I made an ARIANA GRANDE song

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Опубликовано: 31.05.2019
JBL104 Studio Monitors : https://bit.ly/2GCtiRH 150$ GIVE AWAY to win these speakers under this video! Comment your IG name and like this video ! Winner will be selected Monday June 3rd :) Good luck everybody ! ✨ Thanks to HARMAN for sponsoring this video 🤙 **** Maxzwell Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/maxzwell Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/2PZvCzPrsq02I4VrWbhHNC?si=Xdev0c6FQIqR3iTNS1TsWg **** The full song is going to be out SOON !! Find MY ORIGINAL SONGS here : Spotify https://lc.cx/romywavespotify Itunes https://lc.cx/romywaveitunes Deezer https://lc.cx/romywavedeezer Amazon https://lc.cx/romywavebraveamazon For an exclusive immersion into all the creative projects I'm working on right now and my daily life, support my work on Patreon ! :) https://www.patreon.com/romywave what's Patreon https://goo.gl/xYxMm1 Let's be connected ! Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/romywave Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RomyWave Twiter : https://twitter.com/romywave Instagram : https://instagram.com/romywave Soundcloud :https://soundcloud.com/romy-wave - Devices That I Use Camera : Canon EOS 600D Microphone : AKG C214 Interface : Soundcraft Notepad 8FS Headphones : AKG K92 Speakers : JBL104 Keyboard : Arturia MiniLab MkII Music editing : Logic Pro X Video editing : Final Cut Pro Video editing made by myself - Business email : [email protected]
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大家好我是曾一軍 16.08.2019 11:24
SO Good! Love your song soooo much! Sending love from Taiwan haha
littleasian fangirl 05.08.2019 06:13
Please do one like ava max! her voice is sooo beautiful I'd love to see you analyze her PLEASEE
artist_around _the_block 04.08.2019 16:33
MiniMiniNinja 538 01.08.2019 04:10
There’s parts where you actually sound like her oml
Vishnu Prasanth 11.07.2019 16:22
I like this video better than your Ariana Grande version.
E7L7 0707 11.07.2019 01:41
MrYarinK 02.07.2019 18:26
Ali Gohar 30.06.2019 13:26
Behind the scenes of a great video❤️😂
Ali Gohar 30.06.2019 13:23
I’ve heard you for the very first time, TALKING!!! You’ve got an awesome voice there too ❤️❤️
eli 27.06.2019 22:07
Comment as tu fait pour apprendre l'anglais ? en passant ta voix est magnifique <3
Vi Vi 24.06.2019 16:58
you're so underrated
Hari Krishna 24.06.2019 00:31
I love this girl,who else....
Vishnu Prasanth 22.06.2019 06:19
She's so adorable when she tries to make jokes ❤
peterpixo 21.06.2019 23:33
@pagebrix This is the only video on YouTube with "ARIANA GRANDE" in the title that I was able to watch more than few seconds. Still, I love your other videos more :)
Rhythmic Girl 19.06.2019 15:02
(^ ^) impressing one.....seriously it's really good
Romy Wave 20.06.2019 18:36
TheJimmyJ57 19.06.2019 05:25
Hey you should do a cover of so am i by ava max the message in that song and just how it flows i believe you'd kill it🔥
Elanor L 18.06.2019 22:45
That is amazing!! Ariana better sing this too.
Vishnu Prasanth 18.06.2019 09:25
Good job Romy.
Добрый Иисус 17.06.2019 01:52
Ты очень классная! Люблю живой голос, а у тебя это очень здорово получается, ты молодец!!! =) P.S. Русские не пьют водку вместе с медведями, и не играют на балалайке! =)
hanaaa tomm 16.06.2019 19:02
@hnn_pana_ma I love Ariana Grande and also you!!!!!!!! your voice is amazing💜💜💜
A J 16.06.2019 12:19
Plz make Charlie puth song
Mark Chavez 16.06.2019 03:47
I’d pick Romy over Ariana any day .🙂🙃🙂🙃
Shobha Gupta 14.06.2019 17:26
Romy I really love this cover you really sounds like ariana omg 😍😍
Shobha Gupta 15.06.2019 18:22
@Romy Wave that's my pleasure
Romy Wave 15.06.2019 16:57
Wow! Huge compliment :D thanks!
a1ch3mist37 13.06.2019 08:00
I'm excited for the full version. Your vocals were just perfect in this!!! And I love how your video became more professional. I really love this.
Romy Wave 14.06.2019 19:16
:) glad you like it !! <3
Ayaah yasser 13.06.2019 05:23
Raghad M 13.06.2019 00:22
plz do Selena gomez 👍💜
Raghad M 13.06.2019 00:18
you are amazing and I like this kind of videos plz make more!!!! :))
yeyen lim 12.06.2019 02:10
I'm your biggest fan
yeyen lim 12.06.2019 02:09
So cool
BillyTheGoat Ok 12.06.2019 01:40
jackjack33930 11.06.2019 10:12
J'ai rarement entendu une aussi belle voix. Tu as un don et tu sais l'exploiter. Bravo, tu mériterai d'être plus connue !
