Michael Jackson - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (Audio)

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Опубликовано: 20.02.2017
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danny tinoco 20.03.2019 02:48
listening after the "Leaving Neverland" Documentary. I find it funny that he says pretty young thing and after watching it the documentary it makes me crack up for some strange reason
Moms Blanket 20.03.2019 00:14
Why you dislike
S Koot 19.03.2019 21:34
One of his best songsss 🎶 ♥ 💃
Larry Turner 19.03.2019 20:53
He wrote for Brooke shields
Jacquelyn Stovall 19.03.2019 20:42
I freaking love this song
Samara Amin 19.03.2019 20:20
Amazing song Michael I love you ....The people who disliked your video are messed up ...... Michael forever xxxxxxx 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍......See you soon Micheael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DJ Normality 19.03.2019 19:51
who cares if you here any year/day. just listen to the damn song ppl christ everyone wants a like anymore
Lisa G 19.03.2019 17:02
Emphasis on the young.
Ali ' 19.03.2019 16:24
Robert Wanko 19.03.2019 13:32
He sure loved pretty young -boys- things.
Paris S 19.03.2019 12:04
2019 ? 😩
deaconjamess 19.03.2019 00:23
cant listen to his music the same anymore :(
Darius Sanchez 19.03.2019 03:46
That's your problem lol
Kavisan Mathan 18.03.2019 22:21
Im here fam
ProtoforPresident 18.03.2019 21:18
Robert Dikes 18.03.2019 20:54
Cidian 18.03.2019 20:52
King of music
vaeh sqaud 18.03.2019 20:26
Im still here 3/18/2019
K-A games 18.03.2019 14:51
March 2019 and I'm still here😂
Jo Brick 18.03.2019 14:43
This man is undoubtably the the king of pop. I don't care what people say or want to believe he is a good man. When I was a teenager I used to listen to this song and pretend Michael was singing it to me. It got me through a tough teenaged. Had a massive crush on him ! Let him rest in peace 💕
Elo Klips 18.03.2019 07:00
2019 anyone
chris thurrott 18.03.2019 03:49
To the 2K who disliked this song; Michael Jackson doesn't love you.
&&%% 17.03.2019 13:17
mars 2019?
Muzna Saleh 17.03.2019 11:08
Anyone here for 0:42 ?
Braeden Hamilton 17.03.2019 05:57
How the fuck does one man manage to be so creepy
Yes from the No Zone 17.03.2019 19:37
huh ???? your mom is creepy
Neelzen 17.03.2019 01:00
The best song for weddings!
Rhythmicons 20.03.2019 04:43
Especially for those underage brides.
kelly nicholls 17.03.2019 00:32
samslick90 17.03.2019 00:08
Who is the pretty young thing Mike is  singing about?
Robert Wanko 19.03.2019 13:41
Wade Robson.
Yes from the No Zone 17.03.2019 19:38
a lady he sings about in the song after also.
Khloe Vegas 16.03.2019 23:30
My boyfriend just said for me to listen to this and I’m literally gonna cry😂😘🥰😍❤️
איריס . עליזה . בנישתי 16.03.2019 22:00
אלוף אתה מייקל ת.נ.צ.ב.ה. אמן
slyone05 16.03.2019 21:52
Tik tok ruined another great song
Marcus Reeves 16.03.2019 19:50
Zachary Vedrine 19.03.2019 01:39
I with you brotha
Marcus Reeves 17.03.2019 15:07
Liquid Snake 17.03.2019 14:20
He'd be still treated like shit. As for what is going on right now, I am not sure if the Wade stuff would even happen if MJ was alive. Since its obviously a get rich quick scheme that is done to pick off the carcass of MJ. MJ should of never helped those families, Just saying...
