Mp3 320

513.96 тыс. просмотра скачать ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ
Опубликовано: 21.05.2016
*** WORRY NOT: HERE IS THE MUSIC VIDEO WITH DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS! *** *** WATCH IN 4k FOR BEST SOUND (and image) *** After many people shared interessed in the comparison of mp3 compression rates, this is my new video showing the difference even better. If you enjoyed it, please leave a comment, share, sub or like. Thank you! ALSO: Are you interessted in music? In games? In bettering your skills of reading music? Try out this brand new app of mine JUST FOR THAT CAUSE! :D It's 100 percent free, GOOD LUCK!
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InnomotionMedia 17.05.2018 09:58
Qlunn 29.07.2019 01:54
i got 696 kbps on ps4 should i be scared?
gameZ vídeos 12.07.2019 12:50
If you're older than 50 you can't tell the difference from 128 kbps and on.
ِ 10.07.2019 16:05
0:00 Playing music from your android be like
oh yeah yeah 10.07.2019 11:20
8Kbps is amazing! But seriously, at what point does bitrate become irellevant? I have music with over 5000kbps and i'm not sure that makes all that much sense anymore...
Pravin S.J 08.07.2019 03:50
Elijah Carter 01.07.2019 08:16
192 kbp/s: ok this is nice quality *320 kbp/s:* you want more bass? i gotchu bro
LeMemer LeMemer 19.06.2019 18:27
lmao 8 kbp
djkubo 29.05.2019 22:04
I had played a few 64kbps songs on my phone and sounds ok BUT they sound bad in Serato Dj Pro.. so I avoid anything lower than 128.. stick to 320 files
Tommy Hajjar 12.05.2019 18:56
Question: if i have a speaker 5v 1A and i am playing a bass songs 320kbps so i tried and turn the volume to the maximum and the sound looks really bad wahta should i do
Mr Oap Does Pension's 04.05.2019 00:50
Israel David 03.05.2019 00:03
*Isso porque é em um MP3, imagina em um DSD 32bit!*
Eric Fox Furry 02.05.2019 15:06
Muy buen video!!!!!!
Mikelico 55 29.04.2019 21:47
Perfect video!
Brandon FPV 28.04.2019 00:45
I’m hoping phone conversations can be 64 kbp/s in the near future
Paul Neri 12.04.2019 05:46
32 kbp/s music = music quality used in old newgrounds animations
Mr. DerpyDirector 08.04.2019 14:42
00:00 Every good webcam masturbation moaning in a nutshell
Tristan Salibio 21.03.2019 12:17
320 kbps is this support an Android?
Alchael 17.03.2019 11:34
Is there more than 320kbps??????
Matthew Charland 13.04.2019 06:00
A CD uses around 900-1100kbs. Youtube only allows upto 192kbs.
JustSimple A.H 15.03.2019 08:06
what program did u use???
nova lover 15.03.2019 04:47
********************************* I been trying to build a nice budget HIFI set-up... I finally got one going. And,... I just listened to and justice for all by metallica on a bit rate of roughly 1,000 for the first time... I'm speechless... legendary & CHOICE. I am not compressing my favorite material EVER again.
balwinder kumar 13.03.2019 08:37
Very nice
Sowa89 05.03.2019 19:33
64 and lower a lot of differents but 128 and more is the same sounds... nice fake
Paul Nabil Matthis 25.02.2019 23:17
I understand the urge to change sound quality simultaneously with new sections of the song, but it makes it difficult to tell quality change when a bunch of new instruments and vocals come in at the same time.
wilder9777 22.02.2019 01:49
mp3 quality 320kbps vs cd music 1411 kbps best sound track
Orange Sunset 20.02.2019 19:10
i used 200 dollars headphone for testing i recognized there were 3 differenct stages 192kbps and more 64kbps-128kbps 8kbps-32kbps
Wonpyo Kim 18.02.2019 12:56
0:30 64kbps (64kbps 부터 들을만 함) , 0:40 128kbps , 0:50 192kbps (유튜브 한계) , 1:09 256kbps (CD음질) , 1:23 320kbps (원음)
gameZ vídeos 15.02.2019 12:53
I watched it in 4K but from 192 to 320Kbps I couldn't hear any difference. Perhaps you ought to have young ears to hear the differences (I'm 17 going on 18).
gameZ vídeos 25.02.2019 14:36
@Linkstraeger I meant that your ears also age. The human ears can hear up to 20KHz but its capacity lower with age. One day you'll not be able to hear birds chirping or even some consonants when someone is talking, and even, not noticing any difference from 64Kbps and higher.
Linkstraeger 17.02.2019 15:36
That is because youtube does support only up to 192kbp/s. However, with decent headphones you will notice a quite big difference anyways and the bass is heavier and cleaner from 192 to 320.
