Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Live At Wembley July 16, 1988 (Stereo))

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Опубликовано: 04.10.2016
Performance of Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' from Wembley Concert on July 16, 1988. This particular concert took place on July 16, 1988, at Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London, to a sold-out crowd of 72,000, which included Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, Prince of Wales. The entire concert was released for the first time ever on DVD to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson's Bad album. The DVD is available both as part of the Deluxe BAD25 package and as a standalone concert DVD.Buy BAD25 Deluxe Edition - smarturl.it/pgyqrv Buy Live at Wembley DVD - smarturl.it/p1v09g
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Coolio 82 20.03.2019 06:30
He is the king
Bregitta Maria Labo 20.03.2019 01:53
One word AMAZING!!!❤️him
Josue Ramos 19.03.2019 20:59
Debiste de haberte conformado con ese estilo cara y cabello... Te quedaba muy bien 👑 Men se que no lo leerás porque estás ocupado en otras cosas pero no debías de obsesionarte con ti rostro y cabello porque el resultado al final fue fatal 💀... Créeme estabas bien así 👌🏻👑😎😏👌🏻 Jaja
Emma Davis 18.03.2019 18:10
I mean singer
Emma Davis 18.03.2019 18:10
Michael is my favorite dancer and singing still in 2019 I feel so sorry for his death 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
fabiano lozada linares 18.03.2019 00:04
ayuwoki hehe
Margareta K 17.03.2019 16:02
I need everyone to ACTUALLY marinate that he has the stamina to actually dance this violently and sing live ;).
Doll History 17.03.2019 12:01
The Best 💖
Adi Nova 17.03.2019 01:23
He eats up his words, if I didn’t know the lyrics, I wouldn’t understand what he’s saying. Yet he electrifies me each time I hear his voice. There’s so much passion flowing through his whole body and being..
Super Gamer 16.03.2019 20:07
I can easily say that there will NEVER be an artist greater than MICHAEL JACKSON
Saturnin 78 16.03.2019 18:43
Teimuraz Jojua 16.03.2019 18:30
Sorry... i was born in 2009 1 september
Endokuken 16.03.2019 18:01
i like the key he sings in here better than the studio version
Karla Alfaro 16.03.2019 07:16
I miss him so much it hurts man 😥
Tracy Raia-dowd 16.03.2019 02:18
Why is he always grabbing his crotch? Does he have jock itch or something? And his pants are so high he looks like he's going to a flood. I don't care what anybody says he's not the best dancer, I have seen a lot better! Sorry Michael but you're a bit weird.
abola2121 19.03.2019 01:13
_I have seen a lot better!_ Delusions don't count!
WDE1121 19.03.2019 00:24
Love how this lady dramatically calls Michael Jackson weird as if she's the first one to make this assessment.
E. S. 16.03.2019 16:57
So what! We are all weird in our own way.
Daniel Zúñiga 15.03.2019 14:40
He sing He dance But most importantly ❤️ Hee heee!!
櫻木浩一 15.03.2019 08:12
MJ Silvano 15.03.2019 07:55
How could one sing and dance at the same time with such perfection! Only the King does it!!!!
S E 16.03.2019 22:00
Well when your dad keep you locked and beat you, rip you off your childhood, and force you to just practice and practice song and dance + talent this is the result, almost the same with Floyd maywether
Frode Veiby 15.03.2019 07:32
R F F - Vgtffyhk
Eazy E 15.03.2019 00:40
10 years on and no1 still does it better! All time greatest! May Jehovah Rest You Brother x
Ghostgirl 15.03.2019 00:22
The men with him should of been his brothers.