Romy Wave 12.06.2019 19:18
SCHOOl SMPN 4 KENDARI 11.06.2019 02:13
Nice.... You Verry Beautiful
Miguel Penna Scheer 11.06.2019 01:43
Romy, i first met your channel like 2 days ago, and i am so in love with your voice. I'm really impressed that your channel have just 380 thousand subscribers. Before i see the number, i thought: 'This girl have 10 million of subscribers", BUT NO WAY. You're so talented and dedicated, and your deserve so much more than you already have. Congratulations for being who you are.
Romy Wave 12.06.2019 18:51
Thanks Miguel for your nice comment :) much much love😘
Mar polo 10.06.2019 23:37
Cover speechless please
Mar polo 10.06.2019 23:36
She is awesome😍
Mar polo 10.06.2019 23:35
Mar polo 10.06.2019 23:34
Cover spetlees Aladdin please......
سفينة الكبرياء 10.06.2019 19:26
mmkn 'iidafat allughat alearabia
Fikret Abiniz 09.06.2019 21:49
Where is the f*cking full video , damnnn this is awesome
Rizan N Soophy 09.06.2019 19:06
Chaouche Yasmine 09.06.2019 18:44
I am a big fan of yours . this is the first time I comment in my hole life and the reason is that ever since I seen u I started following your channel . I am not ever gonna try my luck and win the prize cause I already know that am losing it Keep up the good work 😁🙏 Good luck 🙌
Romy Wave 10.06.2019 19:25
Julia Smulska 08.06.2019 10:14
So good! ❤️
how to work 70 08.06.2019 10:13
@karthik cg im a big fan of Martin Garrix ❤️ and you 🖤
Nicole Fernendes 08.06.2019 07:26
Wowww di thanks for your this video thanks👌👌
Fertuy Taiyanowm 07.06.2019 23:59
Great job @rostovsffi
Ricardo Blom 07.06.2019 22:38
ricoboy92 very cool you are doing this if i win i will make a video and send it too you
Justin Naidoo 07.06.2019 22:36
Your videos are always fun especially with your humour. Awesome job on the Ariana track that you came up with-very catchy 😋
Romy Wave 08.06.2019 18:59
Manthan Ingale 07.06.2019 18:59
@whosmanthan Your songs are best🔥🔥❤
Chintya De Diamond 07.06.2019 02:17
@chintyade_ You're so cool! You're making songwriting looks so easy.. 😆 I can't believe you just rise up my motivation to write song again.. 🤩 Anyway, thanks for the giveaway.. 😁
assia rimita 06.06.2019 23:41
So first , i cant say a word abt this song , its just so professional , amazing !! Then , i wanna ask u to write another song abt alie gatie , i like his music Then , this is my ig : @byunassia I really need them , if i won i'll give them to a talented friend of mine , she has such an amazing voice and she needs to improve her talent And ily 🌹🙊
Md Nadim 06.06.2019 18:20
Sai Teja 06.06.2019 17:11
It was so Ariana!!! Love u Romy..
Achraf Ben 06.06.2019 02:07
Achraf Ben 06.06.2019 02:03
can you singing old town rOad please 😭😭😭
Emarly World 06.06.2019 00:52
This is just amazing!
Ferreira Kawan 05.06.2019 19:05
You are perfect 😍
jasper 123 05.06.2019 19:00
Itsme_aj Ajay singha
Aru art 05.06.2019 13:52
@aru._.art . hi Romy! You r amazing and thanks for the giveaway. i loved this video! 😍💎
Nico Mazotti 05.06.2019 11:16
Wiso chasch nöd Schwizrdütsch redä bisch doch Schwizr
Hilary Stelment 05.06.2019 08:17
Taylor Swift please!!!!
Hans Karl Weber 04.06.2019 19:49
Oh we du mi wahrschindlech ni versteisch wöu ig grad i berndütch/schwitzerdütsch schribä😂 Ig ha eifach wöuä sägä das es megä krass isch was du da gmacht hesch👍🏻
super nova 04.06.2019 15:30
I dont listen to her songs btw😅 But I'm listening to you😍💚
Romy Wave 05.06.2019 20:08
SaUcEuG 04.06.2019 02:22
oh dat gommit. i missed your vid . sorry I'm watching this 5 days after the video wss posted xD. i didn't watch bc my parents took my phone away from me bc i was sick. but anyways. i absolutely love this video. keep making videos and keep working hard. I'll be supporting even if im sick. have a great day you beautiful human being. <3 <3 <3
Leydan Sacampy 04.06.2019 01:19
I love Ariana Grande and U! You are doing something fabulous!
Romy Wave 05.06.2019 19:51
Thanks Leydan :)
Paulo Roberto 03.06.2019 23:30
I'm still not believing that you don't have 10 million subscribers yet.
