at them? I just shudder. Best regards!
Nick Moraitis 16.08.2019 22:15
It’s unfortunate when anyone dies for any reason but gun violence is certainly at the bottom of the list when talking about the total amount of loss. More people die in drunken driving accidents every year then gun violence could possibly compare to. Tobacco use with manufactured cigarettes with added carcinogens is even worse...
Nick Moraitis 16.08.2019 22:14
Violence is unacceptable and unfortunate but you’re not going stop angry morons using blanketed laws that only effect law abiding citizens.
James Ricker 17.08.2019 00:59
If you want a gun you can just go to some State and weak gun laws. That's why Nationwide gun laws are needed
You’re Beautiful 16.08.2019 22:11
Thank you Governor Wolf! ✌🏼❤️🌏
Beth Griesauer 16.08.2019 22:49
@zane cole - How about like comparable cities in Europe or Australia etc., which have gun control? Comparing to the worst case scenario- Chicago - is disingenuous.
zane cole 16.08.2019 22:39
So you want Pennsylvania to be like Chicago????
Kendall Baker 16.08.2019 22:11
As an 18 year old who just bought an ar 15 I am not going to give it up. Best of luck with that gun buy back.
Santana Gaming Cinema 16.08.2019 22:09
I plan on moving to Pennsylvania from Maryland. Is Wolf running soon for office again?
D Mertz 17.08.2019 02:47
@Karen Wratcher Gov Wolf was first elected in 2015. He is into his second and final term.
Santana Gaming Cinema 16.08.2019 23:58
@LAST CALL yeah I checked. He made sure he had nothing to lose. Maybe he can be recalled if this against the wishes of his voters.
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:36
*Doubt it, he just killed his political career.*
Ace 1o7 16.08.2019 22:05
Random comment, I really like this newscaster. She seems really switched on and her voice is very reassuring.
Marie Driskell 16.08.2019 22:03
CONGRATULATIONS PENNSYLVANIA on a start of gun Control, best of luck!!!!!!!
Malca's Grace 16.08.2019 22:03
Vote Blue and keep your state safe with common sense Gun Control Vote Blue and flip red states to purple blue 💙🇺🇸💙💙💙💜💙💜💙💙💙
joey smith 16.08.2019 22:44
Vote blue get rat infestation and lawlessness. Criminals don't obey laws.
zane cole 16.08.2019 22:34
Vote blue and your city will be like Chicago!!! Gun control never helps law abiding citizens!!!! Common Sense gun control= more victims
Christian Leslie 16.08.2019 22:32
Ha, never gonna happen. Criminals dont follow the laws we already have on the books think they are gonna follow new laws???
Airborne Ranger 16.08.2019 22:01
Null and Void right off his desk!!
Malca's Grace 16.08.2019 22:00
Ban automatic mass weapons NOW and anyone with that kind of weapon should have Major Jail Time.....
Airborne Ranger 16.08.2019 23:29
Karen Wratcher and it was unconstitutional And ended
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 23:22
*No automatic weapons have been used in these mass shootings.*
Karen Wratcher 16.08.2019 22:40
@Airborne Ranger Wrong. Back in 1994, there was an assault weapons ban, under Prez Clinton. It expired in 10 years under Prez GW Bush.
Airborne Ranger 16.08.2019 22:02
Malca's Grace cannot be done it's a INALIENABLE RIGHT cannot be touched! Ever!
Larry Hudson 16.08.2019 22:00
@¿@ new tag for eyes wide open. Voters
Ghost Ghost 16.08.2019 21:58
When a black man know how to fight back.. they'll change the law.
Gerardo Castaner 17.08.2019 03:44
@MOLAROIS MORAIS or maybe if they respect the laws then they would be treated better
MOLAROIS MORAIS 16.08.2019 22:04
All black people in America should have had enough by now.. If black people come together and fight together, they could change the way these stupid police officers treat them.
Trumpian MAGA 2020 16.08.2019 21:49
Friend Wilkins 16.08.2019 23:31
And what exactly do you propose to do in order to eliminate this clear and present danger?
Phillip Lopez 16.08.2019 21:45
People seem to forget that the constitution and bill of rights were designed " to protect me and my freedom from you and your crazy friends " when the majority rules , the concentration camps open !