LUCAS GAMES 14.03.2019 23:36
Camilo MJ 14.03.2019 22:06
Is real music!🙄🎶🎶💎
Shade Shade 14.03.2019 17:51
I’m mad and jealous I wasn’t born earlier :( I was only a young teen when he died
petelepete 14.03.2019 01:33
His dancers are awesome. Such great chemistry between them it seems like they’re 1
make that change 12.03.2019 22:25
3:15 dabadaba 😂❤
promise Lewis 12.03.2019 22:01
promise Lewis 13.03.2019 00:09
promise Lewis 13.03.2019 00:08
prince j 2 12.03.2019 19:48
Xavier Andrade 12.03.2019 01:04
El Ayuwoke
Pedro Ibarra 11.03.2019 23:38
Mano, só queria essa jaqueta do Michael
D in Sydney 11.03.2019 14:27
Igor Luiz 11.03.2019 06:50
Anna 10.03.2019 22:34
alek276 10.03.2019 12:12
I don’t care that he’s a fucking monster I still love this song.
Joe Swanson 11.03.2019 07:38
alek276 trying looking at both sides instead of watching one documentary of 2 guys that defended him until they ran into financial trouble
Jean Añazgo 10.03.2019 00:38
2019 ♥️
Alex Gerard 09.03.2019 19:58
j j 09.03.2019 04:01
I LOVE THIS SONG WOO I am stuck in the middle
shaikh yassar 08.03.2019 20:47
King of Pop, allways is and allways will be the living legend.
Pedrinho Tutoriais 08.03.2019 04:03
Em 88 no Brasil as câmeras eram preto e branco. As câmeras dessa qualidade foram chegar aqui em 2008 kkk
Daniela Palacios 08.03.2019 00:38
Green roses 07.03.2019 23:01
I love all MJ outfits.
Miyuru Eranda 07.03.2019 14:46
Just let this innocent man rest in peace. it's been a while since he left us. don't drag crap and ruin his life or his memories anymore. Just simply enjoy what he left us and cherish it <3
Commander Liquor 07.03.2019 09:22
MJ knew about the evil people who controlled the entertainment industry. He was a pure soul who is being slandered after death.
Kzh Kmb 06.03.2019 09:54
sidneybear 05.03.2019 05:59
_leonluke 07.03.2019 22:03
She’s deluded
the RAW critic 06.03.2019 01:00
+JacksonFacts its okay dont entertain this sheep she just wants the attention
JacksonFacts 05.03.2019 12:42
sidneybear What evidence? They have nothing just the words of two serial perjurers who defended him for 20 years and changed their tune so they could sue for millions. They have told so many lies in court over the last 6 years, the judge dismissed their cases four times. Every time they talk they change their story.
Mark Quispe Escobar 04.03.2019 02:34
Vintage Era Melodies 04.03.2019 02:17
Who listen n watch this in march,2019 ! Amazing
BloodOnTheDanceFloor 04.03.2019 00:41
Michael was live today
Promise Lewis 03.03.2019 17:12
4:40 heeee heeee
f bueno gameplays 03.03.2019 12:43
Ya duermanse que a esta hora sale Guana Bi Startin Sontinhg
Cevriye Özer 03.03.2019 12:20
My hero!💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🎶🎵💃🏼💃🏼
lee3764 03.03.2019 09:07
Yep.....I was there that night! Hot sticky & crammed but brilliant!!
Alexis Solis leal 03.03.2019 06:37
Michael Jackson forever
vvvartic1 03.03.2019 05:31
Ya duermanse, a esta hora sale el ayuwoki
atusa irani1980 02.03.2019 18:00
2019 king of world miss u so much
Andres Castro 02.03.2019 16:10
No He Died😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
CitT DR 02.03.2019 15:15
Adrián Aguilar 02.03.2019 01:14
March 1st 2019?
guilherme 28.02.2019 02:12
Arthur Caminha 28.02.2019 01:57
I will never undestand. Michael always had cutting edge technology and next-gen equipment in his music videos, and when it comes to concert films all we got is at this shit quality?
FAST TRAVEL TIMMY 27.02.2019 12:54
This i one of my favorite live performances ever
ATOMIKA GAMING 27.02.2019 10:11
l love Michael Jackson ❤❤
Aristeo Martinez 27.02.2019 06:29
espectaculo impresionante! un genio!