Hamilton Miller 03.06.2019 17:18
Mariano Navas 03.06.2019 15:17
@forceattack2018, I'm not lucky on giveaways raffles, but let's try again :)!! I really love the video! You nailed Ariadna style. BTW, the way vocals are mixed is intentional isn't it? Sounds pretty much like Ariadna would. Also the makeup looks intentional, lol.
Jorge Spain Romy 04.06.2019 11:10
Congratulations Mariano. Lucky you! :)
Aminur rahman 03.06.2019 14:10
I LOVE YOU ROMY WAVE! I've been your fan for a very long time... also my IG, @parsha__
Sariel Cohen 03.06.2019 11:26
nice! @sergaysergay
Chermelyn Abaño 03.06.2019 07:14
Can't wait ✋😍
Unique World 03.06.2019 00:55
Your high notes are just goooooddd 🙏
Ricsi Nagy 02.06.2019 17:37
Dj Alex Music 02.06.2019 15:33
Wooow very good 🤗✔️ I like 👍 LG from Germany.! 🇩🇪
Dj Alex Music 05.06.2019 19:18
Romy Wave is this online?
Romy Wave 05.06.2019 19:13
Almighty Smough 02.06.2019 13:19
God you’re gorgeous. Can’t believe I’m flirting in a YouTube comment section.
MS 02.06.2019 12:18
@mssamu35 I just love to enjoy your every song. Keep singing dear 😊
TheFnafGamer HD 02.06.2019 12:00
Your voice is very beautyfull
Khushi Seth 02.06.2019 12:00
Daaaaamn, you are way too talented😍
Romy Wave 05.06.2019 19:07
Nitin Saxena 02.06.2019 11:39
Nitin Saxena 02.06.2019 11:38
Your r too pretty 😍
Jorge Spain Romy 02.06.2019 11:06
Sounds great! Looking forward to listen to the full song. ❤ @jorgespainromy
Marie Bo 02.06.2019 09:46
Would be so glad to win the JBL speakers 🙏🏻 my IG name : @marie__bo 💋 PS : LOVE THOSE VIDEOS ROMY ♥️♥️ really interesting by the way !!! and I am a total fan of your Light Out song, in my daily Spotify playlist since days 👌🏻😍😱
Dustin S 02.06.2019 03:33
Like! Romy you're fantastic. Lets go have lunch. My treat.
sadlyMe ._. 02.06.2019 00:43
Amazing 👍 Ineed.a.name
ToiTioT 02.06.2019 00:26
@wfollowf is my ig J'apprécie beaucoup ce genre de vidéo où on te voit créer étape par étape Et puis t'as voix est aussi belle naturelle est aussi belle que quand tu chante
Julia S. 01.06.2019 23:39
Such an amazing kind of video! Must have been so much work, and it's very pleasant to watch 🙏 well done! 🔥 And thanks for making us win those babies! I'd like to participate! snts_julia 🥰
Lanyor 21 01.06.2019 23:24
Wow good job
Remix Songs Creation Rsc 01.06.2019 20:41
Omg I love your voice 😍 you too copy Ariana grande voice.... 😍😍 🎼 I'm inspired 🙌 I have no words 🙌 This video is really Awesome and incredible... #Romy Wave 😘 You are my biggest Inspiration🙌, such a lovely voice ❤🎼 Keep it up... 👏👏👍And and you looking gorgeous 😍 This Ariana look😉
Romy Wave 04.06.2019 20:56
Thanks!! So glad you like it ;)
Jonas Schäfer 01.06.2019 20:37
adam gouail 01.06.2019 17:52
"Don t call me god call me ariana".ça reste trop dans la tête j espère qu elle va l écouter un jour. En tout cas c est génial comme tjrs😌
Romy Wave 04.06.2019 20:54
ragu ram 01.06.2019 17:42
livin_my_reality Yo your attitude tho while singing
Romy Wave N.1 fan 01.06.2019 17:29
Would you like to be my wife Iraqi
Elite Racing 01.06.2019 17:14
This song is soo good omg I can't wait for the full version. Congrats fantastic job as always.
Romy Wave 04.06.2019 20:52
Glad you like it :) 🙏
MrMorbello gaby 01.06.2019 16:02
@gabriel_morbello I love your work, you are so talented
Alexandra Nina 01.06.2019 15:49
Un talent immense !
Shiva 01.06.2019 14:33
U are just amazing
Leonardo Mello 01.06.2019 14:03
XRS 01.06.2019 11:11
@xarsmusic ^^ trying to get myself a nice little studio together so that would help :P
Emil Brimmers 01.06.2019 10:45
Soooo awesome emil.b3110
مجدي جزان 01.06.2019 09:03
Great work romy i can't wait for the full version 😍😍😍 and one more thing you are very beautiful🌻🌻 i love you 😘😘😘😘
Bálint Geiger 01.06.2019 08:41
geiger.balint1 ❤️❤️