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:50
@Juandisimo *The shooter in Philadelphia was black, the shooter in Gilroy was half Iranian, the white supremacist narrative is falling apart.*
Juandisimo 16.08.2019 22:14
The crazies are the white supremacists with ARs, with a name like yours they probably dont consider you a friend. They put people with names like yours in the concentration camps at the border. I'll pass.
Patricia Hanks 16.08.2019 21:45
This fool will only be hurting law abiding citizens.
Rick Nash 16.08.2019 21:35
If the police have them citizens should have them
Nasir 16.08.2019 22:14
don brassco 16.08.2019 21:32
Late Eve Warrant 😨😉 #To Many Peo Around
Hazzycakes 16.08.2019 21:23
People get shot by cops: "nothing to see here" Cops get shot by people: "WE MUST STOP THIS GUN VIOLENCE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!"
Mike1Only1 16.08.2019 21:21
Someone said that they bought him Burger King after all that shooting!
sundiii99OWS 16.08.2019 21:19
We need to shut down all guns/weapons/ammunition and military! Blame capitalism for every mass shooting because US thinks "making too many weapons creates many JOBS!" So capitalism is "learning war" which is evil! In the KJV Bible there are 2 verses that tell of a future time, which could be today, where "all nations will LEARN WAR no more!" They are Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:1-4, so that is saying clearly that we'll end capitalism, wage slavery, so we can eliminate those millions of JOBS and will still not cause poverty! Do you see? We can't "turn swords into plowshares " if we think "we can't stop making weapons and military because it creates many jobs!" So to turn swords into plowshares, we must end wage slavery...which really is slavery too, but most people don't know that. Instead of wage system we'll say all people own ALL things, so then everything is free because we'll eliminate money, which is just numbers in computers. That could happen today, and could have for a few decades. WE are in the Bible, folks! Those words could mean in 2019 WE could be the ones who turn swords into plowshares! Let's do it!
Terra white 16.08.2019 21:18
blue Corvette red 16.08.2019 21:18
Good going so far governor
John smith 16.08.2019 21:18
People must start taking these people names down that refuse to enforce the current laws, the judges that continue to release violent criminals with lengthy violent records loose on the streets. People must start documenting.
Lamont Lloyd-Harris 16.08.2019 21:18
That man had North Philly on lock down. He had the buses detouring and trains and people couldn't go back in they house or come out they house. This city usually don't get this type of attention when it comes to shoot outs.
captiantim1 16.08.2019 21:17
Meanwhile 70,000 per year killed buy drugs.
captiantim1 16.08.2019 22:47
@Christian Leslie more people killed with hammers and bats , then killed by mass shootings ,
Christian Leslie 16.08.2019 22:43
@captiantim1 that's more than gun homicides.
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:41
*1,883 legally murdered little humans just today.*
captiantim1 16.08.2019 22:41
@Christian Leslie 30,000 a year
Christian Leslie 16.08.2019 22:39
How many killed in car accidents?
MR Gandafl the grey 16.08.2019 21:15
They're not getting my guns
Keith Busch 16.08.2019 21:15
Let's see a black man shot at 6 cops but yet lived to tell about it and the raid was at 4 in the afternoon not 4 in the morning? Hmm? Why do I get the feeling this was false flag event with an urban flavor?
Juandisimo 16.08.2019 22:22
So he should have been killed because he was black? They take white mass shooters alive. Whats the difference?
Kurt Reed 16.08.2019 21:44
It wasn't a raid...they were serving him a warrant.
PhoebeFay RuthLouise 16.08.2019 21:12
“ The second amendment does not supersede the inalienable right we all have to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!” That’s the perfect constitutional argument!
Juandisimo 17.08.2019 03:15
@Sophronia Mason you said nothing. Make me a believer.
Sophronia Mason 17.08.2019 03:12
@Juandisimo You have no idea what your saying....
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:35
Juandisimo 16.08.2019 22:17
@Adonaiyah Teemann armed people get treated bad? They dont get treated bad enough.
Adonaiyah Teemann 16.08.2019 22:05
Lol gobernent treats armed people this bad, they will be much harder on a disarmed society.