Misoni 15.02.2019 12:44
vs Opus plz :)
takeoutbag 02.02.2019 06:39
do one from 320 kbps leading up to 512 kbps :)
Tanzim Ifas 23.01.2019 18:42
16 kbp/s sounds like some hold music
Niels Daemen 20.01.2019 23:19
Youtube uses 156kb/s aac compression so it all sounds horrible compared to uncompressed audio! I can even tell the difrence between 320 kb/s and lossless.
Aleksander Janicki 19.01.2019 22:34
I can hear difference between 192, 256 and 320 on this video. All that audio what was 320 before conversion is now converted to 192 by YT. But you can still feel the difference in hearing. The music was 320 but it's converted to 192. But it sounds different then "192 converted to 192". If you do not belive just buy better headphones, not a gamers headphones which are crap or try some Youtube videos, which were originally uploaded with 1536kbps audio, just try them. Lets the paranoia of noobs begin!
snake_2 17.01.2019 10:11
0:16 when talk with you friend playnig a game
Phenominal Swaggy 15.01.2019 16:50
I'm having 1140kbp/s song
Notorius 15.01.2019 00:41
32 kbp/s is depression
Radeo 11.01.2019 09:36
Should be a comparison of the same section of the song each time, especially when the shift between several of these occur with a shift in form in the song.
Super G 06.01.2019 00:56
For some reason I like 16-32 kpbs idk why XD
ATHEPISTA CO 05.01.2019 21:42
i like 256kps maybe to my ear
Emma Van Rose 03.01.2019 05:14
Now on wav
Simkoo 02.01.2019 23:34
YouTube only supports 128 ~ 192
Devil's Offspring 02.01.2019 03:17
Interesting comparison! I seems to sound good to me at 256, anything higher and I can't notice much of a difference. It's nice when the bass line kicks in in your song :)
Matthew Charland 13.04.2019 06:01
You need good speakers to hear quality audio
Various Artists - Topic 02.01.2019 01:45
For me 60% good
Various Artists - Topic 02.01.2019 01:44
192 is for md 320kbps
Роман Ишмуратов 01.01.2019 09:55
Where hi-res audio, which more 3000 kbp/s?
Julias Laty 22.12.2018 03:55
Idk why but I really like 32bit part, listening to it one more time 0:18
YungZ Ajuice 18.12.2018 15:07
8kbps - Old console/computer sound cards 16kbps - What old TV sound was (When TV was a new thing) 64kbps - Used in TVs from the 90s and speakers for Windows 3.1 - 2000 192kbps - Used in most FM radio stations today + TVs from the late 2000s 256kbps - Used in most TVs about 5 years ago and used in normal PC speakers today 320kbps - Used in most TVs today, used in Gaming Speakers and discos and real life sound.
Sascha Funk 16.12.2018 15:34
Sorry, but that is not high quality music.
MAISTOR COMMENTATOR 12.12.2018 18:38
For me even 320 kbps is not enough for me. It sounds horrible versus flac and wave files, CDs, cassetes and vinyl records.
lizichell2 02.12.2018 17:28
YouTube transcodes it to aac at about 160 Kbps
TV Subúrbio 30.11.2018 01:02
Bom teste
blackbirght 29.11.2018 13:16
No difference between 256 and 320 for me here
Pedro Anastasio Boffa 23.11.2018 22:03
320 is much more clearer.. nice
Jay Vaghasiya 17.11.2018 10:22
how did you show 320kbps on youtube, if you search web... it says that, youtube plays video sound at max 192kbps!!
Funktastic Ed 01.11.2018 21:49
At 128kb/s MP3 file may seems nice, but with a good earphone or system you still notice some compression artefacts in the treebles, wma or FLAC seems to behave better at low compression (Under 256kb/s) Still a bit of loss at 192kb/s, but past 256kb/S sound is nearly the same as CD. I'm positisve that most people can't notice a difference between 320kb.s and 16bit CD sound in a blind test.
Jake Spellman-Hess 30.10.2018 20:55
doesnt youtube compress to 256 anyways, lol
Banter Ator 20.10.2018 06:26
8kbps - Unrecognisable 16kbps - Potato sound 32kbps - Awful 64kbps - Bad 128kbps - Decent 192kbps - Normal 256kbps - Good 320kbps - Amazing
Dinidu Samaranayake 04.10.2018 04:13
8 and 16 kbps sounds like shit 32 kbps kinda sounds like those old types of phones from the 2000s 64 kbps sounds like music playing from a car back in the 2000s 128 kbps is pretty much decent music 192 kbps is music playing from a car around mid-2010s 256 kbps and 320 kbps sounds like music from pretty good speakers My videos are 192 kbps
Mindroamer Theta 01.10.2018 18:21
i listen to 8kbps and imagine what the song sounds like from that
RWL2012 26.09.2018 14:27
what would 8kbps even be used for?!
