Adam Lambert on Psychedelic Experiences and Moms | The Noisey Questionnaire of Life

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Опубликовано: 12.09.2019
We talk to Adam Lambert about psychedelic experiences, favorite Queens, and his new album Velvet. You Should Subscribe Here Now: ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like Noisey on Facebook: Follow Noisey on Twitter: Read our tumblr: Check out our Instagram: More videos from the VICE network:
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Rick Ross 14.09.2019 03:04
How this sheepdog doesn't swipe the hair from his eyes is really a comment on our society.
THisLIFE by MrDaleOG 14.09.2019 01:49
not only was this a dope ass interview, but i didnt even know adam lambert was still around! im glad to see hes doing well. also didnt know he made 3 albums 😭 this interview was lit
BreatheFree 13.09.2019 23:57
This is fun. Well done Noisey and Adam. Hieroglyphics really were the first emojis! Go listen to SuperPower everyone! ... and Feel Something. That song socks it to me every time.
peter pan 13.09.2019 12:21
3:40 lmaooooo. Adam you are hilarious!
BarT Gila 13.09.2019 03:19
Funny interview...I enjoyed it. Adam has a great sense of humor.
mpcam09 12.09.2019 23:05
"the mom's that are into me like to party, they want to stay young and I'm happy to provide the fantasy". Fuck yeah !!!!
TheRealDuckBert 12.09.2019 22:37
FUN interview! LUV Adam's sense of humor and his new single 'SUPERPOWER' is funkalicious...can't wait for 'Velvet Side A' to drop!! Thx for posting this! ❤
BARBLS 1023 12.09.2019 22:19
This was a lot of fun to watch! Can't stop listening to funky banger #SUPERPOWER! Wish I had the Superpower to send the hateful people commenting here underground where they belong. They are so creepy!
Gabi Koehler 12.09.2019 21:33
h Smith 12.09.2019 19:47
I love this under-rated talented guy & his sexy humorous down-to-earth personality! He can be full rock God macho one minute, then queer as a row of tents the next, and a humble dorky ordinary bloke in track pants the next etc - & he just loves to mess with the whole concept of what a gay man SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be & keep people guessing. Thanks for this vid!
f oe 12.09.2019 18:53
Staring through your hair like that will eventually make you develop strabismus or tropia (more commonly called cross-eyed or lazy/wandering eyes).
Kuzemaie 12.09.2019 20:15
Sadly it’s true I used to do this in middle school and by 8th grade I had a lighter version of wandering eye, I still get it occasionally ( I’m looking at something but I want to look at something else, it’s kinda a robotic movement ) thankfully it only happens when I’m bored or alone.
Qissa Helpdesk 12.09.2019 18:53
Seriously? 2:40 classical Indian music when he's talking about ancient Egypt?
siragoylas 13.09.2019 18:25
Qissa Helpdesk the person who managed the music is uncultured
atomicbrain9401 12.09.2019 17:59
luv this boi
Dave B 12.09.2019 17:06
Bam seems to he doing good
virgen virgen 12.09.2019 16:33
Adam Bloated Lambert.
Addy12 12.09.2019 16:14
why tf do gay people have to be so obviously gay
Carol Lambies 15.09.2019 04:54
@f oe What about all the straight men who get a kick out of beating raping and killing us.Why are only straight white men the mass shooters ?Worry about all the violent straight guys.
BreatheFree 14.09.2019 00:15
@BarT Gila That "empty inside" comment was made by "f oe". You turn someone else's ridiculous comment into an opportunity to make derogatory, presumptive comments toward someone you don't know at all. So, who's the one that's hateful and sad? This whole thread is full of judgmental nonsense. Addy12 should delete the entire thing. Be more like Adam .... friendly, fun, able to converse with and see the good in all sorts of people.
Addy12 13.09.2019 13:14
hoes mad
BarT Gila 13.09.2019 03:25
@h Smith I am going to bet you don't know any gay people. The ones I know and have worked with are far from empty inside. They are just like everyone else. By your feminists remarks I am also going to guess you are the one who is empty inside. And hateful and very sad. It is not gay mens fault that you can not get a date....just saying cause that is what you sound like.
BARBLS 1023 12.09.2019 23:34
@Flaubert You nailed it!!
Janoy Cresva 12.09.2019 16:12
Bruh wtf is up with that hair? What are you hiding from? This is one of those moments where dude will look back on this in a few years and wonder why he had his hair like this.
Prod. by End 12.09.2019 16:42
Shall we execute order 66 m'piss?
Antonio 12.09.2019 16:07
Woah the twink grew up lol