Glommur 17.03.2019 13:42
Marcus Reeves There would be a lot of controversy if he was still here. And chances are he might go to prison due to how our society runs things and court and what not
C A R U C H I S カルチス 16.03.2019 17:45
c a m i l l ə 16.03.2019 14:24
I miss him so much...we miss him so much...
Gabi Gärtner 16.03.2019 13:05
This song has a whole new meaning now though
Karis Hill 16.03.2019 07:59
Rip King of pop
James Hanna 16.03.2019 06:27
Yes from the No Zone 16.03.2019 12:57
It's about a girl though, loser. Listen to the whole album also. 'The LADY in my Life' right after it. Now beat it.
DRCLBMZY 16.03.2019 05:33
I used to love this song but I feel that it’s a pedo anthem now!
Yes from the No Zone 16.03.2019 12:58
It's about a LADY. You like yourself some lies. Learn to do research and read lyrics. Now BEAT IT.
Sage Jinx 16.03.2019 04:59
The ending of this song makes me tear up😔
Sergio Solis II 16.03.2019 02:42
80s music is the best
Js23187 15.03.2019 17:48
Man I hope these allegations arent true. Rip in mj but of they are he is in hell.
Juan manuel 15.03.2019 17:33
Forever forever forever Michael Jackson 100%❤❤
Lydia Alphabet 15.03.2019 13:53
White folks always try and put a rich black person down. ENVY
Butcher • 15.03.2019 07:25
Was this song pre-pedo era?
T0bze 14.03.2019 22:50
This was uploaded on my birthday!
Sophie B 14.03.2019 19:32
All i hear is him singing about young boys he's abusing
Metal Bat 18.03.2019 00:42
he was proven innocent twice
Sophie B 16.03.2019 10:58
Aww honey I think you need some help, such anger! I know facing the truth is hard. I'll pray for you xx
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:05
I pray that you and your parents burn in hell cuz your parents didnt raise you good up. Saying such nasty things about an innocent man WHERE THERE IS NO PROOF HE IS ABUSING BUT THERE IS PROOF THAT LEAVING NEV. ETC. ARE LIARS don't believe me? Search for yourself
Hadidja Gamdji 14.03.2019 18:36
Kelly Tormey 14.03.2019 15:33
My fav song xx
BoraBoraSharkBoy 14.03.2019 13:57
I don't care what couple of $$$ and publicity hungry faggots say. I'll still be listening MJ long after they had their 15 mins and went back slamming meth.
J Figgs 15.03.2019 22:05
BoraBoraSharkBoy well slamming meth is better than slamming your private parts in 7 year olds. Btw hateful language will be reported.
Glenn Phillips 14.03.2019 10:29
Now this song makes sense
slyone05 16.03.2019 21:51
+Justin Valentino Kadirbaks are mentally unstable or something?
Js23187 15.03.2019 17:35
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks why are u so mad HAHAHAHHA
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:07
Your parents didn't teach you anything what a disgrace
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:05
Hope you rott in hel
blaziken25 14.03.2019 09:55
More like Pretty Young Boy
blaziken25 14.03.2019 22:04
+Justin Valentino Kadirbaks So you are an MJ fan right? Since you only seem to be judging him by his music the man spoke of peace for everyone. I'm sure he wouldn't like his fans to be wishing death upon strangers and their families because they don't agree with you. Get some help. If MJ is more important to you than people's lives then there is something seriously wrong with you.
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:58
And tell that to their children
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:57
+blaziken25 Then I'll hope you and your parents die cuz they are not responsible enough to see an story from 2 sides
blaziken25 14.03.2019 21:30
+Justin Valentino Kadirbaks My parents and I support the victims of a disgusting crime.
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:06
Hope you rott in hell your parents didnt raise you good up saying such untruthful things about someone
Jala Bala 14.03.2019 09:51
Jesus this is creepy now
Yes from the No Zone 14.03.2019 21:19
your mom is creepy
Person 14.03.2019 03:59
Damn, this song always sounds so brand new. Other day I figured out my dad was my age when he first heard this song.