Jimbo Boulios 23.09.2018 12:52
How is it possible to hear a difference when it's 320 kbps since Youtube only reaches 192?😂😂 Fake:/
Shivam Baghel 20.09.2018 14:39
128kbps m4a aac is equivalent to 320 kbps mp3 take it or leave it.
in spy 20.09.2018 05:17
Ger Fobos 18.09.2018 23:27
Excelente¡¡¡¡ genial
PinHead Larry 15.09.2018 20:17
What about 8 bit
Stefan Wehle 10.09.2018 15:27
YouTechnoTube 07.09.2018 23:33
Автор идиот. YouTube не позволяет слушать музыку более чем в 128 Kbps. Максимум в определенных браузерах - это 192 Kbps.
Wade Wilson 06.09.2018 18:03
I grew up with hearing problems as a kid and had to have tubes put in my ears. I can't tell much of a difference between 64kbps and higher on this song.
DomainD 02.09.2018 04:03
0:11 Please hold
trophywolfe 01.09.2018 19:12
Y'all are tryna listen to hd audio through a compressed source
Allan Farley 26.08.2018 21:10
IRAN TOTAL 09.08.2018 06:09
Alguem pode me dizer o nome dessa musica vlw abraço.
Fabrizio Floris 06.08.2018 19:39
the problem here is that youtube converts any audio to 128... no difference from 128 to higher bitrates
Sid P 04.08.2018 10:27
What's kbp/s ? It's kbps or kb/s
mrcolorfulshark10227 28.07.2018 14:49
actually 320 kbp/s is good for me
mrcolorfulshark10227 28.07.2018 14:48
128 kbp/s is good for me
relaks luu 23.07.2018 15:36
I prefer 192 kbp/s because it's very clear
Marcus S 16.07.2018 20:56
youtube dsnt go higher then 128 xD Funny to see all experts here
Marie marie 05.06.2019 08:11
god -_-! at 4 k the max is 320 kbps on YouTube.... Funny to see all the idiots here...
RadegasTCZ 27.08.2018 08:46
But open developer stats and see the codecs they are using :)
flash king 14.07.2018 13:38
128 is enough
Thish Dude 11.07.2018 13:51
Best bit comparison video man. Great content style.
Владимир Волков 09.07.2018 13:43
mp3 итак уже невероятно сильно сжатый формат даже 320Kbps. Куда там ещё урезать то и к тому же воспроизводим через сеть и бесконечное количество раз конвертирован, что говорит об отвратительном качестве.
Sam muca 04.07.2018 21:06
64k is aceptable. 128k is ok, no need more.
BballNintendo3 03.07.2018 00:39
honestly 64 kbps sounds good enough.
JOHN CONNOR 25.06.2018 04:55
Deezer downloder
WARLORD - Music & Lyrics 20.06.2018 09:24
Anyway nice song
Rick R 18.06.2018 01:10
Very illuminating
Elvis Bisanovic 17.06.2018 07:15
8kbps bad quality microphone 144p 16kbps most 200x youtube videos. 240p 32kbps late 2000's youtube videos. 360-480p 64kbps early 2010's youtube videos. 480p 128kbps mid 2010's youtube videos. 720-1080p 192kbps good quality microphone 1080p 256kbps perfect quality microphone 1440p 320kbps perfectly good quality microphone 4K/8K
Dinidu Samaranayake 04.10.2018 04:14
I bet my mic is either 256 or 320
OnlyBigBoned 14.06.2018 11:55
And can somebody pls explain me what are 500 kbps and lossless audio music?
bepe 08.06.2018 20:21
I like 32 kbps because it has that early 2000’s sound quality that you get from people compressing songs to upload them faster.
eldridg86 07.06.2018 16:31
После 192 на моих соло 6с разницы не чувствуется).
Cheng Benny 06.06.2018 16:17
what is this song?
Giuseppe Gonezzi 02.06.2018 15:37
e' il miglior modo per scaricare musica
Misferado 02.06.2018 07:41
На ютубе же максимум 96 килобит, не?
星空 30.05.2018 17:49
What is the name of the song?
Aman Mohamed 24.05.2018 18:41
now i get it
Honeyball Lecter 23.05.2018 18:46
Sounds so lit on my Beats Headphones. Just kidding - DT770 Pro suckers!
BlackFiddler 22.05.2018 09:21
hey there just wanted to tell you that i love the song and would love to get it ;)
CrazyFakeDeath Gaming 13.05.2018 06:34
damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this is nice :D
Mr. Kalasnikov 11.05.2018 03:48
320 brutal bass
Fantastic Piano 10.05.2018 19:41
In my oppinion is the 16kb better as the 32kb sound