Linso 27.02.2019 06:13
I think, i wanna be starting something
Lariany Collado 27.02.2019 03:22
Love you mj 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Natalie Spitzer 27.02.2019 00:30
He's awesome but why does this version sound so speeded up?
Joe Swanson 11.03.2019 07:40
He did that to a couple older songs to put them in the show I would think. He did it with some Jackson 5 songs too
Stenbrotsgatan 08.03.2019 13:05
This is normal speed. The song was slowed down on HIStory Tour
Promise Lewis 26.02.2019 21:29
Alessandra Acuña 26.02.2019 15:41
A los qué no dieron like al vídeo son.hijos de bashir :v
Rosa moonwolker 26.02.2019 15:30
Muy love forma michael jackson will be forever
sajad jack 26.02.2019 13:12
Promise Lewis 26.02.2019 12:32
Promise Lewis 03.03.2019 17:16
Promise Lewis 26.02.2019 12:28
Promise Lewis 26.02.2019 12:22
0:05 😘
Aden Rich 26.02.2019 01:18
A little James brown tribute at the end with the foot work
nanah cloqua 26.02.2019 01:03
Is just the BEST !!!! 😍 I’m in ❤️
Eduardo Marques 24.02.2019 17:48
ناصر فيصل 22.02.2019 17:11
KOYO'T 2 22.02.2019 16:50
2019 y estoy escuchando al rey del pop, mientras escuchemos sus canciones el estara con nosotros en este mundo, aqui esta este tesoro WANNA BE STARTING SOMTHING para todos nosotros MICHAEL JACKSON FOR EVER........
Son Goku 22.02.2019 01:32
Who still watching in 2020???
Niclas Let's plays 21.02.2019 19:00
Niclas Let's plays 21.02.2019 18:59
Niclas Let's plays 21.02.2019 18:59
Kiran STD 20.02.2019 16:05
Lagu nya Michael Jackson yang di ulang2 kalimatnya tapi enak didenger terus ya ini "Wanna Be Startin Something"
Stefania Castorina 20.02.2019 14:40
Myriam Moraga 20.02.2019 14:15
yosoi la ija si michael
Myriam Moraga 20.02.2019 14:14
oye yo yoreporyo michael jacson💚💛💜💖
Ana Barbosa 19.02.2019 21:30
Chicago galaxy 19.02.2019 10:11
I wish I was born earlier
Chicago galaxy 20.02.2019 18:48
+IanReedy50 1995
IanReedy50 20.02.2019 18:40
Chicago galaxy same what year u born me 2005 :(
Devlal Charmkar 19.02.2019 01:00
Mj love you very much
Nofirst Nolast 18.02.2019 23:20
This looks like the chimpanzee leather force
mj lover 18.02.2019 15:14
In the whole performance I don't know what happened to me I was continuously starring at Michaels belt really so sexy
mj alif 18.02.2019 08:43
Nelly Salazar 18.02.2019 05:30
Hermoso Genio!!
carlos Garcia 17.02.2019 14:23
indivíduos inescrupulosos, fracassados, inconformados com seu sucesso prefere jogar sujo e com iiso tirar proveitos, acha pouco o que fizeste por eles, mas vc foi, é, e sempre será o melhor
Iago Cruz 20.02.2019 22:27
O senhor tem quantos anos?
Peace 4 17.02.2019 01:10
I just want to inform you that his best concerts aren't even on Youtube. Just that👑
Khoa Tran 16.02.2019 10:08
Promise Lewis 16.02.2019 00:08
Peter Bartos 15.02.2019 20:50
Daneemolly Daneemolly 15.02.2019 12:02
I am dead with your song
Dave Dave 15.02.2019 05:54
Rey del pop Michael Jackson.....!!! Energía a full ... 🎶🎶🎶🎵 alguien tiene el link del concierto completo..?? BAD Tour 👌👌👌