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:15
Yes from the No Zone 14.03.2019 21:20
your mom is a nonce.
A. 13.03.2019 23:15
Takes on a disturbing meaning once you watch Leaving Neverland 🥺
Faris Raz 18.03.2019 10:04
Feel sorry for anyone who believes iLeaving Neverland though
A. 14.03.2019 22:37
I'm very sorry for whatever it was about my comment that made apologists feel the need to chime in: Make no mistake, I really don't care what you have to say. If anyone chooses to ignore decades of allegations from boys in favor of one man who stood to lose everything by fessing up, that's on you. I won't be reading further comments, so feel free to keep them to yourself.
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:10
+A. get lost man seriously there is proof the documentary is an hoax. Search for yourself on the newspapers within 2 months they'll be like oh it was fake I didnt knew it ooh that oh I am sorry oh I'll play his song on the radio again sorry. YOU KNOW WHY?! they know since today already it's an hoax but they want that feeling that people have thinking of him as an pedopgile still going long in your head.
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:15
Get lost (tv series)
A. 14.03.2019 02:30
+Nakiyah Laney MJ was an incredible artist and performer, and an immensely generous person who spread positive messages of love and acceptance throughout the world. He also almost certainly molested children. If I can learn to understand that someone can be all those things at once, so can you.
David Reyes 13.03.2019 22:30
Alex Moreno 13.03.2019 20:46
This song is starting to make sense now
Vision danny 13.03.2019 14:55
Who is listening this in 2025
Faerie Queen 13.03.2019 12:32
Y'all are wrong. This song is about the youth of Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four.
Greg Citarella 13.03.2019 05:39
still a fire album
Gammeta 13.03.2019 05:07
We love you Michael! Your music will continue to inspire us no matter what the media tells us!
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:16
Yeah, where did that come from
Big Man 14.03.2019 01:19
Where did that come from?
Enrique Parra 14.03.2019 01:16
+Big Man F U kid
Big Man 14.03.2019 00:30
He inspired me to not be afraid to express my sexual feelings toward children
jennifer borrett 12.03.2019 22:35
Seriously, Michael?
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:16
Chloe Hunt 12.03.2019 22:35
lmao the lyric "i want to love you pretty young thing" has not aged well
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:16
killler240 13.03.2019 20:11
This song is great
RunSolo 13.03.2019 01:27
Looking to much into that lyric lmao
Dahleman 12.03.2019 22:00
0:58 thank me later
Hurtlocker10 14.03.2019 01:03
He was trying to tell us he liked young boys.
HG 12.03.2019 21:49
In 2019, if you hate someone and want to make false allegations against him/her, make a documentary. That PROVES someone's guilty.
Gilfoyle Shanks 15.03.2019 01:19
+HG The FBI did not investigate him for 10 years. This is a lie perpetuated by his fans. He was investigated by the Santa Barbara police on a few occasions over the course of ten years, the FBI provided 'technical support'. His home was raided once in '93 and again in '03. Police found a disturbing porn collection including books containing nude photographs of young boys and teens. Some of his porn magazines had children's finger prints on them. Does possesing these photographs mean he is guilty of molestation? No. But when you add it to the other evidence and allegations made against him then it does not look good.
HG 14.03.2019 23:59
+Gilfoyle Shanks He's a weirdo and had issues. However I just don't see him doing it. FBI has been searching him for 10 years and found nothing. They were after his catalog which was worth billions. Michael spoke on it. This documentary is nothing but entertainment for those who already hated him.
Gilfoyle Shanks 14.03.2019 22:57
+Justin Valentino Kadirbaks How come the police found pictures of naked boys in his bedroom back in 2003?