Mitchelli Williams 16.08.2019 21:11
Let a group of brothers and Mexicans walk down the street caring ar-15s white folks wood move heaven and earth to change the laws and the NRA would lead the charge.
as you do to others it should be done to you 16.08.2019 21:10
The system is dying because its hypocritical and racist turn out to be that now they want gun control because a black criminal wounded 6 cops
Mia Williams 17.08.2019 01:12
That’s it— plain and simple.
ceo los 17.08.2019 01:10
Damn didn't think about it like that
Mitchelli Williams 16.08.2019 21:08
Shooting up babies weren't good enough.
toplaycool21 16.08.2019 21:07
As long as hunters or families who want to protect themselves don't get arrested.
Jon Doe 16.08.2019 21:03
Wolf just did this to keep his chair under him. Because its a lot of pressure is on him now. He could of done it long time ago. That tells me that he don't give a dam about people who is killed every day in our cities.
Aint2Yung2Feng 16.08.2019 22:01
Jon Doe this fuckers on his last term correct?
Auntie Em 16.08.2019 21:03
Of course. Now they want gun control because it's being used against those in charge. What did they think was going to happen? F****** hypocrites.
Joseph Gibbons 16.08.2019 22:18
G T 16.08.2019 21:00
Ban these mass killing rifles. Buyback/confiscate and reduce them over time.
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:51
Christian Leslie 16.08.2019 22:42
How about you personally try and confiscate someone's firearm??? It's easy for you to suggest when you dont have to do the dirty work. You do realize how many law enforcement officers will be killed trying to confiscate guns right?
Dave Machoukas 16.08.2019 22:01
A Boring Sandwich 16.08.2019 21:07
Move to Australia ;)
Vincent Gonzales 16.08.2019 20:55
After recent mass murders, the number of Americans who oppose assault style weapons has risen to over 70%—that’s an overwhelming majority. Guess PA Governor feels safe not to fear the NRA.
Vincent Gonzales 17.08.2019 05:33
walterson, 🤖 Beep, boop, beep...
A Boring Sandwich 17.08.2019 00:10
@Juandisimo They are paranoid... there are much more likely ways that they will die that I bet they don't care about at all... I care whether or not they have at least fired a gun because if they are going to regulate a technology that they at least be familiar with that technology...
Juandisimo 16.08.2019 23:55
@A Boring Sandwich who cares if they havnt fired a gun? They are getting shot or are at risk of being shot because some gun nuts dont want to give up their hobby.
A Boring Sandwich 16.08.2019 22:30
@Juandisimo "gun nuts" LOL many of the 80% responding in your low sample size polls have ever even fired a gun? LOL
Juandisimo 16.08.2019 22:16
@A Boring Sandwich they are not stats they are consistent polls. Most americans are not gun nuts.
Daniel Lewis 16.08.2019 20:50
illiterate ink 16.08.2019 20:50
0:22 They elected Larry David as their leader?
illiterate ink 16.08.2019 21:03
@Maurice H nah they should of elected Kramer. He's a good man. A very good man.☝
Maurice H 16.08.2019 20:55
illiterate ink they should have picked Seinfeld .
bwtv147 16.08.2019 20:49
50 black on black shootings in Chicago over the weekend rate hardly a mention because it can't be connected to Trump rhetoric.
etos butch 16.08.2019 20:49
Only when a black man wound police officers
Daniel Lewis 16.08.2019 20:47
Take cars off the damn roads then
Black Conservative Patriot 16.08.2019 20:47
swe ann 16.08.2019 20:46
FINALLY someone who dare to take a stand. Great job Gov. Wolf!! 🙏👍
Juandisimo 16.08.2019 23:59
@LAST CALL your excuse is lame and only dumb people think it makes sense. Just because gun nuts are paranoid doesnt give them the right to endanger us all. I know guns make people feel powerful but that not societies problem .
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:45
@Juandisimo *And things that will make you just as dead.*
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:42
*It wouldn't have stopped this shooting.*
Juandisimo 16.08.2019 22:19
@john carioscia things that have other legitimate uses other than killin people.
Fallen Angel 16.08.2019 21:24
john carioscia Things that aren’t fast as bullets
Rabinowitz Shekelstein 16.08.2019 20:45
Philadelphia is just another city that n 1 g g e r and liberal politicians ruined.
NickWestVids7 16.08.2019 20:56
Rabinowitz Shekelstein 😂😂😂😂
Mr. Morning 5tar 16.08.2019 20:43
The Second Amendment was meant to help the people protect themselves from a tyrannical government. Just like the revolutionaries who fought against the King of England, they wanted to maintain their right to "bear arms" in case the new government began to take away their rights. Go ahead and give up your right let's see how smart you people look when the Government you TRUST so much turn on you. Keep thinking these people care about citizens, sheeples are very funny. People are so smart 😒. TN1 NOT EVEN THE GOVERNMENT'S. ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT. THEY CAN CARE LESS ABOUT PUBLIC SAFETY OR THE PUBLIC. SO GO AHEAD AND GIVE UP YOUR GUNS MAYBE LATER ON DOWN THE LINE WE CAN DISCUSS THE GUN LAWS WHEN WE ALL END UP IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS. SMH. SOON YOU WILL HAVE TO DO BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR KNIVES AFTER A STAGED MASS STABBING. TN1 NOT EVEN THE GOVERNMENT'S
Free Spirit 16.08.2019 20:41
To you commies out there, did it ever occur to you that maybe we should keep the vicious criminals locked up instead of interfering with the rights of law abiding citizens who pull the wagon?
fliegeroh 16.08.2019 20:39
The guy had a rap sheet a mile long including illegal gun ownership. He, and others like him, will never obey the law. Of course, the idiot Democrats believe more laws or executive actions (requiring no input from the public at all) will "fix" the situation by denying lawful Americans their constitutional rights. It's better to do nothing than to do something stupid. But politicians have to "give the appearance of doing something."
Sophronia Mason 17.08.2019 03:13
ala ska 16.08.2019 20:36
We need one gun law only. "If you use a firearm to commit a crime you will be executed as soon as the guilty verdict is handed down".
Eric Rossoni 16.08.2019 20:36
So people get killed, mass shootings take place, nothing. Cops get shot up, omg change the laws, protect our cops! 🤦🏽‍♂️
ChurizoMcBurrito 17.08.2019 03:33
You must not be smart
Hazzycakes 16.08.2019 21:24
Yep. FTP.
Toussaint Chivars 16.08.2019 20:34
Reminds me of then Governor Reagan's decision to end open carry in California AFTER the Black Panthers peacefully demonstrated while bearing arms in front of the state capitol. Reactionary. Why? Sandy Hook, Nevada, El Paso, Dayton, etc. Nothing happened. But once a citizen demonstrates how easy it is to take out law enforcement (he could have killed any of the 6 cops easily), & is of African ancestry, suddenly there's an executive order. So why aren't the other governors not signing executive orders?🤔🤔🤔 Afraid of the NRA?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
D. F. 17.08.2019 00:53
Toussaint Chivars -that’s a pretty good narrative but it’s untrue. There were massive anti gun legislation actions taken after Sandyhook and it has been a battle for years trying to hold back infringement.
LAST CALL 16.08.2019 22:32
*Provide one piece of proof that anyone actually died at Sandy Hook - I'll bet you can't.*
Datsun Crown 16.08.2019 21:36
Reagan got shot
Hazzycakes 16.08.2019 21:24
You couldn't be more correct.
1776 16.08.2019 20:32
Yup typical CBS leftist propaganda. Not one counter view. Thats JOURNALISM today.
Bill Pool 16.08.2019 20:31
All we needed to get common sense gun control, was for a black man to shoot up a bunch of cops!
Christian Leslie 16.08.2019 22:37
Nothing common sense about wasting time and resources to make more laws, when the criminals dont even follow the laws we have on the books now.
A Boring Sandwich 16.08.2019 21:08
common sense gun control is having proper sight alignment, and holding the gun with two hands...
TMA Enterprise 16.08.2019 20:37
SaintJoeBro 16.08.2019 20:30
Government always acts on gun violence when a black man is involved...🙄
Owayne R 16.08.2019 23:04
gun control is not for your safety thats clear
Timotheus Ben-David 16.08.2019 22:31
Real 📰 News
TMA Enterprise 16.08.2019 20:40
MrMus TangMan 16.08.2019 20:30
Here they come.....
Diane Seery 17.08.2019 02:10
Yes they will do it slowly, we can't let them take our guns, there's a reason our forefathers wrote that in our constitution, don't be blind people.
Sean Schisler 16.08.2019 20:30
Let's penalized law-abiding citizens when the courts keep letting Criminals off with lighter charges, this guy had a rap sheet and was know for violence on top of being a drug dealer, Great job Pennsylvania for your criminal justice revolving door. Keep putting more paper laws into affect when Criminals don't follow the law at all.