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 22:43
+Gilfoyle Shanks he gave every kid the opportunity to sleep with him for a moment watching movies and bedtime stories when they fell asleep Michael would sleep on the ground or on the couch "stated by kids and the kids that are now grown up as adults that stayed with mj at neverland
Gilfoyle Shanks 14.03.2019 22:38
Imagine being falsely accused of child molestation and then choosing to continue sharing your bed with little boys. That makes Jackson either incredibly stupid or completely addicted to having boys in his bedroom. I guess he just loved reading bed time stories.
Jhon edimer Guzmán duran 12.03.2019 19:35
King is king
Aacc Media 12.03.2019 17:10
lucas & steve???
The Italian Snob 12.03.2019 15:43
Oh yes, he likes them pretty young
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:12
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:16
HE4DL3SS Φ 12.03.2019 11:17
TBH, His convictions and evidence dosen't mean I can't still enjoy the music
The Matrix 12.03.2019 10:19
Leave Michael Jackson, alone?
liv stanford 12.03.2019 06:29
now i finally know what this song is about!! pretty YOUNG thing
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:29
sebastian vaz 12.03.2019 04:35
P.Y-T wait a fucking second xD
Whos MANS ? 12.03.2019 02:00
ur innocent I know it king.
The Heavy Hitter 12.03.2019 06:55
Whos MANS ? ...
jeon. 12.03.2019 01:41
Lucas Pichifilo 12.03.2019 00:55
esta buenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardoooooooooooooooooo rre pincanteeee el ayuwoki
Arnar 11.03.2019 23:55
Mona Gharaibeh 11.03.2019 22:32
still listening to this in 2030
Candy 210 11.03.2019 22:18
Wow! <3
Scrub Lord 11.03.2019 17:51
PYT is about little boys js
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:13
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:29
Discontinued Channel 13.03.2019 08:40
Just stop with that now! -_____-
Mr Videogamer 11.03.2019 19:20
Go to hell
Fernanda Beltran 11.03.2019 15:29
Tula pal q lee
Wouter Veldboer 11.03.2019 15:17
PYT trapped in Neverland
Claus Bakker 11.03.2019 13:58
is this song about a young boy?
pjonston 14.03.2019 03:29
Claus Bakker 11.03.2019 18:51
+Malec Magic its a coverup
Malec Magic 11.03.2019 18:35
"Where did you come from lady And ooh won't you take me there" ...just saying
stuporstar 11.03.2019 09:47
Oh dear. This song now has a rather unfortunate title.
Sam Finoh 11.03.2019 09:16
Ah michael the funkiest pedo that ever lived
Kwame Uku 11.03.2019 11:45
ive been that way
Kwame Uku 11.03.2019 11:45
i still like his music but not the person
Malec Magic 11.03.2019 08:39
Malec Magic 14.03.2019 21:42
+Justin Valentino Kadirbaks Yes!! The truth will prevail!
Malec Magic 14.03.2019 21:41
+Roblox's Got Talent Please do a little amount of research! It takes you literally 10 minutes on Twitter to find enough evidence of MJ's innocence!
Malec Magic 14.03.2019 21:40
+Hurtlocker10 He wasn't...Michael and him were friends since Frank was a little child himself! Don't you think it's foolish to believe MJ would pay off all the several defenders he had/has? He didn't need that cause the people who knew him know he didn't do it and if you would have done research you would know that too!!
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:17
+Malec Magic finally someone like me did some research stay strong moonwalker we'll win this discussion on the world about fake and real and bullshit and the conclusion Will be it's fake
Hurtlocker10 14.03.2019 15:52
+Roblox's Got Talent I still love his music Just remember him as a kind person not a abuser.
John Kensington 11.03.2019 03:46
“Pretty Young Thing” now refers to Safechuck
David Shuey 11.03.2019 02:30
Taking on whole new meaning since "Leaving Neverland."
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:17
+Bernie Funk exactly
Bernie Funk 12.03.2019 01:19
So you didn't think so after the other accusations, but now because of a one-sided documentary you believe it?
Tal Moore 11.03.2019 02:03
This song suddenly has a new meaning.
mc dude 11.03.2019 01:00
Lil b choppin paper up rivals this
Big Man 11.03.2019 00:40
Man weird to watch knowing he was playn with kids piddlesticks
Sebastian Nuñez 11.03.2019 00:36
Alexis Arreola 10.03.2019 20:47
This song is about underage kids
Rose petal xox 10.03.2019 21:21
Alexis Arreola why come on this video just to hate? Pathetic
Francesca Liv 10.03.2019 19:45
Loving the pedo vibes amirite
Francesca Liv 15.03.2019 20:21
Yes from the No Zone sarcasm: look it up, ape.
Yes from the No Zone 15.03.2019 20:19
Francesca Liv 10.03.2019 19:37
this didnt age well lol
Max Fahler 11.03.2019 13:02
yokatmy 10.03.2019 18:39
He miss me 😭❤️
ThatRetroGamer 10.03.2019 18:14
Song title hasn't aged well
James Apple 20.03.2019 05:32
alexe. He basically admitted to it... didnt he?
Robert Wanko 19.03.2019 13:37
To all the buffoons who don't understand what _ThatRetroGamer_ means, he means the song's title today could be thought of as a reference to the singer's penchant for young boys.
Liquid Snake 17.03.2019 14:18
To me, It aged fine. Just dumb people associate it with his controversies.
Pale Subset09 17.03.2019 06:50
I know what your saying now
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:20
Just like your mom
Cite Network 10.03.2019 17:52
What an amazing person. And a legend. Anyone that believes the allegations is simply too lazy to do their own research or check the facts. There are at least 20 child celebrities that spent time with Michael Jackson that were willing to fight for him whenever people accused him of sexual misconduct with children. He was an angel. And he had some developmental issues that caused him to bond strongly with kids. There are hundreds of parents and even celebrities who left their children over his house. Michael Jackson never did anything to harm a child. In fact I think he was far too pure for the world that we live in. If you're on YouTube hating on him flex your finger muscles and type some searches into the search bar. You'll find hundreds of celebrities who knew him for decades vouching for him and standing up for the kind of person he was. Not to mention all of the children that spent time around him who are adults now and will proclaim without a second of hesitation that he was one of the most amazing people they ever knew. If you believe the documentary than you're simply on the same level as the two very disturbed gentleman that came out to lie on someone who treated them with nothing but love and respect.
Malec Magic 11.03.2019 08:40
Thu Abb 10.03.2019 16:37
This song has a whole new meaning now...
Justin Valentino Kadirbaks 14.03.2019 21:21
F off thu abb
Cite Network 10.03.2019 17:49
Check your facts. Do your research. Micheal Jackson was an amazing Person. Look up all of the child celebrities that knew him and slept over his house. There are at least 20 of them. All of them said he treated them with the highest respect and NEVER touched them or made them feel uncomfortable. Look at the interviews of the parents who left there kids at his house. You'll change your tune real quick.
Chantelle Brown 10.03.2019 11:20
They couldn’t take this man down in his prime they had to do it after his death smh.Michael may not be here to defend himself but it’s the legacy left behind which will prove that he’s been innocent all along. There’s clearly an agenda to take down every black man in Hollywood watch prince will be next or even Samuel Jackson smh. RIP Michael
Rosana Naser 10.03.2019 15:16
Chantelle Brown They can try all they want they can never succeed. His beautiful legacy and music will live on forever when all these disgusting leeches are dead and gone. Rest in peace Michael, we have your back❤️ Love from Kurdistan x
Lil Hibrido Slendz 10.03.2019 10:37
What disgusted me the most from Leaving Neverland is that they said that THIS SONG was about children. The disrespect is unreal
Niddah.Nadda 10.03.2019 23:01
I just saw that documentary and no one said that about this song.
ADAN FLOREZ 10.03.2019 08:23